Thursday, April 18, 2013

Day 334 What is the DIS-ease of Power in Inequality

What is the dis-ease of power here on earth as our leaders, our supposed leaders represent for us, as we have placed them into their positions through a face card of democracy, this which is the voice of the people? The very form of politics is the people allowing others to represent the taking care of this earth within what is for the common good.
But we are a people within ourselves that believe a superstition that boiling dogs alive is somehow going to be what allows us to be “ more” when it is what we are within and how we direct ourselves here that makes us be what we are. It is our allowance of the placing of the very men, one and the same as us, and what these men are capable of realizing and understanding of life that determines what we are here.
If the men we allow to “ lead” us do not, are not finding solutions that are best for all then something is not working as what we have allowed here on this earth. If there are growing numbers of homeless people on an earth that can fit all humans onto a piece of land the size of Texas, then there is enough space for the people that are here, so a belief that there are too many people is just this, a belief, as such an indication that there is a perceptual lack in the insights of our leaders, which means that systemically something is in lack and needs to change.
If we can genetically modify corn, and anything else, as the human, then we are the creators of this world, and we admit that there is no such thing as a god, or a belief in a super hero, a savior. There is no such thing as a super hero or a savior, what is real is this earth and that the men of this earth are what is determining what is here. We are the creators, the allowers of what is here.
If we protest and blame our leaders it is like standing up and blaming and spiting one’s very own creation, when the only thing to do is to stand back and look at what one hasaccepted and allowed and created and to “ straighten “ it out, realign it to what would work, to what would be for the common good. It is not to deny all of what was created, but it is to re-look at what has been done and to take that which is good and to find and formulate what would work with this physical world as what is supportive and allows this world, this earth to function as the organism of life that it is. To think that we made a mess of this earth and we need to find another one is also not a solution, because we have not really understood this world, we have not equalized ourselves to life here. The way to become life is to equalize to the physical, to realize it is of the same substance as what we are and to work with this within a principle of what is best for all, of what works in harmony, here.
If we allow inequality economically and believe that life must pay for itself with freely given resources that we have allowed a few to own, we are not looking here at life, in common sense of this earth and how this earth functions as life. We have allowed a system of division based on a belief, a singular belief that is limited, and we have all accepted this in self interest because we were too lazy to really look at this world, fearing that we would lose something that we had allowed to define us, even in the face of this self definition to disallow the life around us, which is ourselves in a lie, a lie of omission, a lie of not looking here, including the life around us that is of the same substance as us. It is like we are denying the very life that we are, sublimating what we are, based on an idea.
When I am disturbed by an image of a dog boiling to death, meaning a dog thrown into a vat of boiling water because of a belief that a dog boiled alive will make me more, then I am seriously disconnected from reality, as that dog has four legs, fur and eyes, ears and a mouth, it breathes it feels pain, just as i do, it is of a gentle nature, a giving nature, this is the form and the function of that dog. The action of causing such pain and abuse of an animal, a giving animal, is really ourselves telling ourselves that we are doing the same to ourselves as what we have allowed within sublimating ourselves as life, and thus we punish life for what we have accepted and allowed, because we have become the ignorance of abuse, and abuse is ignorance. It is not looking here.

This feeling of horror that a person could take a life, what they would not want for themselves and cause such incredible pain, is a cognitive dissonance from life. It is a selfabdication as life, of life. A superstition is called by this name because it is a belief placed on reality, and it is not real but that one accepts and allows it to be real. It is a separation from life. And I, if I allow myself to have a feeling/emotion about this, and I label this feeling/emotion as myself having meaning and I end there, then I am becoming a superstition as well, as I have allowed a judgement that in common sense is also a belief worn as a state of being within an end game, to signify a limited sense of value as what I am. This is what I become, and it is an incomplete act in that it does not follow through within the totality of existence to reform such an act that is brutal and destructive to release this limited self definition of supposed goodness into a movement that no longer allows such superstitious abuse to exist, and this means looking at all factors that allowed such an act to exist in the first place, and to not stop until this is done, so that such never exists again, because it is unacceptable. If something exists that one would not like to physically happen to self, then ourselves as physical life, must ensure that such never exists again, that is our response as life. Using an emotion of horror and believing self to have meaning because one has had a higher ground feeling that something is not right, and to stop here, and to use such as a badge is a crime against life. It is only more of the same as being superstitious because this is what one is actually doing.
Our whole system is a representation of this. We have a system of inequality, we are allowing freely given earth’s resources to be given to a few, and then we have moments of feeling good about ourselves, believing ourselves to be more than, when there is a reaction of life just trying to survive, as in desperately wanting food because the physical form, that is us in and as being the same substance as life, is hungry. That we are so disconnected from life, in believing a starving form of life to be less than we are, where we then move as voiced judgements about the actions of that life form and superstitiously have ideas that we are better because we did not do that, means that we have no conceptual ability, and our ignorance we have allowed to become real, so great is our separation from life. This is taking knowledge and information in common sense of life as idea only with no relation of physical reality. Thus, this is an application of limitation that is ignorance, this is knowledge and information disconnected from life. Why would someone steal, because they are hungry, why are they hungry on a world that could fit all men into the state of Texas? Does this make any sense? No
There is so much technology available, paid for with public money and freely given resources developed by generations of men, how can 80% of this be owned by 300 people on this earth? It is so because we all accept and allow it.
And how is it with all this technology, and FBI agents so certain they can find the Boston bomb builder through microscopic details, not have known that such was going to happen? People who are angry need to vent their anger, and this can be seen, thus, that this bomb was going to be placed was known. Yet the game of ownership, an ignorance of life, an abdication of life, a cognitive dissonance from life, welcomed this, as this allowed a distraction, a ploy to allow more taking while all eyes were placed elsewhere. This is using what entertains and distracts, what allows the limited state of man to wear a superstition of feeling a “ more than” as the ignorance of life we each have allowed ourselves to be and thus are to blame, to allow abusive acts of self interest for the few to be placed into law while no one is looking. This is an act of dis-ease from life, from being one and equal to and as life, as how life functions, as what we are equal and one as the substance of life, here.
So, bills are passed that allow genetically modified foods that are being researched in private labs and found to be detrimental to health, and such labs are simply disqualified and the information disallowed by government regulators who can then answer that “ there is no proof” and place such limited destructive foods that have been patented so that a few can have a constant dividend, a constant “ more than” all of which is an ignorance of life, as acts of self interest that do not consider all life equal and one as the very same substance as life in fact.
And these genetically altered products were paid for through taxes thus were created by the labor of all men. So, how can this be owned?
Then the contradiction, because genetically altering something is not bad or good, it can be used to ensure that disease producing genes are corrected - which also requires cleaning up this earth - and this admits that this can be done, which admits that all life here can live to its full potential. And this admits that there is no other choice for us or those we have elected to be the voice of the people. But this system of inequality, economic inequality, and the fact that we have allowed money to determine who lives and who dies, would work in opposition to what is best for all, even though we show ourselves we can correct what is here.
But, if economically some can have more than others, and that pedestal of more exists, and that base of struggle and survival exists which route would you take? Despite all common sense and consideration of life, stepping onto the pedestal of more would be the choice of most, as the alternative is boiling in a vat of water alive.
This all means that this system has to change. and asking the cancer, the disease to change is not going to work. Asking the leaders we have placed to represent us, in a system of inequality, to change is not going to work. The disease as the consumption of power has created such cognitive dissonance that the products accepted and allowed by the “ more than” with tax dollars, have created children who do not know the difference between a civilian walking on the street and a soldier with a gun, these children, these products of products, the consequences of what we have all accepted and allowed, are so trigger happy that they see any moving object as something to shoot at, as these products have such a great resonance of shooting at things this has become the expression of them. They have become a fixed state of being in separation from what is physically actually real, they are living superstitions and thus lack perception of life, of reality.
Thus, it is for those of us who can see, hear and begin to understand the separation from life existent on earth, to become the substance of life, to walk ourselves out of superstition as fear, back into equality and oneness with life, through self forgiveness and corrective application, to become a seed of life that stands and grows into a tree of life, to bring the substance of life, back into what is here, and them to stand as this, through using the power of ourselves as life, realizing the strength of the parts coming together and functioning as an organism, many together, and vote in, through the existent systems that are not good or bad, simply forms of organization that need no polarity judgement, as what the system of policy-tic is, and to align how here works into a system that supports all life, as life being the value, equal and one, in and as what we are, as this being the real value, which is life.

Equal Money the system that supports all life.
Desteni I Process Lite:  Put Humpty Dumpty back together and begin to grow as the seed of life that you are meant to be.
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