Saturday, April 27, 2013

Day 340 What would top us from seeing the humanity in others?

What would stop us from seeing the humanity in others?

I came across this question in a documentary about the continued action of genocide on earth. In all acts of genocide one group was pitted against another due to ideological differences. Thus one man was different than another based on an idea only, religious and or cultural. Meanwhile, all were men, they all had the same basic needs. They all have the ability to develop given an education. It is the use of ideas only lacking a directive principle as the realization that we are all the same as men.

So, if human being lack education, and are placed in uncertainty in terms of survival, and thus exist in fear, then ideas can be used by those who have ideas of more -than as themselves, no different, that can use this to eliminate what is in the way of getting more for themselves.

So teaching ideologies only creates divisions on earth, and then the surface of the earth is a chess board of differing factions, each dancing around a totem of ideological icons in separation from practical physical reality. These are layered into race, nationality, region, tribe, class, gender, age. Then one can be pitted against another, despite the fact that we are all physical beings with certain needs in order to remain here and develop in full potential as what we are as men.

This is a cultivation of men into limitations, confined in squares as much as our animals are within CAFOs. And obviously this is just as destructive and it is an indication that we have separated ourselves from our own humanity. We no longer see that we are all the same.
So, obviously, as men we can organize what is here on earth, yet we have designed an earth of division and abuse, conflict and separation; disregard for life. We respect ideas more than what is real. And there is rampant abuse and neglect because of this.

We see idea only, as mind made huge. CONsciousness. The science of a/i CON . It is this division in separation from physical awareness that is the problem. We see the idea and not the physical world. We respect ideas before we respect what is real which is the actual physical world and thus we have lost our ability to see humanity. Humanity is a physical group on earth, and we are all the same.

And then we follow HOLLYWOOD the holly wood , this an idea of value placed on a piece of paper made of wood ( at least it used to be wood, I am sure there is still wood in there!) We have taken ourselves, separated ourselves from the physical, from seeing ourselves as humanity, as men, as part of the earth, chopped down the trees and instead of working with them as what they are, this that provides the air we breath, which we cannot live without, we have forced that wood into a little flat rectangular square of given it the value of life.

And now we are allowing corporations to own everything. Corporations are composed of men. To allow the corporate actions of ownership on earth is to allow and accept genocide. Genocide is a an act that is a separation from seeing ourselves as life, one and equal, all being the same. The only differences are based on ideas, and the lack of ability is because of a lack of proper food, shelter, clean water, and education. Respect earth and she will respect you back. Killing men to chop down trees is not working with this earth, and it is not working.

The solution is to realize our physical world as what is real, as being the value that supports us as life. To respect what is here and to work with it in ways that are supportive of all life, to prove that we as humanity are worthy of life through working with the physical in every way that is of absolute support. To stop limiting the development of men and using this limitation to force an expression as reaction into a limited insight as an idea only. This is allowing and accepting the expression of brutality. Thus we are all to blame, as we accept and allow a system of limited design that believes itself to be more than, a system that divides and conquers in self interest, self inner rest , as idea only. It is each of us that accept and allow ideas to define us in separation from the reality of the physical world and how it works, how it is of the same substance as ourselves. Our ideas, as traditions, as race, as nationality, as class, as religion, as gender are all placeholders in a grid on a chess board of division from what is real as the fact that we are all the same, we are men on a physical earth, and that this being of ourselves on this physical earth is what is real, is the gift of life. This is why the only solution is equality, realizing our equality to and as life, with this physical world, and moving in respect with and as this, giving this to all that exists.

The reward will be to look onto another human being and seeing them in yourself and what is unique about them as an expression of life that they are. The very sound of this must be something that even I cannot fathom, or hear, as this has never been. This is becoming one and equal to the physical, instead of being lost in mind as a singular idea. Thus it is to walk self forgiveness and corrective application to being these gods, as idea only, back down from their huge status up in the mind, and align them back into the common sense of the physical world. Stop the fires of the hell of separation from life, forgive ourself of being an idea only, and come back down to earth, to what is real, the physical.

A system that allow this to become what we are, that allows us to see humanity in another and to respect that we are all equal as men, is a system of equality, to take what we have accepted and allowed as money, and to distribute this equally, to care for all men, so that behaviors of genocide no longer are the reactions and actions of men on earth.

There is enough earth, food, water, land for men to exist on this earth, and enough ingenuity within the capacity of men to learn become directive principles of themselves as life, working together from this real starting point of life being the value, the physical being what allows that value to exist. Ideas only are not life, they are parts of life, they are a language of separation, idols made huge in a mind which is consciousness, and such consumes the flesh of us.

Stand up and support Equal Money, donate, become involved in standing from a point of realizing we are all the same as physical beings and that life is the value and the only choice of the system here to become supportive of this as the value. It is in working with the whole, instead of the hole os separation as mind only, that we will self realize ourselves as life.

Equal Money. Equality, the principle of give as you would like to receive, choosing what is best for all.
Desteni I Process Lite and Pro, to bring ideas made huge back down to earth through speaking self-forgiveness and corrective application, back in alignment with what is real and what we cannot live without, the physical world. Resound yourself back to yourself as life.

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