Monday, April 22, 2013

Day 337 A government in time with a Hollywood Movie

I just read the above article about the promotion as a “need” for America to have drones for “ first responders”. I went and got drink and it hit me.
This whole scenario in Boston was like a Hollywood movie. It all happened so fast, like a script, a screen play. A carefully timed dramatic event, tight, rehearsed.
The Boston Marathon, the bomb, the chase, the catch, the issue for drones in American cities.
Meanwhile, the number of homeless is growing in America, people are losing their homes not to supposed terrorists but to lack of jobs, the consequence of profit combined with “ the common good.” Concepts in opposition.
Is the organization of our government simply not paying attention to what does not bring profit? While people are losing their homes were strategic scripts being written and rehearsed to follow the law that corporations make a profit?
The America government has become a cartoon of war and profit. There is a growing number of homeless people and  reckless pollution in America, for which no immediate action as complete solution has been made, yet in Boston there is a “ superhero” like drama performed by the government with rapid ease leading to the sale of guns.
And this in a time of a supposed economic crisis and rising debt? Debt the obvious, warned against, outcome of usury?

Why analyze this charade?

We the people, the masses need to stand up and organize and create a political group to implement a system that supports life, that supports human rights, that gives what is needed to live in dignity, respect life and then life will respect us back. If we take care of what is here, realizing the value is life, that as life every being has the right to life and the needs of life as men; to have decent food, shelter, education, clean water, to become the full potential as life as what we are. This is the path that would remove the consequences of the terror of survival more quickly than any drone. This Boston event is like a Hollywood movie, out of sinc with here, with what is actually physically happening on this earth, with puppet men who are no longer in real physical time or awareness, moving like the sequences of a Hollywood action thriller showing us how programmed we have become and how this program is in separation from life.
What is happening in real, physical time in America is a growing number of homeless people who do not have work and destruction of the land, as our elected representatives choose what will bring in profit before taking care of what is here.
It really is time to change this system.

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