Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Day 332 The profit corporate, the liability mass.

Today I read about the austerity cuts in the American government and the turnover of public transportation systems to the private corporate structures where pensions are cut and employees disregarded and the unions defunct, even those trained to stand and fight within the system are rendered useless. This non- allowance of communication has bothered me for a long time, as I see this here within relationships and within the system, people just disallow a voice, the public to speak, and our government agencies keep everything private saying it would effect patients and thus the information is private - this a red flag as it is a hiding behind supposed private ownership. Thus, there has become a systemic way to hide in ownership and so, transparency can be touted by governments but then hidden behind private patient ownership. Even the label meanderings of how things are called within the oil industry, bitmen is not yet “ oil” and thus does not fall under the rules of oil, and thus the oil spill in Arkansas can be kept “private” and non-transparent. It seems that so much these days is kept out of the public eye, and the governing representatives of the people, our politicians and government officials support the private protection, and they must to protect their wages, as they now have a tax on medical products so it is in their profit as salary interest to keep products on the self of private corporations despite evidence that such products might not be what they are touted to be.
In the midst of this maze of layered protection, a hierarchy of ignorance in self interest before what is best for life, because profit has been allowed before life, the laws have turned the cost of production and maintenance onto the taxpayer, and the government supports this, as the very same elected officials benefit from this, as the profits from the corporation go into their pockets and the liabilities are carried by the masses, the public.
And now I see that there are the risings of PB across the country, this is known as Participatory Budgeting. But i have to ask myself where this will lead, if the budgets of local towns and cities are being cut? Is this another pretty picture of hope presented in the face of spending cuts? Is this local officials hiding the fact that there is not enough to “do the job” so instead of having to face the angry mobs of their constituents, they decide to avoid an angry mob by allowing others to decide? Is this really and act of desperation?
I also have read that in Iraq there are private soldiers used to fight the war. Is this the future?
So if we have a government that is no longer working for the people, but working for the corporations - the owners and profit holders of the resources of earth, and we have a public body that holds all the liabilities and who can decide where the local monies are spent - what is left after paying for the work of the hands of men to extract and form resources through corporate dictate- are we supposed to feel like we have gained something? I may not understand this yet, but somehow this does not sound like a system that is supporting life, it sounds like another layer of separation into a system that has become more abusive of life, more ignorant of life, more destructive and of greater divides than any of us can fathom, and are totally blind to.
I am thinking of Afghanistan where the guns of the few who own the means to make such things on such a scale, have rendered Kabul a leveled city, while labels such as “ America” are still touted as the reason, but I don;t think the carriers of liability paid for the guns, yet the collective participated within this so, we all are to blame, as we have allowed this profit based system that breeds inequality, the play out of which is becoming more extreme, and Kabul is the scene of this extreme. And here, what money is sent to rebuild is used to pay the administrators, while sexual abuse runs rampant with the children being the victims, it does not seem like there is any opportunity for a participatory budget system here as there is nothing left with which to budget out!
Yet, perhaps there is a way to learn from participation in budget decisions that will teach us what we have accepted and allowed, as the means to begin to see what we have allowed is ever present, it is only to see it and to make a change.

All of this reminds me of the movie Blade Runner, where the corporation controls everything, and the movie Brazil, where a machine makes a typo error and the paper pushers just want their paper work in order so they don’t lose their job and become one of the liabilities of the liability carriers, where every one is hushed in being glad that it was not their turn to fall.
There is time to get out of this, there is a way to stop this, because there are many who can stand and vote and join together realizing the value is life. What must be realized here is that the resources of this earth are given freely and are here to support life, and all that is here is life. Thus to believe, to be caught up within the lie, that what is of this earth can be owned is to support abuse, to support inequality, as this system of profit, that uses the tool on money to sequester power and control, must come to and end. This does not mean that you will lose your home, we all need a place to live and where we are on this earth while we are here is ours to care for, thus changing to a system of equal money, does not mean that suddenly one will no longer “ own” their home, it means that your home is where you live and is the gift of space on this earth for you to experience life. What some might find is that they might even want to move into a smaller home, that what they have was to “ appear successful” and how much of an illusion they had spent within their life, and when this is no longer the case, they will stand back and say, “ why am I taking care of all this? what if I had something smaller and could give my self time for those things I always wanted to do but never had the time to do?”
Allowing a few to benefit from what is freely given because they are warped and cognitively dissonant from life, as in believing owning more and having more material goods, more than they can possible use at one time, makes them more, because of some illusory divine right, has to stop, and what is the value as in being life, here, communicating with what is here as the physical is the real value and what we all enjoy when we are not stressed and worried about money, can become what is on earth, where we have a direct participation within what is developed and why it is developed, and thus we all vote/participate with understanding and awareness knowing we are taking care of this earth and choosing what is best for all because this is also what is best for self.
It is time to stand and support a system of equality, Equal Money Capitalism. And support a Basic Income Grant. TIme to change this world, because the direction it is taking is going to end up on your door step before you know it, and then it will be too late.

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