Sunday, April 14, 2013

Day 331 Fathers killing sons is the product of a sequestration of POWER.

A man, a father killed his wife and his son. His son, living at home, 27 years old. His son a product of a consumerist market that has created a toy, a video game, a bubble of war perpetually played. This boy became the trash of this existence, a life never lived, instead a by-product of a system where a few have power and train the children to serve the needs of that power, and thus, as their state of being is solely focused on war and profit and gain in self interest before life, they design, or allow the design of products that are in the likeness and self interest of this gain, without any regard for life, for children or the people, the plants and the animals on this earth from which the gain, as freely given resource , serves the benefit of a few. This boy spending all his time playing video games in a system that is cutting jobs, taking away what supports those who do not have jobs, and or those who have worked their whole lives.
This is a system where followers are developed, thus we are not taught to direct ourselves in common sense of what is for the common good. Our behaviors are to follow, to sit complacently and play video games, to have a media system tell us what is going on. Meanwhile the rug is being pulled out from under our feet. This earth is falling apart and we, the human choose not to stand as the power, the real power that we are, the being of ourselves as life. This self that can be trained to sit and play video games all day. And this is because we have abdicated out power as ourselves as life, and when we do begin to realize that something is not working with this system, we believe that protest andquestioning of what controls this system will somehow solve what exists. but the disease of power has grown so huge that it would actually create a product that creates children that become autistic, that at 27 years of age have no other self direction but to play video games. The video games are great training for future drone operators, and given the video released by someone who is a traitor to the power maniacs but in actual real life, a person who cares for life, the behavior of the soldiers in that video in that helicopter, they no longer have any sense of reality, those were simply people walking on the ground, there were no weapons in their hands, and it is pretty obvious.
Humans must turn and look at this earth and ourselves as people, there are so many of us, and by our sheer numbers we can stand, so many, so capable, each spending but little to support a group to stand and place a system on this earth that supports life, supports what is best for all, supports what gives all a life of dignity, supports what allows children to stand in support of themselves. A system that requires all to vote and that educates instead of indoctrinates, I mean what system that cared for life would create a video game of war and then imprison a person standing up for life?
Asking such a system to change will do nothing, protesting is what one has been taught to do. Protesting and occupying destructive practices done by corporations that have no care for this earth is not going to do anything, you are controlled if such is what you believe. You are as controlled as that child, who at 27 is addicted to video games. In some ways the children see the mess of this world, and thus can you blame them when they decide to lose themselves in fantasy when the adults around them are all angry and frustrated and economically enslaved and lost in protest, a giant rant instead of realizing that it takes standing up and becoming the change, establishing a new system, a simple system that takes what is here and uses it to take care of all life, to give what is needed to survive, to remove the stress of paying for a life freely given, where the dictates of this system only teach illusion, instead of teaching understanding and self direction within working with what is physically here?
Advertising is so successful because it uses an understanding that the human can be embedded resonantly, an understanding that we humans are trainable entities, an understanding that what goes in is what comes out. Thus within a profit based system where money determines life, a few can create a whole structure that presents words of “goodness” and yet send outs products that focus the human within limited insight away from practical common sense of the actual physical world and how it functions.
We have this tool of communication called television, but within a system of inequality the space of this communication can be bought and filled with the voice of the forked tongue, where incomplete sentences are spoken, information that sounds good, yet lies by omission, not telling the whole story, not showing all consequence. And we have educational systems dictated to by this same system, thus why are our children not learning to read, to speak, and thus to communicate? Why are our fathers, grown men, unable to understand and clear up their own frustrations and getting to the point where they react and kill their wives and their children?
What is happening is not a sequestration, this in itself as how it is presented and incomplete sentence, a lie by omission, what is really happening is a sequestration of power for a few in as bad a state as that child, as that father, locked in a disease of power and control of earth, blind to what is real and the value that is life. Those in power have no sense of themselves as life, have no control over themselves as life, just as the rest of us have no control, our children and our fathers, Thus, it is for the many as the humans at the bottom of this pyramid of inequality, to stand and to politically use this system to stand and to place a system of equality, to use money to move what is produced in abundance, to all equally, especially since we know how to grow fields of perfect tulips, we can grow what sustains us, what gives us all dignified lives, we can open fields , the ones that surround the CAFOS to the cows and the chickens so that they can live the lives they were designed for, to sequester the carbon into the soils, so the trees and plants can grow and produce oxygen. That owner of the company, is not going to give up his lust, and his illusion that he can own what is here on earth. But the many, people standing up realigning what is here, to understand how we got here, so this never ever happens again, and so we can all realize ourselves as life, here.

Watch the Century of Self to understand how we can be taught/programmed, thus realizing we are trainable and can change.
Watch the Power Principle, to understand the lust for power, the lack of awareness for life such dis-ease causes.
Walk the desteni lite course to self realize what emotions, thoughts and feelings are, to understand the building blocks of what you are. Know that being stuck in memory, as knowledge and information only without practical application is the design of this present system to create a human that follows picture/illusion only,having developed no awareness of the physical world, only having ideas about the physical. An idea is not actual physical direct interaction. Sitting in offices with pieces of paper thinking about how something is ONLY, is not reality. Learning what something is in college without actual physical involvement does not mean one understands, it only means one is able to spew words and fill in the spaces of tests, tests that are written and allowed by the same who control the laws and media, those with the money to buy the space. A system of inequality will, by design, lead to a few having the means to buy the space of here and fill it up with their lust, with their fear. And if we accept and allow this, we are all to blame. Asking this to change is not going to happen, we, the many must stand and BE the change, using the system that is here, and standing within it to change it.

What this system promotes is the hope of a super hero, the exact opposite of what it will take to make change, in obvious contradiction to what is real, many humans on this earth, The wars of gain for a few, using the soldiering feet of many is in direct contradiction to what is promoted by hollywood, the idea of the savior, this that religion also teaches, one person cannot change this world, one person cannot win a war, it takes many. Thus, it takes many to simply stand and organize and support monetarily, a system that will end this sequestration OF POWER ( I want to complete the incomplete sentence here) to turn this structural form on earth to one that supports all life, as life is the value.
Time to get out children away from video games, time to get our children standing on their own two feet directing themselves within working with this physical world and turning our television sets into what leads to an understanding of this world to the extent that we all vote knowing we are supporting life, and doing so with understanding. Can there be any joy greater than this?

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