Friday, January 18, 2013

Day 260 Children's books advertise fear and product use without solution and prevention overall.

I went to find a web page promoting children’s books. And this is the first one I found : , about the book, TheRoad To Dendura, by C. L. Lewis
On the image, which I see as a replica of a book cover jacket, are these words.
‘Few words of advice;
avoid going anywhere
alone, never lose your cell
phone, and absolutely refrain
from picking up money you find
lying on the ground.”
The problems I see with these words, are the limitations within the words, as what the words suggest and direct a child to be, as what the child learns to consider in relation to this world. These directives do not present any questions or solutions within why such behaviors are being presented in the first place. Thus, they are limited and suggest a need to exist in fear of the world, they suggest to walk within constant consideration of protection and defense only.
Given an understanding into how the mind works, this limited presentation gives no direction within how fear remains unless the reason for the fear is clarified and understood. This promotes being afraid and taking measures against some ambiguous force that is not understood. It also promotes and sells cell phones, giving children a justifiable excuse to convince their parents to purchase a cell phone for every child so that they are supposedly protected.
I am sure, this will not protect a confused young teenage girl, a girl who lacks self understanding and direction within a system that is really a pyramid scheme that is a system of inequality, where a game of power is how this is maintained, meaning limited awareness must be promoted in order for power to be distributed unequally as is the nature of monetary power at present. Really an archaic system, unacceptable, especially in the age of information, where what is happening on earth can be known, seen and realized with even a modicum of common sense. Thus there are no more excuses.
Given that the mind, if developed to be a directive without physical awareness, can be imposed with imagery that then becomes what directs, and the imagery ambiguous and limited, cartoonish and distorted, no longer having any real value in relation to what is actually physically real, such limited presentations, as this book and the “magical” story, coupled with a consumerist demand for a cell phone within a system of self interested profit, is it no wonder our children and us adults, have any sense of the structure and method of operation existent within this present system? And what is promoted, as the escapist mind dreaming stories, touching on truths, such as “to not give up” ( suggestinggiving up exists!) and to be careful ( admitting that what is here on earth is a problem) there is nothing within really seeing how the mind/physical relationship functions and a common sense looking at reality, as the present systems of borders, as nationalism, racism, economics, class, negligent environmental practices. When the Egyptian unit on the social pyramid is taught in the third grade, is there any relation made to the present system, and that this very structure taught is by nature a system of inequality? And that this form of organization within our present profit based system, is simplistically the structural cause of survival behaviors that create the need for a child to “ avoid going anywhere alone, never lose your cell phone” !
Such a story as this, promotes unqualified fear, breeds day dreaming, ignorance of the actual physical societal structures, ignorance of what the mind is as a tool, feeds a consumerist dividend producing agenda. All a limited collection of parts of this existence without pulling it all together and recognizing how one creates the other.
But this is just it, there is no spatial development of physical reality here, there is not awareness of the structure of the present system, even though it is taught in the third grade in most schools( sometimes fourth). Relationships are not drawn as to how one reflects the other. So, what is here, right in front of us, is not considered within the context of the whole. Another way to say this, is that there is a disconnect with common sense of the actual physical world, how the physical world is in fact moving/existing/organized and how the form manifests the symptom.
So, from this one aspect of our reality; a book of fantasy, this world can be seen for what it is.
The mind takes pictures and manipulates them.
The physical body is the carrier of this, thus the mind cannot exist without the physical.
The imagery can be placed on this world to be what is programmed into each of us, as what is believed to be a value - and it is a value- but in this value being made huge, reality is warped and the retention of this is held as it is not equal to life- needs correction to become “clean” as life, this misalignment creating a separation from the physical. Which begs the question, is this pyramid form, in itself a distortion of reality? Is this form as archaic as the Egyptian story?
Look around at this world. Yes, it is, it is an archive of separation from life.
Then, within the present economical system of inequality, what images as to how one should appear, as what is needed to move up the pyramid, can create behaviors of competition, this driving a need to constantly compare within the limited values presented as what moves one up the pyramid of inequality. Thus, a constant fear of “not having this or that,” “ needing to have this or that” , “ knocking out the competition”, judging another as being less than, or more than”, worrying, becoming overwhelmed, being anxious. In other words becoming the fear, a fear of survival.
This then breeding a whole group that has no chance of ever becoming the polished image and likeness of those at the top. Or lacking the ability to become the brutality needed to not consider all life in order to climb to the top.
Finally, that such a structural form, as the way the present system functions, would mean that it would be better to not go out alone, and without a cell phone.
This whole system is not working, it does not support life, it does not support awareness of this actual physical world. It builds mind maps of limited values, values so separate from reality they no longer have any real substance, no directive capacity other than spite and blame, jealousy and fear. Such behaviors are in themselves a lack, a separation from common sense, as common sense by nature is seeing and understanding what is physically here, because it realizes through what it is as life, that itself as life, is how it is able to exist within common sense of what is here.
The solution to stop this game of separation, to allow positions of power and of “no-power” to no longer direct, is to remove the pyramid scheme, the structure and form of “ more than and less than.”
This means telling the whole story, and not just parts. This means having a common sense starting point, that the value is life. This means telling stories that explain what exists for real, in relation to the present system, and not allowing fantasy stories entertaining to the mind only, in absence of physical reality.

This means realizing the actual physical world and that working with the actual physical world is, how real values are created and able to be shared equally, one and all. Thus, equality within this physical world will no longer necessitate the need to be in fear out there in the world, as there is no longer a separation from what is physical.
The rewards of such is an earth, where no matter where we are, we are able to walk in anyone’s shoes, to build an understanding of this physical world, without fear of loss. The behaviors of our children will no longer be of fear, but of expression, as life. To fear, is to suffer, to suffer is to be ill at ease, meaning lacking ease. On cannot judge in relatives here, ease must be absolute, unwavering, even within transformation. Does this exist on earth?
Can there really be any greater reward than to see a child, walk out the front door, at ease, looking forward to interacting with the world, knowing that life here on earth means communicating as life through and as the physical, the gift of life, here?
It is time to organize a system of equality, a system that supports all life, a system that has not need to promote fear, as what is promoted is an understanding of how this actual physical world functions, a system that realizes the needs of the physical to become life expressing the full potential of life, here.
Support an Equal Money Capitalism System, where the capital of this earth is as this earth is, freely giving, in support of itself as life. Remove the pyramid of inequality, a structure in separation from life,

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