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Day 268 The happy face of the profit motive uses a projection of what is best for all, yet the directive is profit only.

The happy face of the profit motive uses a projection of what is best for all, yet the directive is profit only.

The state statue in the state of Massachusetts is to ensure the common good before profit. Yet within this equation of words is the method of deception and the cause of abuse on earth.
What in fact exists, is the face of what is best as the presentation only, even written in law, that profit must create a profit. What exists is the reverse, profit has the power and stands in voice only as what is best for all. Looking at the state of this world, the pollution, the crime, the starvation, the lack of health, the slaughter of animals, the eroding of the soils, it is obvious that what is best for all does not in fact exist.
And the present layers of bureaucracy exist within protection and defense of profit. These layers of supposed organization were ordered, as what is presented, to support the people, the earth, yet these are the walls of the castle of profit. These walls built by the hands of men, generations of men, are PRESENTly utilized to protect and defend, not support and care for the earth.
Yet, this is the point, the structures are here, the organization is here, and the reason for this organization is stated. Is it too hard to believe that this same structure need but remove one motive, and replace this with an equal action fitting to the words “ for the common good”?
This would mean, that theses layers of committees and “governing bodies” meant to ensure the common good actually practice this. The local, the regional, the continental, the hemispheric, the global systems in place need only move from protection and defense and allow life to flow to all, allow what sustains to flow to all, allow a communication that uses the actual physical world to see what exists and what is actually needed to support life to its fullest expression. We now have a a means to visibly show what exists on earth, we have the means to actually see what is the consequence of our actions. We also have a basic structure in place, that can distribute and organize the capital of this earth to flow as what is supportive and best for all.

If we look to what the media, the politicians project, we see a happy face, oh so “liberal” presentation. Always slogans of hope and stories of development, yet there is no absolute within this presentation existent. We are shown parts and not the whole. And if one asks the wall of protection why, the answer is the bully of protection and defense, as this is the language taught to what is an organizational structure hung with banners saying the opposite of what is behind the banner. The banner, the presentation, the happy face, the veneer, a picture of “for the common good”, but really a mask hiding protection and defense of fearing the expression of life.
This is the image and likeness of each of us. We have allowed a structure that is the reflection of ourselves. We are actually protecting and defending our own fear of being life.
On top of this, we have placed the words, that human nature cannot change, despite the fact that we develop humans to do such things as play musical instruments with great skill, that we take care of race horses to run like the wind. We show ourselves that we know how to develop, that we know the physical world is able to be developed and refined and taught, thus changed, transformed into something expressive and alive. Thus, we contradict ourselves and blind ourselves from the obvious, and get caught up in protection and defense, and all the while the answer is right here in front of us. It is in our stories, it is in our words, it is in our paper work, our definitions, right in front of our eyes. There is no magic in this, it is simply common sense, what we as life as the physical have been given, a gift to express ourselves as life. Simply being.
We can look at what we are as the behaviors we manifest and see that the dis-ease within is a constriction into a stance of protection and defense. This movement we have eachaccepted and allowed, and taught to our children can be directed and developed and supported to become a fully expressed life. This actual physical world, the tool, the means to sense self direction as life, as physical suppression as life is felt in and as dis-ease. All that we are is able to be sensed as we are the very substance of life, we are simply not using this within being equal and one to and as life, we are in reality protecting and defending our own fear of being ourselves as life. We are denying ourselves the gift of life.
This has gone on for so long, that it is systemic within the structures on earth, thus, to change this within and without, the way the capital of the earth is directed must change to what supports all life, leaving no one behind, as the earth is an organism that will only move/develop when all parts are in working order. Equal Money Capitalism is the means to turn this structure of protection and defense of profit into a system that supports what is best for all, as this is the only choice. A choice in practice that shows that the human has matured into being equal and one to and as life here. That the human has finally begun to understand that the value is life, that the human is willing to let go of fearing itself as life, to stopping fear based behaviors of protection and defense, and to finally stand equal and one, to and as what is best for all, what is for the common good, to be and become, respect and communicate, with and as life, here.
Walk the desteni lite process to realize how your emotions, thoughts and feelings are your underlying wall of protection and defense hidden behind a positive presentation of happiness, to realign yourself back to yourself as life. You have the will of introspection as a gift with which to do this.
Support an Equal Money System, to reverse what is here, to be and become an action of what is best for all, what is for the common good. The tools and the means are here. Self can stand as life.

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