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Day 257 Fear Dimension Abdication Character

Fear Dimension Abdication Character
There have been conversations, in my world, about how children are no longer going outside to play in the woods. Meaning that what catches the attention of children are video games and peer group clicks. What is not interacted with is nature. This stance, in its wording creating a separation from what is here, calling nature “ nature” and humans separate from it, is merely a reflection, within the words, of limited definition, ending in labels, as “ nature”, 
outside” and ‘children.” But what is a common denominator? The physical. What would happen in a world where this realization is ignored? So, instead of expanding awareness of this actual physical world, we spend out time learning games, and pushing papers that move all this around. Our whole value system, as men is extremely limited, where very few actually look at what is here, and even when they begin to see how the physical works, if this does not support profit it is shoved under the rug and ignored. And what does this profit based system promote? What is in television and advertisements? What is warping this reality to such an extent that most of the world is suffering without physical support? Especially, when the very countries who are suffering the most are, and at the same time, have what is wanted by a few leaders, to the extent they send humans there to shoot guns and kill? How can there be lack where there is abundance worth taking? The contradiction to the physical world is blatant here.
A soldier says to his superior officer that he needs more than twenty minutes talking with a soldier within psychological support, and the superior officer says no, and responds that this is war? What does that mean? This question must be asked, and the consequences leading to this point must be looked at. And we are all responsible for doing this, for looking at what is here as the structures built. To abdicate common sense to a supposed superior, is obviously not working, it is destructive and supporting self interest for a few. It is the collective that holds this together and it is the collective that must stand and say stop, let’s look at what we are doing in detail, to realize the stupidity of what we are doing. So, when a superior officer says, this is war, it must be asked, what the fuck does that mean? War is destructive. Period.
The American constitution is about taking care of what is for the common good, this means a collective coming together to care for this earth, which is what supports the commons of this earth, and it is the responsibility of the people to stand as this, which means it is the responsibility of each person to realize this themselves. Thus to NOT question what is said is a crime against life, and to not answer when asked is a crime against life. To not look at how what is done, and to not take the time to explain what is done and why it is done in detail is a crime against life.
I have noticed in life, that people who really understand something actually want to share it! Thus, this would suggest that those who do not really understand, are the ones who do not take the time to explain, because they can’t explain! Which one are you? Are you someone who responds within, “ it is complicated” ? This simply means you cannot explain yourself. Period. Thus, this is not an answer, this is an ignorance. And an ignorance is not what is for the common good of this earth, thus it is a crime. Bullying will notchange this, it will simply bury ignorance, which is a crime against life. So, saying something is complicated, is in effect spiting what is required, within self, to move beyond ignorance, thus an action of spite is not being responsible within what is real, here, common within all that is here, as an awareness of the substance that is what the physical world is, in totality, one and equal to, which is life. This physical world is life, it is the way of life, it is the eye through the needle to understanding life, and thus becoming one and equal to and as life, here. The mind must become equal and one to the physical, and not an image of limited values made into a picture/fantasy of idea, opinion and belief. I mean look at this, this fantasy has no substance, it dissipates and is not real, it uses the physical to illuminate itself, and this illumination is so weak, it can only exist within imagination, it has not actual physical substantive existence within what is supporting as this earth here! Thus, the mind is out of whack with physical substantive reality. Here the mind, simply shows the path of separation and not the path of understanding this actual physical supporting-of-life world.
Common sense of this actual physical world would thus, move with ease, the mind in direct relationship with this actual physical world would then be at ease. Thus, to not apply common sense of existent structures and to ask question in common sense of this physical world is to cause disease, and is criminal. If one cannot answer to this simplicity, and responds with, “ it is complicated” then know a crime of ignorance is being what one is, through allowing and accepting a lack of common sense of this actual physical world.
And the information is available, it is here. One need only look, to stop being a warden of separation and abuse of what is supportive and real, here. Accepting an ambiguous statement as “ this is war” is a crime against life. There is no way out of this.
Support a system of equality, to care for all life, to allow an equalizing of the mind with the physical - real - supportive- world, as earth. Support Equal Money Capitalism. Begin the walk through your emotions, feelings and thought, through the Desteni I Process Lite . Look for the links on the side of this blog.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to fear standing up in common sense of what is actually physically here.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to not see, realize and understand that as life, I have the ability to understand the life that is here as this earth, as I am one and the same, having a common denominator in and as being the very substance of life, thus can I, as life, understand what is here, as it is me and i am it.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to become a projection of care for limited values in separation of common sense of what is one and equal in all that is of earth here.
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that the values I was taught are limited in that they ignore the common denominator that is equal in all that is here, which is life.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to not see, realize and understand that, as life, I am one and equal to what is here, and thus, though I am a woman, I am also life, equal and one, and thus it is my responsibility to answer to what is common in all men, and not to myself as a woman, only.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to answer to what has been taught, as, for example, an idea of love, where if I were one and equal, in common sense of life, as what is the substance of what is here, I would not need to be an expression seeking “love” as there would be no need for this, as being equal and one, in and as and with life, means a state of equality, a state of ease with what is here, and thus within being equal to what is here, within common understanding, would mean myself being an expression of life, where “love” would not be the thing sought, where what would be sought is expansion within and as myself within understanding the real, actual physical world, as understanding is what would want to be expressed, thus competition would not exist, comparison within more than and less than desires would not be what exists, blame and spite would not exist, starvation and poverty would not exist, what would exist is support within the value, as the common denominator, being life.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to fear being in common sense of life here.
I commit myself to realizing the mind/physical relationship.
I commit myself to seeing realizing and understanding that the mind is a reflection of how, “here” I am within existence, and thus the more separate I am, within and as judgement, the more ease I lack within and as under standing with this actual physical world.
I commit myself to seeing, realizing and understanding that unless the relationship with the mind and the physical body is working in tandem, equal and one, in awareness, then what exists is a separation into a more than and less than ideal, a warped reality, where the projector of my mind, is not aligned with common sense of this actual physicalstructural world, not aligned with creation.
I commit myself to stopping myself within and as breath, to bring myself back down to earth, to interact with what is real, and to no longer allow separation in ignoring the consequences of the present system where the imagination of mind has become bigger than actual physical reality, as this tool of imagination can be imposed with ideas, opinions and beliefs, generated though words and images placed from a starting point of ignorance of what is the common denominator of life, equal and one in all existent, which is this actual physical world.
I commit myself to equalizing the mind/physical relationship within and as myself, here, through breathing, to slow myself down, to see, realize and understand what has beenaccepted and allowed within myself through what was taught, through what was directed as an supposed acceptable focus of self, by a culture in separation from and as being equal and one to and as this actual physical supportive world.
I commit myself to seeing, realizing and understanding that the bling of the imagination of the mind, as it stands presently, is non sustaining of life, and causing a condition of chasing desires, wants and needs that can never be fulfilled as the starting point is based on limited awareness of this actual physical world, and thus creating a instability within self that manifests as fear, as fear if a separation and distortion of what is real the actual physical world,
I commit myself to seeing, realizing and understanding that the moment I am wanting I am existing within a personification that fits into a pattern within what is personified by men, through symbols within education, media, religion and spirituality, and thus is recognizable within it’s limited view point of what is here as this physical world, and serves a limited mind/alternate reality, a projection of ideas of what is more than and less than, all in separation from equality and oneness with and as the physical world.
I commit myself to breathing, to slowing myself down, to see, realize and understand the energetic projections/entities encumbering my physical self, this being myself existing as a projection, where the images and fantasies I exist as are able to be seen within the halo as mind, as running thoughts and images, such images a collection of the past, from generations, and family, and experience, and media, and education, some of the values of his not necessary being good or bad, simply separate from what is actually here, and thus am I programmed, like a robot, within limited and border/separation created presences of idea, belief and opinion which I have allowed to direct me, as I fear standing up and being myself as life, here, in common sense of this actual physical world, where changing what I have accepted and allowed appears shocking, yet is simply the change from a long accepted and allowed behavior known as ego.
I commit myself to slowing myself down, with and as breath, here, to see, realize and understand where I have clung to as limited values only as the mind and thus remained within a bubble of self interest in maintaining these limited values, without realizing and investigating what is in fact best for all, absolutely, to see, realize and understand that the relationships to which I cling, are not substantive within self support, as they lack the starting point of what is best for all, which means they lack a starting point of physical common sense, where the substance of the physical is what is the real support of life, and the mind is an image machine only.

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