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377 Remove the "UN" from the Known. Walk the ordinary to the extraordinary.

If we are so busy with our governments and corporations collecting data to watch the movements of men, then we admit that we are, or those that have the money and the political means to bring the collection of such,  watching the score, watching what is happening as the behavior/movement of men. Triggers are developed to direct this movement, and in a system of inequality, it is the ones who have the money maintain that inequality. And then, when the ones with the gains feel that their “ special” territory is potentially being taken, they tighten the controls, create dramas to justify the controls and cover the drama, sensationalize the drama as being a benefit. We have had so many such dramas in history, and yet the controls continue to need to be tightened, which means it has not worked. Think of running your own house, how much you think about how to balance your finances and maintain a balance, and worry about one thing going wrong , like the fridge failing, or the furnace failing, or the car accumulating miles , needing to be replaced. If things go, where is the money going to come from?
It really is no different for those who have more, who have that big estate and are used to having more, they worry and fret, just as you do, only it is on a scale of believing that they justifiably need what they have, as the order of the hierarchy is justified even when it abuses the earth. The values within the present system have been made bigger than reality, than the actual physical world and how it functions.  It is like we are all in a hollywood movie, and that movie that is of a “ time” that has no consequence, no process exposed, it is a time where the ordinary is magically the extraordinary, and the physical, in all practical common sense does not work that way. The only way to the extra-ordinary is to walk the ordinary, the little steps needed to become aware of what is here and how here works. It is not that the singular values in the extraordinary, as that grand estate , are bad, it is that they are warped out of proportion with this earth, and to get that, taking from another has become the para-norm of our existence in time with a hollywood movie that really lacks so much detail, and like that movie what is created is a human that is like a manikin, unable to really do anything, understand anything, and is just a polished face with a smile plastered as a singular presentation that has no depth perception of reality. I mean really!
So the ones with the extreme wealth are doing the same thing as the rest of us, comparing and contrasting the parts of the system to ensure that we remain in our position within the grid of inequality that is in separation from the physical world, losing common sense of the physical, so prevalent in the abuse covering this earth, and this abuse is destructive, ignorance is destructive.
There is systemic ownership, false idols as signatures placed on paper, by men, in spite of the common sense that what is here on this earth is given as life, to be life, to support life. A tree needs the soil, and the air and the water , and all the microorganisms to transfer the proteins and the lipids and the sugars and and and, so that that tree can become a structure that supports life. Without these things, that tree cannot survive, and thus cannot provide air for the human and the animals to exist. This grid of inequality cannot exist without the physical world. Yet, we are all so caught up in survival, in this system, that we have separated ourselves from common sense, as our physical bodies being aware of what the physical world is providing us with, freely.
Our behaviors that ignore this earth, are the limitations we have accepted and allowed, the separations from the physical world: we are being limited, we are abusing within being limited, and we are suppressing what is natural within us, an ability to sense this actual physical world. We have focused ourselves into limited ideas about what we are, and denied the development of our common sense of the physical world to such an extent that is is as though we have the walking dead all over this earth, and by dead I mean humans who have no idea of how to direct themselves within common sense responsibility, and then we blame that behavior on the object. This does not make any sense because that object is a product of a system that is unequal with life, unequal in consideration of the actual real supporting physical world.
Thus, our behaviors are our paranoia, our para-data of limited design competing with itself to survive through comparison with limited values that do not consider reality, as this actual freely given physical world that is life.
The existence of lesser dimensions hovering over earth, as heaven, is the extent to which we have, over time, become separate from the actual real physical world. And some of our children cannot even read the words on the pages of our books, as they are so inundated with knowledge and in-form-mation that they have no attention HERE. This is how loud our paranoia has become. This is how great our separation from reality has become. It is extensive. And it is extremely destructive, just look around, open a newspaper, read the internet stories. Hiding in your home in front of your screen is not going to stop this, someone else out there- especially our political representative adhering to the present system, are not going to take care of this, they are as terrified as yourself, and their goal is to protect their assets at this point. What has to happen is a collective behavior of standing up and realigning this system to one that realizes the physical world is what is real, is what is tangible, is what stabilizes us and allows us to walk the ordinary into the extra-ordinary as this is the gift of life, this is the process of becoming one and equal to and as life.

Thus what is here cannot become self responsible if it does not have a cared for physical tool as the human body and the environment on which it stands to support it in its walk, in its process of understanding the common ground , step by step to become one and equal in understanding this actual physical, real, world. Thus the physical world has basic needs to sustain itself, the ability to be aware is given to meet the needs of the physical. So, the natural resources of each country are given, are the land on which the physical beings stand and walk, and thus this is the physical taking care of, providing for itself. No one can own this, this is just an idea, that is consciousness, the mechanism of separation, this is the manifestation of separation, called fear, it is self in-fear of life, of the physical, thus paranoia is being inferior to life, it is all the behaviors that are of separation that we see playing out and destroying this earth. And those with the most are behaviors of fear  they are busy collecting data to ensure their ownership, their false idol of ownership as money, so separate are they, and all of us because we are allowing this, from common sense of this actual physical world. The media, the Boston bombing, is like the scream of fear, the scream of protection and defense, for a very limited and destructive system that is an idea that things can be owned and that life, as men, are the problem, when it is self as one’s thoughts, opinions and ideas, as consciousness that is simply a separation from life.
The solution within this hollywood of separation, as consciousness is to start using our common sense. What is here, as the resources that are needed to support the physical, cannot be owned, they are here to support life, to allow life to flow with ease here, to allow the physical forms that are here to walk the ordinary to become the extra-ordinary as life here, and thus to create life on earth, as heaven on earth.
Thus, it is suggested to nationalize the resources of this earth, of each area, to support the life that is there, to ensure that behaviors of lack no longer exist. Within this, money flows because the resources are supporting the physical and allowing it to move, and thus those who comes up with what takes a human beyond basic needs can continue to invent and develop and capitalize on their efforts. One cannot capitalize if there is no one to move that money around, just as a tree cannot exist and provide air is its physical needs are not met. And a human is obviously of much greater design than anything man has created, so why not use what is here? In all common sense. Take care of your home and it will function beautifully, but it has basic needs and considerations otherwise it is going to fall apart. So a system that has an established basic income to provide the basic needs of the physical allows this physical world to function, to then be self responsible and then to interact and participate, so there must be an element of social development and allowance as a given, and then those who have the drive, can earn more for their efforts, but they are  nothing if the physical world as the society of me are not functioning and this world is destroyed, I mean in the destruction we are allowing, there is not going to be anywhere to drive to! And those images of no dimension on a screen cannot sustain the physical, it is an impossibility. Just try to stop breathing and see what happens! You will no longer exist.
All natural resources that sustain life, that are needed to live, must be nationalized to provide the income and support of the physical world, and many of the behaviors of lack, which is what poverty, self abuse, animal abuse, environmental abuse, are they are behaviors that lack common sense, and this, this means that the physical is not being given its basic needs to use its own common sense as life. As life, is common sense of itself, it is lack that separates life as itself from its own common sense because it does not have the strength and of its physical body and the educational understanding, and thus common sense of itself and how the physical functions. A car cannot function without gas, a human cannot function without food, and depending on the fuel placed in the form and the physical, it will function within limited means. Blaming those in lack is simply pointing out the lack and is an action that is not directive in solving the problem. Within this, everything that is here has to be looked at, taking one aspect and just applying this is ignorance, as it ignores that what is here as this physical earth, exists because of the interaction of all of its parts, the ordinary actions of all the parts manifest the extra-ordinary of the earth, that is life, here.
Read Creation’s Journey to Life Blogs, understand the solution to the problem and the rewards.
Understand what you have become as consciousness, in separation of, and infearior to, life by walking the free course to understand what your thoughts, feelings and emotions are as your limited judgements supporting inequality, and yourself as competition to survive within a system of limitation, where not all is bad, just simply warped reality, creating your own brand of paranoia, consuming your flesh as your memories creating your own holly wood movie in and as your mind.
Listen to the interviews on Eqafe, to gain perspective of your own accepted and allowed separation, to regain your common sense and thus be able to stand and support what is real, this physical world.
Support a system of common sense as an Equal Money system.
Join BIG, to begin to organize this world into what supports and respects life. Time to nationalize our resources of support, to provide the basic needs of life, and to allow the money to flow, just as that tree needs the elements of the earth to move in order to exist, of which we are all dependent on and which is freely given. Let us put an end to the paranoise of fear of loss as this present system of inequality manifest within as consciousness. Come back to earth, and walk the ordinary steps to the extraordinary gift of life.  Use your common sense, to remove the UN from the known, and there right in front of you, which has been there all this time is the known. 

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