Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Day 376 Covering the known with data in self interest as consciousness in separation from life

Today I was talking with  friend on mine, someone I have known for years. I watched his eyes, sometimes they look cross-eyed, as though they are reading a script, accessing information from somewhere else, knowledge and information. THen I got in my car, and I found myself doing this, as though I had become the other. And I have been dizzy at times this week. Very odd, I have to breath, slow down, just breath. Sometimes I feel like I just try and read the forms of other’s logic, interspersed with commentary, laughing at what forms don’t match what is the knowledge and information of themselves. I have to slow down and breath, and try to see what the fuzzy logic is that I am doing, and disregard the commentary of self interest, the values spoken, because if I become the commentary on the comparison as the form, I will not be able to see the movement of how what was said was formed and how this can be improved. At the moment I try to simplify. The contexts of form vary so much, what is inferenced by one might not be by another, so it takes patience.

On another front, it seems our government, which is us, a reflection of us, as our government is composed of people, is collecting data and then using data to create more data, or meta data, molded and reformed in self interest, creating a scenario where anything can be woven into a straight jacket to protect the self interest of profit, of dividend for a few: the flow of money to a few who believe that they are deserving because they have created beliefs that one form of organization is more than another, when it is all of us that have allowed lack and abundance, suppressing life, thus we cannot blame those in lack alone. This whole state of being in separation from a common sense of this actual physical world, this world that is the real support of life, this world that is the real value, within simply being here equal and one with what is real. It is this process of endless division, that creates a meta world, a world of paranoia, as it is a paranormal existence creating a paranoise of destruction and abuse, as it has created a world of ideas being more than life. Conscious human hubris in a bubble, a metaphysical existence of judgement, beliefs that one thing is more than another, an order of inequality with life. One thing being made more than another is a lack of insight into the balance and forgiving expression of life as life, to warp reality into judgement and thus create friction and conflict as the expression of life is forced to uphold a more than and suppress creating a lack. Unstable ground is the outcome, the destruction of the physical world, which is not being equal to here, to life.

I commit myself to slowing myself down whenever I notice a comment about what i am, within myself or without, to see, realize and understand that the comment is always a self protection and defense of self’s order as self’s collection of values in self interest.

I commit myself to seeing realizing and understanding that the forms of order, the rota of collections of beliefs, opinions and ideas are often “ backwards” which allows a straw horse effect.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to not see, realize and understand that within this what must be looked at is the total form of what has been accepted and allowed as my own way of thinking to see, realize and understand how i have built what it is as the knowledge and information that creates the character of what I am as how I express myself as what I place as more value before other values, and to see, realize and understand that my order of value, may not meet another’a and to realize that this is just this, an order of values and this order within itself limited, and thus the only solution and prevention is to investigate what would be best for all as this actual physical world, as this physical world is what supports life, and thus this physical world is the gift of life, to direct me to becoming one and equal to and as life, in communicating and existing equal and one to and with what is real the physical, thus within this, what supports this actual real physical world is the only choice, as this is the opportunity to be and become an expression of life, here.

I commit myself to seeing realizing and understanding that within this, I can be only patience and self forgiveness to what is here, even as the voices of men within limited systems of selected values that are not in consideration of what is best for all, as there is not life until all life is supported and equal to and as and with this actual physical world, that which is the gift of life, here.

I commit myself to seeing realizing and understanding that when I feel dizzy, it is myself in separation from what is real, where I realize I am existing within limited values that I am deconstructing to realign myself back into a process of realizing the separations from life that i have accepted and allowed within and without.

I commit myself to seeing realizing and understanding that self validation is a separation from life.

I commit myself to  seeing realizing and understanding that i am my own sequences of values which I protect and defend as what I believe that i am, such sequences existing as chains of positive and negative values, where I validate the good within and without through manipulation and reject the negative in fear of loss of the good I accept that is of limited value as it is my own personal pacifier from becoming myself as life here, accepting life here.

I commit myself to seeing realizing and understanding that whatever righteousness I exist as is a protection and defense for the self validations I have accepted and allowed in fear of my order of survival being pushed off the table to inequality into what appears as mind to be an abyss of nothing/death, when this is just the loss of my separation from life, and having said this to realize that such self allowance by men , has created a system that supports a paranormal, metaphysical existence of limited values as associations and relatives that are in separation from practical physical reality with which the disregard of life is causing abuse and destruction of this physical world, and as this is what exists, to not reject but to accept and realign back to and with the physical through self correction within the principle of what is best for all, as this actual physical world.

I commit myself  to no longer reacting to the orders of others and myself but to stop and to look and to realize the limitations accepted and allowed, and to bring these back down to earth, to bring what is paranoid, what is paranormal, back into a common sense of this actual physical world and what would be a normal supportive existence in respect of life here.

I commit myself to seeing , realizing and understanding that in approaching situations within judgement as a lesser evil choice, I am accepting a limitation, and have not regarded what is best for all, as the only choice, and within this allowed myself to remain stable within directing myself with respect for all life, this which is the profit of life, to regard all life with respect as it is me and I am it, where there is not real expression of life until all life is supported as life being the value, and as it very visible on earth at present, what exists is a system of war as profit, thus division in greed, as war is conflict and destruction, in separation as ideas, beliefs and opinions that one thing is more than another, which is judgement, and we have been warned/told that the way and means of becoming a living word is to judge not lest ye be judged.

I commit myself to myself to seeing realizing and understanding that the UN known is simply the separation from the known as the physical as the gift of life, creating relationships and associations of value judgements as beliefs leading to self righteousness and behaviors of self validation of lesser substance as energy feeding off the physical world, creating alternate realities as consciousness in separation from the gift of life as the actual real physical world, here.
When and as I find myself within thought, I stop and I breath and I see realize and understand that thought into and as a solution as what is best for all, to bring myself back to the physical and realize what is normal as what is supportive of all life to realize what will being heaven on earth, as this is the only choice.

When and as I realize I am existing within fear of loss, as survival as thought of limited values, I stop and I breath and I slow myself down and realize as consciousness I am a collection of data, as mind as a web of associations into metadata that serves my own self interest survival in a system of inequality that is a system of separation from life, and thus a system that lacks the voice of life, a system that has, as a consumerist system in self interest supporting a few,  denied the voice of the people, the real voice of democracy, the voice of the people as life, meaning there is no voice of the people as life until all people are fed with what supports the physical absolutely, educated to understand themselves as life, housed with the basic needs of the physical body met,  as anything else is a crime against life and thus a paranormal destructive order in separation from common sense of this actual real, cannot-be-owned world the gift as  the value to be an expression one and equal to and as life, here as the the physical.

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