Monday, June 10, 2013

375 Paranoia of the unKNOWN Self Forgiveness Thought

So, I am constricting in my back, trying to balance what is going on , where I notice a lot of imagination as my characters coming up and taking my attention, which I allow, the paranormal behaviors that fit a grid of inequality, where it is believed that scarcity must exist as an order, and this order has created disorder and thus the form is unequal to life as it is destructive, thus inequality does not work.

If children can learn to speak another language at a very young age, even grow up in a household where they learn to speak two languages as young children, then they obviously can learn to speak many words in a short period of time. Then why do our school systems function in teaching so few words every year, every grade year? Would this not slow the child down and diminish an obviously innate capacity. And how does this relate to inequality, an order as inequality, that believes in scarcity, in purposeful development of lack, which in essence is suppression, confinement? This would mean that the ability of a person to express as life is not accepted and allowed and known how to direct within being its own absolute purpose as its capacity. This is like, being a fear of being directive, of living. Perhaps inherent in this is a fear that someone might gain, get ahead of another, and this scares the hell out of someone. There are times in our lives where we learn to walk and thus need the aid of others, and times when we help others to walk, it is not just one or the other, it is an ebb and flow between the two in expansion. Our present system tries to fix us in one or the other, which suits a system of forced order, as denying development. Such a system denies common sense, ignores what is here, based on fear, based on paranoia, based on a paranormal judgement, a disallowance of a norm, the norm being life, as the capacity of a human in full expression. In this, nature is symbiotic, many things working together in all space of this earth, it is not a monoculture, thus, men, can do many things , learn many things, being equal and one with the ground of earth. Inhibit the capacity of men, is to inhibit the communicative capacity of men with the rest of this physical existence, and then to build a structure that tries to order a system of lack, which would only create disorder, which is what we see on earth at present. 

The present structure is one of limitation instead of normal awareness the human is developmentally capable of as the child able to learn language with ease when it is given the opportunity. In a way, the development of the child within language is the equalizing of the child to the sound of men, a lack will disable the child to become equal to life, as the very substance of communication, equality, is denied.  It is no different than placing a cow in a confined cage. As I have said before , and we see on this earth, monocultures do not work. And yet, as we have developed this earth, at present we may have to continue some of the things we have allowed in order to reorder ourselves to become equal with this common ground of earth, and we can do this with as little abuse as possible. For instance, there is enough field to allow the cows out into pastures to graze. And, our children can be exposed to language and order, for which they crave. Children in a classroom will take order and direction, they crave it really. When a teacher leaves the room, a teacher they come to depend on, they will become unnerved, which is tragic, because these children should feel self empowered, comfortable in being here, self directive in a situation where they as humans have come together to absorb some understanding as a group. if their understanding was clear, then there would not be any dis-ease, what-so-ever. Such uncertainty means that the order of this world is not working, it is not creating a state of ease and awareness. This needs to be realized and changed, as these children really should feel welcomed and equal to this world they are in, enjoying the process of becoming aware of this world, knowing that they are here, nurtured and developing themselves in becoming equal in awareness with where they are as beings. This having been said, the only choice on earth is a directive within an absolute purpose of being aware of physical existence, of the very substance that forms this physical existence. In this, our present system denies the gift of life, the gift of learning to work with the very substance of what creates this world.

I take this into my present deconstruction of my own paranoia of the unknown. I have noticed, in my 51 years in earth, that often my minds I/eye will imagine a doom and gloom scenario about the future, or an event that I will face in the morrow, and then when I go to face the situation,  the outcome is not at all what i imagined in my mind. Then I go home, relieved and realizing I was an idiot, to have imagined the worst case scenario, and how I wasted my time dreaming such, when I could have, weeded the garden, for example, or sat down and taken care of some paper work, or  sat and listened to my son. And I realized the moment is gone, and I spent it worrying, being paranormal; so busy in fear, being infearior to here, in common sense.

Now, imagine that we have built a system equal to such behavior? And that, this system in reflection to such behavior is controlling us from without. Imagine a child coming to a parent who is in worry, and speaking something, that parent will more than likely, because they are in gloom and doom, react, as the fantastic gloom and doom horror, absent from the actual physical practical living action, is where the parent is instead of being present in the moment. This creates a present of mixed dimensions, the real one here, and the imagined one as one’s mind: and this in a system that is a consequence of such action. In essence we have created a paranormal society. In my worry, I am living a fear of a unknown, instead of using common sense, which means being equal to what is physically here, practically looking here at this earth, at this actual physical world. Now, imagine not even having the communication skills to be able to realize this? Imagine having been raised in an environment of paranormal activity, where the parents are always in fear, inferior to here economically, as they have become second to a outward manifestation of an inward state of being that in itself was in separation from practical physical reality? This becomes one big dimensional mess. And our present system cannot clear this up, the only way is to develop life, to be and become equal to this actual physical world, as what each human has the capacity to do because they are the very substance of life!

Thus, my paranoia of the unknown is myself fearing to become aware of here, to learn to walk here, to speak about here, to speak about the accepted and allowed paranoia. I cannot become intimate with here if I do not speak about what i have accepted and allowed as what is in my mind, as how i have separated myself from here, even as what i fear losing, as in judging myself as less than another, to look at this and realize what I am not understanding in common sense as this physical world. And, within this, to realize, that what is here at present is a consequence of eons of not having accepted and allowed life as the value, thus what is here is in depression, so to speak, and must be realigned to becoming equal and one to life. The paranormal must be dispersed and forgiven and life accepted. This is where ease with life exists.

So, I am going to start with self forgiveness on being worry and fear, allowing imagination of gloom and doom, and within this realizing that the present system is a consequence of generations of such behavior, and thus will need realignment and common sense in working with this system trying to order a separation from life not seeing itself, its own systemic limitation in trying to order and structure  existent limitations within its parts when the parts themselves are what makes the whole, thus the parts as the human within must be cared for and taught self direction as life, at ease with life, as the very substance of what each part is the composition of, thus able to learn and expand in awareness to become self directive as life, here, where then the whole will function as life because the parts of life are equal and one to life. This will end the present expression of scarcity as life, as what we have allowed. 

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to fear for the future.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to become a paranormal imagination of fear of loss, of worry, of gloom and doom, in separation from life, as such imagination is not myself equal and one to and as life in practical common sense of this actual physical world, and where in separation from that scenario of which I imagine in fear and try to control from afar, I physically have no ability to exist in common sense because I am not physically present within the situation, and to realize within this, that yes, some situations require preparation, meaning I cannot just walk into a dance performance, for example, and expect to be able to perform, thus it is to also realize in common sense that I must prepare myself of which if I use my common sense as myself within myself, I can see when I have prepared myself for that which I am responsible and when I have not.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to not see, realize and understand that if I am unprepared, it is for me to perhaps realize how i spent my time, was I more existing in fear, or was I directing myself, walking myself into becoming aware of what i was doing?

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to not see, realize and understand what I am in thought, word and deed with each and every breath I take to realize how I am directing myself in every moment, when I am allowing paranormal activity in and as my mind and when I am being practical as in walking the steps and practice necessary to do what i have taken on as a responsibility within my life, and within this to realize that it is often my own fear and imagination as mind that limits my actions here in the physical.

I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to express myself within and as my secret mind, to reveal to myself my own judgements that are limited as in accepting limited values in how i look, what i say, etc. and to realize this is a paranormal state of being, which is a state of limited dimension, and this abusive and disrespectful of life, and as such I miss what is here in common sense, and when common sense is not the consequence of my life, I must stop and realize I have not lived as common sense, thus my existence has an outcome of no respect to and towards common sense because I ignored this! Thus, I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to abdicate my own self responsibility as life, and to become blame or spite, because this is simply more of the same, myself in separation from life,  ignoring common sense of what is here as life.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to think in protection and defense, in worry and fear of loss, instead of being practical with what exists, here and becoming a practice of being equal and one to and as this actual physical existence in common sense in respect of life, for which the reward of that life will respect me back.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to not see, realize and understand that the only way for myself to become aware is to pay my respects to life, as this life around me is me, as all is of the same substance in and as life.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to become a fear of the unknown, to make this an imagination so huge, I separate myself from myself as life, and limit myself within being able to communicate, as all that exists as my mind within this inferior state is restriction and thus this is what I will become because this is what I have practiced, and thus I cannot blame another for what I have accepted and allowed, as I am life, and thus as life, I direct myself, and since this life as me is of same substance as all that is here, there really is no one that can do this for me, thus it is only myself that can direct myself as life, and within this to realize that since this inner abdication of life has existed to the point where it is manifested without, there are many suffering to such a degree that those of us that have the chance to read articles on the internet, we are the ones who must stand and be the change to heaven on earth through equality and oneness, which means supporting all life absolutely, which means allowing life to be life, which means a systemic form of equal support, as Equal Money,  so that those in extreme lack can begin to stand as themselves, self directive as life, so that each part stand as life and thus creating a whole that is of life absolutely.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to fear facing the unknown, and within this to see, realize and understand that I am the one allowing and accepting the existence of an unknown, and that it is myself as this unknown that creates a paranormal existence of ambiguous understanding and thus respect for the life that I am, the gift given to be and express here as life.

I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that allowing myself to exist within paranoia, I am accepting and allowing paranormal activity in and as my mind, and thus limiting my awareness of the normal actual, real physical world, where I must realize that the eye of the needle, meaning equality and oneness with and as life, is through common sense of this substantive world as earth, as the physical; as the present limited and separate behaviors and projections of the mind ( and even the projections two feet above the ground of this earth, that  are of lesser dimension and that no longer exist ) are what has been made bigger than life within each human as fear and anxiety in fear of loss scenarios as imagination,  now being maintained by an outward system mirroring this inner state, thus the only solution is to start within each of us to walk self forgiveness within our separations  and to come back down to earth, to walk in practical common sense of life , here, and from here to begin to place into existence policies which support life absolutely, to be and become a directive principle of equality and oneness as what is best for all as our absolute purpose being to respect what we are as life.

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