Thursday, June 27, 2013

Day 384 Free Choice = Paranoia of the Unknown

Free Choice = Paranoia of the unknown
What is here on earth that supports us is known, thus there is no choice as to what is here that supports us, as to what sustains us, as to how we function - I’m sure that thorough-bred horse’s diet and exercise is very carefully directed and structured to produce that horse’s full potential. Human’s are no different - some enjoy moving the forms of dirt around, and some like moving the forms of digits and words around on paper, one is not more than another, they are simply different mediums, different perspectives of the physical where all are a part of the orchestra of the physical creation of life known as earth. The full potential of life in development means that one can HEAR/here this orchestra of life.

What is it that we hear at present? Dissonance manifest as starvation, poverty, sexual abuse, soil degradation, desertification, pollution, animal abuse, spirituality, prayer, hope, statements of no meaning, promises never kept, the same lies revealed with every changing politician ( The Pentagon Papers about the fabrication of Vietnam and the fabrication of Iraq - same story- same characters- different skin color and generation). And all so a few can live in a little bubble of luxury. This is insanity and treason. This is the result of living with our heads in the sand choosing to exist as a paranoia of the unknown, choosing not to look, not to self realize, not to follow through with understanding the systemic structures and the cognitive dissonance of emotions and feelings, of wanting to be seen as a “ good person” who will someday go to some cognitively dissonant make believe fantasy land called heaven where some old man sits on a chair and explains the world believing this to be more than actually being and living and experiencing the physical, the world, life, directly, being one and equal to the substance and sound and creation of life. I mean really. Wake up.
We are accepting and allowing systemic lack of development based on ideas that hide our own fears of being self responsible in common sense of a life all around us that reveals how it functions in dignity when physical needs are met, eliminating/preventing the behaviors of conflict and destruction from and of life. Thus our accepted and allowed governments are simply a manifestation of our own accepted  and allowed paranoia of the unknown as what we have created as consciousness, as our separation from self hONEsty as life, here.
This dissonance, this discord, has to be cleaned up. Governments that are not doing what is best for all, and presenting politicians that only give vague statements to pull on emotional strings are a sign of deceit and discord , and if we do not see through this and demand detailed solutions that respect life and order life systemically in detail, educating the life that is here to be and become itself as life, then what is being given is a dishonesty from life. This earth is a gift given to realize how to exist within absolute support of life, to become a fully functioning planet orchestrating life. Thus, the only choice is to do what is best for all, and the answers are all here, the only thing blocking them is a dissonance of separation into idea, opinion and belief that has no common sense of life.
Check out the latest Equal Life Foundation blogs on the systemic design and how it can be realigned to create a functioning world that lives the value being life, where all can hear/here themselves as what they are, which is life.

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