Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Day 380 Self Commitments, Paranoia of the unknown

I commit myself to no longer allowing and accepting myself to fear facing here, be it the voice of the forked tongue - a presentation of associations leading to self interested survival where a subtle threat exists if one does not adhere to the “ voice of separation” of another, to stop here and to breath and to use details in common sense of what exists on this earth, to realize the consequences of our actions of self interest as beliefs that one thing is more than another when it is all the parts working together that is the creation of the sound of life here.

I commit myself to seeing realizing and understanding that my reaction of fear is based on a past experience taught within a system of inequality, that taught, through media and education, family generational manners, and a physical lack of complete nutritional support,  which is separation from common sense here, from being so simplistically aware that what is here that exists because of men, not all bad, was created by the labor of men, many men for generations and it is only an idea that one man can do this, or that a corporation did this, as what is presented is a symbol built of ambiguity where one is lead to believe that this idol, this symbol, is THE hand that feeds us, when this is so obviously, in all common sense, senseless of the actual real physical world, as the way and the means of what has been developed was done my the collective of men, plants and animals, thus all are of equal value in and as the creation and expression of life, thus an idea of one creator is a delusion, and thus a dis-ease with life, and this is what exists all around this earth, so massive is the separation from common sense as life, thus there is only the choice of solution as walking the principle of what is best for all, as giving as we receive, to prevent further abuse and become the cure of supporting all life as being the value, here.

I commit myself to slowing myself down and breathing, and seeing realizing and understanding the spinning images in and as my mind, the paranoise built of associations in separation from life, as limited value, as this limited value of idols as what i have accepted and allowed, to see, realize and understand how I have as mind become an unknown of common sense of here, and a veil of limited associative thinking of no practical common sense so separate have I aliled myself to become from what is real, the physical , this that I cannot exist without, as the breath reveals; no breath, no life.

I commit myself to seeing realizing and understanding that what was placed within is what comes out, and thus I have accepted and allowed an expression for limitation as life of which I have become of lesser substance as energy, which because it is in separation and unequal to life, feeds off of life, and consumes my human physical body as this is myself rejecting life for a lesser illusionary god of what is a more than instead of realizing myself as equality and oneness to and as the physical world in all practical common sense.

I commit myself to no longer reacting to stories of men raping women, to a belief that a woman is dirty after being touched by a man, which makes no common sense because this is actually saying that a man makes a woman dirty, which means that the men have abdicated themselves as life in projecting their “ dirt” onto women instead of facing themselves as what possesses them which they have accepted and allowed and instead of seeing women as life, as equal and one to and as them, and realizing that one does not do  to another what one does not want done unto them, means that the only awareness of a limitation in and as a belief that in itself cries its own lack of common sense, so separate and divided is the expression into and as mind as idea within such acts, which are in effect no different than the so called representatives of our countries who fear the masses becoming aware when this in all common sense is the way out of the behavioral issues on this earth, to allow life to be, which means to educate the life that is here as the forms that are here, that are composed of life, or they would not exist, which means organizing a system that respects life, as giving what is needed to live in dignity, as supporting the form of life here, as human, plant and animal, through nationalizing what is freely given and what is a form of simple organization, as the natural resources and banking systems, and realizing that it is the labor of men that create the value, it is the many hands of men that create the values from the resources, thus for a corporation to move “ off shore” claim ownership and then place all debt and liability onto the very hands of men that create the value, and then within the media to tout an icon as a symbol being what creates is so massive an illusion, as this is the veil that creates the ambiguity and the un before the known, where we as mind resonantly become the limited values as associations projected through media, through word, thus through education and through generations as our parents composed of same separations into limitations where the manifestation of this is caused by each and every one of us having existed in separation of equality and oneness to and as life, thus we created this, as we believed one thing to be more than another, and thus each must walk the correction, through self forgiveness of limited ideas, beliefs and opinions accumulated as these self interested aggrandizements were in separation from life and must be realized and equalized to life, as this is a gift to realize life, to become stable and strong within and as, equal and one to, life.

I commit myself to no longer reacting to the ego of others, and to stop and breath when and as I find myself physically constricting within, to first slow down,  to take note of my own reactions and thus fears, my own me-mories, my own desires and beliefs, my own fear of loss, my own characters , my own automatic characters, to slow down ( once again) and to breath, and to see , realize and understand the separation of my own infinite design of a halo encircling my head filled with images and imaginations and  words all merged together as a paranoise consuming me as consciousness and creating a fear of an unknown as I block myself ability as common sense of the known and the support of myself as life, the physical here.

I commit myself to seeing, realizing and understanding that the only thing that is real is the physical, and the paranormal is the mind as consciousness, my thoughts, emotions and feelings the entity of my separation from here, from life.

I commit myself to walking, breathing, slowing down, self forgiving, self correcting until I am equal and one as my within being equal and one to my without, this actual physical, real world, to birth myself into and as life here, to bring heaven to earth here, to remove the paranoia that is simply a separation from life.

I commit myself to speaking up about BIG to realize what is here must support what is here, to create a dignified life on earth, to enable this earth to stand equal and one to and as life, as this is the life on earth as men, proving themselves worthy of life here, and practically realizing that it is the realization that life is the value, by the many that is the way to bringing life here on earth, as what must be sounded is the realization that life is the value on earth, in thought, word and deed.

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