Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Day 372 Heaven was a lesser dimension, the mind is the sound of your separation.

I remember an event I had in Europe after I had I moved there. I had asked a woman a question about her relationship. I was sitting after an orchestral practice with the musicians and we were chatting away, when she had made some comment about her relationship. So, I asked a question and this woman reacted to my question as though she was incensed that I could ask something like this. There was someone else there who stepped in and said that in Europe one did not ask questions like this. So, I stopped and looked at this, and the woman calmed down and I did not press this because I went into looking at what this other woman had said to me. At the time I was really looking at such things, because it seemed to me that the “ facade” of different cultures was composed of differing measures of giving here and withholding there - so to speak. I remember practicing holding my self in socially, to not allow so much of my American exuberance to  be my facade, which is all really personification. I remember coming back to America, and my mother saying Europe had been good for me, I was more “ controlled.” which may be true, but it is not standing back and looking at all of this in totality,  and relating this to  the whole form of what we are as our accepted and allowed measures of withholding and giving as expressions, and what these “ on/off” switches of self presentation in manner and focus create and that since there is so much destruction in this world, so much disrespect for nature and water and the lives of people on this planet endure, this must be looked at in detail as what we are doing, and the effect this has on the whole.  This woman I had this conversation with was within a belief that there were secrets about her relationship, taboo intangible things that one simply did not talk about. In the context my question was probably my self validating my own self interest, also not considering the whole, so I am not saying that I was any better than this woman because I was doing the same, because I, though realizing things as character were measured in different ways, I did not exactly direct myself in relation to the whole as I had not been taught this, I only had this opportunity, having moved into a foreign country to actually live a subtle change in how we as humans present ourselves.
If we are habituated to our presentations, our personifications, imagine how hard it would be to change? And could we, do we have the spatial ability, within understanding and seeing in a moment all the differences as this without judgement and reaction? Are we mutable enough to recognize this and communicate with this in a moment? Are we developed enough, have enough understanding of this to move with it? And, do we see the whole of this enough to be able to relate this to what we have allowed in existence on earth in totality? Are we aware enough of the present system and how is functions, how it moves in detail, which means following the money, and the workings of the hands of men, to look here at the actual movement of the physical process of developing resources on this earth, to such a degree that we realize what specifically is happening on this earth? Are we aware of our within compositions and our “ without” compositions on this earth, the total “ song” orchestration of what we, as humans have allowed on this earth?  Is the conversation in our minds the voice of our “ facade” presentation, our personification of the measure of what is allowed and accepted according to culture, and our place with that culture, our role play in gender, our values systems of what is allowed to be expressed and to what degree that is allowed to be an acceptable presentation, to survive in a system of dividing resources in unequal measure via money that allows some to have their lives “ turned on and or turned off” because their values and their facade demand something more because it is fantastically believed to be “ more than’? And if questioned does the measures of self as the personification of self become  a behavior of fear of loss in believing it is threatened and reacts, when the degrees of this presentation really are so subtle and ignore the totality that being this is really just a lack in common sense? In the end if we used our common sense and stepped out of our bubbles that maintain a singular point in this terrain of earth, might we not see that our habits, as our personifications are ignorance of the whole, and that it is the being within this ignorance that is the real problem, and that this would solve the behavior of hiding of certain aspects within as the context of the whole would allow self realization that the formation of ourselves as values to turn on and off is suppression because it is limited, lacking in common sense? That our whole belief system is in separation from this physical real, able to be seen, physical world?
Is the pollution of our common sense ignorance embedded within our genes , programmed into each passing generation until we align ourselves with a common sense of this whole earth, and is the pollution accumulating on earth with our ignorant practices into some having more and others less ( which denies the fact that each of us are able to be developed) , accumulating as the within of what we accept and allow? All of it in separation from common sense? And where, naturally, would this all end? What would be the outcome of such? Obviously destruction, and then we will have to begin again, because eventually we must face ourselves as life, this gift is not going to go away, it must be faced, so we either chose to stew in our limitations and continue abuse or we stand and structure ourselves to support all life, realizing life is the value, and within this realize heaven on earth. ( Within this, within the words I speak here, I realize how much of a programmable organic robot I am, and thus how much the need for a principle that directs, and that principle is “ do unto another as you would unto yourself” which is the realization that life is the value.) Wake up. Accept yourself as life, learn to live.
There are interviews on Eqafe that explain what we are within, as our genes as our minds, and the consequences of what we have allowed within our belief systems that create our characters, our facades, our personifications. Fearing change is simply letting go of limitations ( and yes there are the consequences on earth of this system where there are those who have barely enough to sustain themselves and their fear of change is fear of not having that one piece of bread the next day, and they are so suppressed that this has become their focus, which is unacceptable and must stop because allowing this is a disrespect of life, simply through allowing a lack of self as life within being common sense of life, here)
There is the system of Equal Money, a  common sense form to get this earth in order of what is best for all, as this is best for self, as self must become in common sense with this physical world to be a real, complete expression of life, to live the gift of life, manifest as heaven on earth, where in no matter what shoes our feet are placed, we are actual expressions of life in full potential. 
There is the Equal Life Foundation that places into policy the value being life, the common sense of respecting this physical world as the means to be and allow all their full potential as life.
There is self forgiveness to slow down and breath, and realize the limited characters we have allowed that have been passed down for generations ( generating) as it is what is not aligned with life, equal with life. To stop our minds, to stop the voice of our separation and become in common sense with what we have accepted and allowed, and that we that are here in the physical have this responsibility to all. Here, to see what we have allowed , which the voices in our minds show us,  and to bring these limitations back into a common sense of life, of the whole, to equalize ourselves with life. It is like losing everything you are as your limitations only and deconstructing this to recompose yourself in common sense of the whole, which is to recompose yourself as life, which means gaining everything, seemingly like something will be lost, but it is really only a limited habit realigned back into the whole of life, so really it is like taking a very very deep breath and opening yourself back up to yourself as life, it is becoming a portal of life, it is learning to actually breath, here, equal and one to and as life here.  So, in essence, nothing is lost and everything is gained, it only appears to be a loss because one has to stop and turn off the program of the mind, which, as the mind as become so loud, and so habituated, it seems that turning off the radio as the mind, means death, and yet this could not be further from the truth. So, I invite you to turn off the radio as the mind, and see what is the common sense as self as life, in the silence behind the incessant chatter of the mind, the backchat as the voices in the head, as the limited value systems taught by those who came before us that were the habit of separation from life, the habit of ignorance of common sense of this actual physical real world, of which “ heaven” was a lesser dimension floating about two feet off the ground of this actual physical earth. Well maybe it was a foot, any way, it was a manifested cycle of separation from equality with and as life as the physical, and because of this it no longer exists, so the only choice is to align oneself with this actual physical world if one wants to learn to be life, wants to become equal and one with and as life here. Better get to work, because this is the only choice.

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