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Day 373 Paranoia of the UNknown 395: Paranoia: the Home of Human Reason – Part One

We are now at the Beginning stages of Placing into Context one of the Mechanisms that Influence Everyone’s life on Earth without Anyone being Aware of it - these Mechanisms are Not Yet Understood or Even Researched. 

So First we have to Place into Context and into Relevance the Structural Design of What we are Looking at when we are looking atParanoia

Paranoia is Just a ‘pretty word,’ Meaningless in a way because Conveniently anything that seems to be ‘Abnormal’ may be classified as Paranoia, so it Needs to have a Word that is More Specific. Paranoia comes from the ‘Para-Noise’, the Paranoise comes from the Paranormal, the Paranormal comes from the Parapsychology and the Parapsychology is the Study of ‘Strange Events’ . But Not really – it is just Studying things that you Cannot Really Physically Touch like Ghosts and Thoughts, because Thoughts are like Ghosts: they are here now and then they’re Gone - in a Few Hours You Will Not be able to Remember the Exact Thought you had, you’ll be able to say “I Thought About” but You will Not Be Able to Recall the Exact Thought and Have it in Exactly the Same Way – also when you are Thinking about Something and Specially during the stage of the Developing Paranoia, the Thought will Repeat itself but In that Process, the Thought will Develop. So the Thought will be Changing and Progressively become More Obsessive and It Will Move You as the One having the ‘Paranoise’ the Paranoid Thought more and more to the Center of the Thought Convincing you that ‘the Thought is Right’ and you will so Change even Your Memory Eventually Claiming that ‘You are Right.’ It is a Fascinating thing that this Happens over and over and over again – and yet, our Psychology is not yet Researching this - it has not even Categorized it correctly because in a way Parapsychology is the Study of the ‘Thought Mind’ – that means Things like Paranoia, because it falls in the same Category as Conspiracy and Ghosts and in the same category as ‘Life After Death’ because it all falls within the things that You Cannot See. 

Psychology is all the study of Behavior because it’s more something you can Touch because you can Watch how the Physical Body Behave -- because at this stage, the Mental Creation Has Become Physical. And then your Psychiatry should be rather the Study of the Chemical Influences on the Body because for Those In the Know that the Body is a Programmed Machine – which is especially those that is in their Race, the Human Race for Profit and ‘to Win the Race’ = they Don’t Care what they Have to Do, they Know One Thing: You canControl and Influence the Human in Various Ways: One of it is Paranoia, that is used to a BIG Degree; the other one is Psychologically but that is Very Little Used, that is more used in trying to ‘Keep the Peace’ and then you have the Chemical part: the Psychiatry - that means How can you Influence the Physical Body to Make the Human Do Something, and thus from That Side, Push the Paranoia by having a Particular Chemical in Food that for instance will Emphasize a Particular type of Feeling and Thought, and so the Human will make a particular type of Decision which Produces a Particular Type of Result. Don’t underestimate to What Degree Paranoia has been Used, but to Understand Paranoia – and there are Those amongst us that will be Researching this now Big Time and to Assist everyone – is that One Needs to Categorize the Various Aspects so that one can Identify What Would be the Best Help to Give someone. So you’re going to have: Parapsychology which is the Study of Paranoia – the Paranoia particularly Induced through Thought and thus through Memory and thus through Vision – Television, Stories, Conspiracies, Education – that is all Paranoia, that is all Parapsychology because You Can’t Really Touch it. When that Paranoia becomes Physical, it becomes Psychological because it then would Become a Possession for Real where the Person for instance Believes ‘They Speak to Angels’ or ‘They Speak to their Loved Ones’ or ‘They Speak to JF Kennedy’ whatever ! The Fact of the Matter is that At this Stage, the Whole Preparation Stage that normally would have Happened through Meditation, through the Parapsychological Time-Frame of the Mind would be Forgotten. 

If you go and Study for instance Possession – You’ll notice that a Lot of Time is Spent and a Lot of the Books – and here our Publishers, our Media Does Not Care What they Publish – a lot of the Books being Published in Spirituality are actually Text Books for Paranoia, it Contains the Exercises and Meditations to Take the Being into a State of Paranoia where they will Create Characters Within Themselves that They will Claim are ‘Other Beings’ – they can Only Create a Few, it’s quite a complex process and it Takes a Long Time to Do so. The Self Honesty part is the Big Problem because without Self Honesty = You’re Never Going to Stop Paranoia, it’ll simply Grow to a point where it is a Psychological Condition and You become a Psychopath or a Sociopath and so Convinced of your Righteousness that ‘you Feel Nothing, you have Overcome All Your fears’ so-called because the Fears are Initially Used to Try and Control you because The Mind is Not Understood, and then you would just Act out on your Particular Belief that you have Made Flesh. 

The above is an introductory blog from Creation's Journey To Life on the paranoia we have accepted and allowed as a mind consciousness system in separation from life.
Here, I begin to walk the paranoia of the unknown. Enjoy!

I remember the first time I had a “ tunnel vision” in front of me. I was about 12 years old. I did not speak of it. it was like it was something one did not speak of. Period.
My father had been a journalist, and he had sometimes written about seeing ghost hunters. One time the ghost hunters came to dinner. My sisters and I sat on the stairs, in silence. We were eavesdropping.
The ghost hunter guests had brought tapes with them of a possessed girl. I will never forget that voice. I don’t think my sisters and I ever spoke of what we had heard, we were too scared.
Then we saw the exorcist. It was like we had seen in pictures what we had heard on tape, sitting there on the stairs, in the dark, breaking the rules.
I were also taught that one did not mess with this “other” world. I was also taught that “ subcultural” groups were also not something to involve oneself with. Spiritual groups, seances etc. I did end up sometimes going and getting my taro cards read, and I did read some astrology. The astrology interested me because of the divisions, one had to read more than one’s sign to start seeing the patterns. Sometimes this was more descriptive of people than the romantic novels, like Jane Eyre. 
So spirituality was out. We had some family friends that joined groups, wore orange and left notes around the house that said to be at peace. This was weird to me. So, I could not go there.
But then, in my twenties, I saw an angry person in a rainbow bubble, with a stream of white light behind it. It was like this endless space “ zone” thing, like another plane and behind it darkness, a blackness. And this thing, just seemed like an angry man. He did not appear with horns and red skin. My father had told me this, he had seen something like this, but it was not at all like what I expected. My mother “ just does not go there” so this was something that I only ever talked about with my father.
There was a paranoia about dimensional existence in my family, it was known that it was there, but is was not something to mess with. This was a fear of the unknown. And as within so without. The fear of this and the realization that society was tiered and that if one was not careful one would fall off the table, meant that I had to participate within what is here, because there was no place else to go. 
I will walk this fear of the unknown, this paranoia of the unknown. 

I have a memory that is circling around within me in the last days. It is here after having this moment where the fear within me was - as I see this at the moment- like that moment where I had to move and  do something, make a decision and move through facing something. I realize there was no specific “ thing” there in my mind to move through, it was that I faced taking a direction and the taking of a direction felt so difficult, so “ thick” like I had to move through a thick muddy soup. In a seeming distance- as part of this- and which is within because this was me in my mind, and thus ambiguous, the voices of “ what if” echoed, ideas “ echoed”  of fear of loss and fear of blame, which is fear of facing a bully, and when all this becomes so big I allow myself to become this little teeny-tiny pawn on a HUGE chess board, where all the other pieces, the knights and the kings and the queens are much much bigger than myself and even if I speak up, I have no chance. Is this a memory of being a child? But this is a side step, an other dimension to this. I am an adult, and I am here, resplendent with mental sphere/fear. lol Capitalism would call this my halo, and use spirituality to tell me I am special. Even this is another dimension. I have to laugh again.
Wait let me rephrase that. Capitalism would check this to see that my holographic “ ring” was solidly lit, my shackles in place - done from the panel directing the images on television, the educational system, the banks, etc. etc. from parents in same system. Spirituality and religion would place love and light on this muddy imagery, polishing the dirt and shining a bright light on it, firing the clay. Meanwhile, this play is in a lesser dimension, as mind, as consciousness in separation from direct living here. We have structured a fantasy land, in a pyramid, and we believe this to be more than what is real, the physical. And this began within each of us,  the present system on earth is the outer manifestation of our inner separation from life, as consciousness. We are defending, inwardly, our suppression of ourselves as life, causing separation from life, I justify my separation through judgement, as competition and comparison, to protect and defend my separation, to not face here, the here unknown, the relationships of my separation my comforts, false and therefor insecure, changeable, ambiguous, of a duality in positive and negative, I organize my separation into a morality of more than and less than, creating borders within borders, divisions fixed, elements of which have some “ truth” yet divided all the same, the sign of separation from life. And this separation has become so big, I fear facing this, I fear the paranoise of my own construction because facing this would be to admit that I had forgotten to hear, I had Forgotten to hEAR, I am in FEAR.
So, this imposed mud, as mind, is the sum of all fears, the sum of my separation from myself as life, from the physical world, from what is real. It is a paranoise, a paranoia, myself Forgetting to hEAR here, to be equal and one with life as the very substance of HERE.
And since all men are this, and this is me, as I accepted and allowed the paranoise, the paranoia existent on earth, I cannot blame the forgetfulness of here, and must hear what is here, face what is here, as myself, and equalize this back to, in and as life, here.
I must remove, all inequality within, to allow all the true potential as life, to become equal and one in and as an expression of life. I must face the voice of the forked tongue, and realize the separation and bring this back to equality and oneness with and as life. I must realize that the bully is the voice of the forked tongue, the voice of separation, fearing to, forgetting to hear, the mind as the paranoise, as the cry of paranoia, and stand equal and one as this, to sound here, to clarify what is being accepted and allowed, a forgetfulness of here.
Before me the chess board is here, all divisions laid out, visible, it is only my fear that blinds me, my non-looking, making all of this unknown and thus I become the paranoia of the unknown, which is delusional, because everything is right here for me to see, right here, right in front of me. In essence, I am not looking at the imaginary chess board I have allowed to burden me, and I am not looking at what it is that is under the chess board, I am not looking at what this very chess board is composed of, what formed the shapes that are the board and the pieces and that play out the projections that are the roles of the pieces through divisions of limited value that substantiate ego/focus and thus separate self and allow conquest, and consume through comparison.
I fear speaking up about what is right here, right in front of me, as the game of division into judgement of more than and less than is so busy in its imagination that it sees nothing else, It does not know itself or the very composition of itself and how it’s behaviors reveal what has been accepted and allowed that is the separation from life, from the very substance of itself. Speaking up about the unknown is a paranoia and thus the problem, and we have allowed the beliefs, opinions and ideas taught to become a taboo, thus the solution is to speak up about the forms of what is here, and what is within our minds, and what this mind is as a separation into limited parts only that are blind to reality as the physical - a perfect storm of fear, of forgetting here. The reward is to equalize ourselves to this physical world, to equalize all life here, as the physical is stability and reveals its function through its form, as this is the real gift any parent would give a child, would give to allow the greatest reward of all, the simply express self as life, here.
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