Sunday, June 9, 2013

Day 374 The paranoia of the unKNOWN cont.

My fear of the unknown is based on my fear of survival.  In existing as fear of survival I accept a limited view of life, as I ignore physical reality as life, as the substance of life here. Obviously, the trees and the grass and the air are not owned by anyone, they are here and we cannot remember why they are here. Is it our fear of survival that separates us from realizing here, looking at what is actually here and the very form and function of here! We have accepted a system that grabs in self interest instead of gives that which it is, life. We ignore what is right here in front of us, giving to us, this earth, life. It is only man that has created a belief that something can be owned, nature has no sign, no signature that says one man owns what is here. One only own/grabs because of fear, of ignorance, the opposite of nature, which gives. What would such separation bring? create?

So, within this natural giving world as this earth as this physical world, why would there exist such things as a floating head with a rainbow ring around it and this white light stream behind it going off into some distance with a velvet black behind it? Why is this there and why is communication with this absent? Why would a teenager make this up? And what would be the point? And why is the behavior of what is seen so weird, meaning of such reaction and anger? This in itself is an indication that something is really really out of place, because what is the point of this? How in any way does this develop a human into the true potential of a man? In all common sense there is no way, that this event, person, entity, demon, vision, whatever someone wants to call it, is a reasonable thing to exist. It does not matter what label a religion would give to this, there is simply no justification for it. And the latest question I ask is, why the hell is this off this ground, not equal to this physical ground of earth, this earth where there are people who can learn to play musical instruments very well, do many things, become developed human beings? We do not have to research what our children are capable of, we see children on TV who sing beautifully, make scientific discoveries, which means that our children are capable of being trained, given proper education and sustaining nourishment. Why have an entity of lesser dimension exist in a behavior of anger, clinging to this physical world acting out what appears at superficial value to be disruptive, and why fear this? Why do we have the same behaviors now with men and woman on this earth. Has our consumerist pickings brought a voice of the people as life?

So, is that floating angry head a misaligned part and substance of life? And should we realize that this is us, that this is life that has not been corrected and  made equal to life? That we are diminishing the actual physical world on levels we are not even aware of, in our abuse and disrespect of life, so prevalent on this earth, with the gross existential inequality? Have we created a polarity of heaven and earth, where life is not being lived, and the dispersement of this means that we are destroying ourselves on levels we had better realize or all will be lost? Is it time to bring heaven to earth, as what Christ was trying to say, which means cleaning up all our behaviors, within and without. This started with all of us as how we allow ourselves to be in every part of our beingness. Consciousness is the play-out of behaviors of separation from life. Our leaders the extreme of this behavior.  Is consciousness the mirror of accepted limited design, of human hubris forgetting life/earth/reality, with behaviors of poverty/sexual abuse/genocide/disease to match? An absence of awareness, ignorance that is the behavior of gain in self interest, a system of inequality that has allowed money to determine life on a planet that gives life equally. Our demons are simply a byproduct of our separation, and now they are within us, as our accepted and allowed behaviors of greed within allowing and continuing this system of survival.  Unless we stop and realize that life is the value. Life would be a lightness of being, and who here, that might read this can say they are a lightness, as in weight, of being? No one.

Is what we label as supernatural, super natural? Meaning what is suggests, something imposed onto what is natural, what is real? Reactive behaviors, such as floating heads with angry faces, are indications that something is in separation from the natural world, as the natural world gives, is life.  Some illusion of lesser dimension exists, and thus is in separation from what is real, as this actual physical, natural world. Are our judgements of others just as much a separation from life as any “ entity”? Obviously, we are separate from earth, or we would not be destroying earth and believing that some are less than others. This is the super- natural, it is not natural. Nature is not utopia, nature is simply life. Man is so much in separation that a singular exists as being ideology only.

On a practical level, our so called leaders, are pushing everything away and pulling the rug from under our feet. At least they are using both their hands, they have had some more education that the rest of us, they at least know how to use two hands, the rest of us just stand there like zombies sucking our thumbs. And I sucked my thumb for a long time. But, still, our leaders are divided from life. They believe that the masses need to be manipulated. And this is supernatural, it is not nature, as it does not develop democracy, it presents it with a forked tongue, but it has not created democracy, as the voice of the people, is not the voice of life, which is what the true voice of people would be. No piece of paper can justify this crime, and thus all pieces of paper are rendered obsolete. We live in a projection of hope, with a lascivious tongue of greed behind the voice of promise, this is a paranoise of separation and it is time to stop. It is not acceptable.

We have been told not to judge.

I have allowed myself to be overwhelmed with my survival at the expense of life, an inner allowance of not looking at what has been allowed on this earth, that must stop as it is not developing and allowing the true potential of earth, of life, to be in expression here. In not being here, practically working with this physical world, and what is best for this world, this physical reality, I am existing as the paranoia, the paranoise creating a divide of known and unknown, consuming my senses, my flesh, and building a distance from life. Here I then believe that there exists an unknown. and the known is here, right in front of all of us. Look at the picture of the word- unKNOWN. We have allowed a system that does not support life. We have allowed a system of ownership and division in separation from equality with life, with being respectful of life here. Ghosts, and poverty and pollution and isolated estates of cared for earth, sexual abuse, and animal and forest destruction are, in all common sense, a disease, and it is time to stop this separation from a known ease. Our system of division has created the distraction of judgement which is a perpetual fear of loss, blinding us from our directive capacity as life in common sense of this physical world and thus creating the existence of an unknown. We are our own ghosts, this ghost is our separation from life, what we resist is what we deny, what we lose intimacy with and if we remain in this ignorance we create our own unknowns, where the real “ unknown “ is the nothing from which we came, that is really the gift of life. Like being in a process of birth with every breath, how awesome would that be?

In practical reality, this means protesting does nothing, it only allows the bully to realize the disciples of ignorance are right where they need to be, busy with blame and fear of loss instead of practically looking in common sense at the existent structures, standing up and organizing this world into a place where all life is cared for, as being the value, as the means of expression of ourselves as life here. Our system of values are in separation,  limited. Our acceptance of this system cannot work because its values are limited. We have not accepted life. The consequence of this rejection of life, are much of what has been created on this earth, thus we have a lot to clean up, a lot to align back on earth, to align with this actual physical world, as this is what is real. 

That angry man was looking down at me, I was not looking down on him. And I noticed him when I was in a state of quiet, calm. When these white light things would happen, I was calm, which means I was probably not in my head, I was silent. Which, just after my husband had died, I was numb, I mean, I had lost everything, so I was numb, there was nothing there, as mind chatting away, because i was numb, it was all meaningless, all that occupied me as my life with my husband, there in Europe, and I came back to the states to an, by comparison, garish smily, happy American standard personification, and it was LOUD to me, really loud after the more reserved Swiss mode of operation. So, here I am numb, “ bugged out” as some might say, and there in front of me was more of this subtle neon like bubble around people, like a lesser dimension of “ stuff” and all I could think was: what in the fucking name of god is that! What is going on, what is that”  

Do we ever have a lot to get done. All of this is a reflection of out rejection of life. it is what we fear facing because we have accepted a lesser value system, one that has formed a pyramidal system of inequality on this earth,  this that we have built without consumes us physically, because of our accepted and allowed within, which must be be realigned back to and as a common sense and respect for this earth. It is the only way, and the sooner we realize this the better.  Self forgiveness, refocus yourself here, equal and one to the gift of life, this actual physical work.

It is time to stand and develop equality, to bring ourselves back to earth, to life, to what is real. We might want to deny this earth, because it is a mess, but given that we have, or had floating heads in this existence, means that something was seriously out of whack. There is no more (-as as) heaven ( this would be the illusion), as it should be. Life would be symbiotic, communicative, in expression with and as itself, equal and one. 

The solution is to realize the limited dimensions we exist as, where there are many dimensions here, simply divided and segregated into parts surrounded by borders. Which means that not all within each faction is all bad or all good, it means it is divided from accepting all life, from being symbiotic with life as earth, here, in equality. Our monetary system must be changed to one of equality, where all have what allows the human body, this that is like a plant, what it needs to sustain itself, as every plant is needed, all the substance of life is needed to be in communication , for the expression of life to exist, thus this idea that the undeveloped on this earth just need to disappear is the real illusion, it is as what it does, it is a destruction of life. The solution is to bring back to earth, all that has been rejected and to align this equal and one to and as life. What fun really, if we get over this being something overwhelming! 

The solution to doing this, to begin this, is to forgive ourselves of our separation, to stop pushing life away, and live, through self forgiveness for which the desteni I process is available, and to support an Equal Money System to support the life that is here with what life needs to be and become a behavior of giving, absolutely.

The reward of stopping our paranoia, our alternate reality composed of our separation, our rejection of life, this which we have rejected that persists as the unacceptable behaviors of a consequence of unsustained life as what we read about and see on television and locally, even within the ubiquitous drug culture, is to create a heaven on earth, meaning to bring heaven to earth. Is there any greater reward? And are there really any arguments against this? No, there are not. It is an impossibility.

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