Saturday, May 30, 2020

Day 840 Our #words determine our #focus.

One of the things I notice more this week is the words used. It is something we all know. How often to we cross reference and really check in on how we are using our words, what the words are, the tension of ease or FOCUS as form of the words we speak - each and every little part and movement. Does not a painter practice the lines and measure and color, and shape and movement of a line of paint? And, master that to the point a “ master piece “ is created? Does not a musician practice every subtle movement to the smallest degree to the extent it is in that mastery of that tiniest of movements that suddenly a whole world of possibility in creating a sound opens up? The thing about SOUND, as the words we speak, it is like a physical thing, a musical thing and a visual thing! And the forming of ourselves will be determined by the sounds we make, the silent ones inside us and the ones we allow to focus us, and the ones we speak - as a response to all of this. 

If you are having to THINK about what word to use, because you cannot yet SPELL the words, and have a security in and with the words - because you have never really practiced your words - how are you going to be able to use CARE with your words? Are your words running away with you, in some form of AUTOMATION? We tend to automate what we practice. Thus, if we practiced without real specificity and focus, we become that lack of specificity and focus. Scary but also a great means to an amazing end? Like how we work is specific because it lets us know we are amazing and can master things! Deeply KNOW that, find it, and change your practices. 

We need only look at the media to see how specific what we practice is and does. It is a system of half truths and a lot of drama. We can get so caught up on that, we cannot see the means to the end. It is like we are riding a tide and it has control when we are the essence of that tide, and as such, can determine the tide. When we  realize we are the tide, we rejoice in all the other water molecules that are there with us, expressing creation as a movement of life. It would not appear so if one were caught in the tide. It would appear to be something that is impossible, because that is the nature of being caught in the tide and being in a contrast of loss as forgetting that one is the tide itself. Scattered thinking and a fractionalized focus would cause that perspective. And yet, what is enabling that experience but the physical body one is within, that body that when no longer functioning, removes the ability to be tossed about by the tide. Would being that which moves the tide, as expresses and forms real movement be something that is more eternal ? 

I was chatting with someone this week and within a pause they turned and talked to another person in their space. The immediate response towards that other person was a frame of “ don’t do that.”  That  is an accusative statement, and an end-game statement. It simply shuts things down and leads to a moment of confusion because it is a subtle shock- in a way.  It simply stops things and then one is left hanging. We supposed, or assume so much. Perhaps the person did not know what they were doing, or about to do, and someone caught it. Something like “ watch out” might be better, and less shocking, if it had to be said quickly. “ Watch out” lends itself to “ look here”, or “ watch out for that.” This lends itself to follow through, to a movement that lends a continued generation of expression. The “ don’t do this or that” is a form that suddenly stops things, without any further focus. One is left standing in “ stop.” Of course there are moments when one would use simply “ stop” and then clarify. There are moments when a strong stop is necessary. I would imagine they are not too often. 

I have studied with someone who had mastered something. One of the things I learned and experienced, was when they said something of few words, and they were so clear a whole world opened up.  I want to say that I as the listener had also done my own work. It is that self generation to the extent there is self momentum when meeting someone who has mastered something that one is working on mastering, that master has a really clear intent, or inner “ knowing” from experience. It is like the key of me, and the key of them, meet. 

The same thing happens with emotional/feeling bodies, or value judgement self definitions that are protections from real mastery of self, or that which limits self responsibility in becoming a master with clear intent.  In the reverse, we play memory match, we seek those who have the same self sabotage system of holding onto emotional experiences that have not been cleared, which we master and comes to direct us, so we seek another human who has that same signature - we are riding a wave of ideas and opinions and beliefs, we are absent from being present and being the wave itself. This can be heard in the very sounds made and the words chosen. It is like playing at half mast. The quality of the sound is diminished, it has a muffled sound to it. And it is subtle. Perhaps not too subtle. It is just that it has become so normalized that the difference is ignored. It is like we are fish acclimated to polluted water and we believe that is how it is because that is all we have ever known. Imagine that fish when it suddenly meets clear, pristine and pure water? it will wonder how it ever believed the other could ever have existed. 

It is the same within realizing that poverty and starvation should not exist. In tandem with realizing how one is as the words one speaks, as one’s VOCAbulary, should one really begin to work on every sound coming from their body - even the ones that are silent within, or cannot be heard by others as we assume - should one begin to rebuild them and really know them the difference is similar to the experience of that polluted water and that pure water. One will begin to wonder how one ever could have assumed that dirty water was normal. 

Is it possible to realize that the media news flow today is very polluted? Imagine what a “ clean” media would be and do, the potential for such as that to support what is best? What if we heard the living natural world more, that which is around us? 

The quality of “ hey, look at this and look at that” with a smile is very very different than a “ don’t do that!” or a “ don’t do this!” with no explanation of correction, or a correction filled with contempt and frustration and impatience. The difference would create two very different people, or adults in this reality. Most of those with success have more of the first and less of the second. This is known in the research into language development. Neurons that fire together wire together.  Forming these responses and expressions with the body will determine the very slant of your eye, or the pressure in your back, or the pain in your legs. One fits into creation and the other does not.  We have simply suppressed looking and mastered that ignoring of how this all works. It is, overall, a crime against life to ignore life. It is an abdication of self as life.  What do we think this would do to our health? 

The irony is that it is so much more fun to be able to be the creator, to be in clear waters, to lend direction because in so doing we are in discovery mode, we are in awe, we are in connection. The difference is being in a murky shadow and being in clear air. One breeds more fear and apprehension and the other breeds more clarity and presence. 

I realize the moment I go into confusion, I am no longer clear. A lot of my confusion causes me to become more apprehensive and then I make things up to hide the difference. Then I tend to avoid some to seek out those with whom I do not feel the threat of looking at the confusion I have not YET resolved, and that has become a program from repeated practice. As has been said, it takes more time to correct something than to have done it correctly from the start. I had to learn this from playing the violin, because in this world, at least with something like that, it becomes obvious very quickly because the demand to self generate in the medium does not allow one to hide. If one does not play, one cannot move forward. The medium does not allow a pause in time. It simply must be done. If one does not do it, others in the medium are left standing. And, one can very easily be replaced. 

The difference within using words happened this week. I talked with someone that had a nice resume. When I met with them, their English was not very good. They knew this too and did explain the difference. What I noticed, is my own entrenched “ politeness.” I was “ thinking “ this when the person explained that difference. They had studied English in a school in a foreign country and could write it, but speaking it was another thing. It is like our public schooling system; we memorize set bodies of information absent of application. When we then go out into the world we feel at a loss, we feel like we do not know something. We realize we have a very rudimentary understanding that lacks application so we do not really know how to self direct. That is a form and a function meant to dumb us down because at present we have a resource acquisition game going on - one that is a false paradigm. The physical cannot be owned, it is something that we use a principle with. That principle is a fundamental nature of life. It is to take the good and give as one would receive and do no harm. 

When we use our words in ways that are end games and of accusative intensity, we shut down real doing and discovery. When we use words such as “ hey, look at this,” or “ lets see what happens when we do this,” we maintain a flow of discovery with constructive direction. That practices real movement and self direction in relation to how this physical reality works and moves. The other leads to a state of confusion and interruption of real movement. If we are in an environment, in our developmental years, where we are only allowed to remain in a set body of “ spells” that are but shadows of things, we become that, and spend the rest of our lives attempting to remove that “ spell.” All the while, those who desire to play a false god, grab the resources of the physical - something that cannot ever be owned so this paradigm overall is a false and destructive one. Yet, what is created as a system is created by each of us, and it is recognizable in the very sounds coming from within our bodies. Thus, by default, we are the creators of the present system within and as how we focus our bodies and generate the very sounds we make as the words we speak. 

We begin to clean up that, and like that fish that knew ONLY polluted and muddy water, we, when that water is clear and pure, will wonder why we ever believed that spell around us was believed to be something real. 

I would, for the life that is you, begin to forgive your accepted and allowed and self generated actions, through self forgiveness and self correction in writing. And, at the same time, practice your words, rebuild them to purify your own waters and come back down to earth. This is the means to becoming a master of self to realize and enjoy the smallest of movements because in knowing the smallest of things we are more able to respect the ordinary and live the extraordinary. 

When things are said with clarity, we tend to listen, because somewhere there is a part of us that “ knows.” We “ know” the difference between clear water and muddied water. We are attracted to clarity because it opens that self discovery which requires real seeing. We also must understand how we muddied the waters within and without, to ensure that we never ever get caught in the same problem. And like all problems, there are always solutions. 

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