Friday, October 18, 2013

Day 451 Subsidizing is a from of control as sub-sizing.

Our present structure, as our governing system, our regulating system is not working. The fact that we have war means that there is a problem. The fact that war is so profitable for a few reveals why it continues to exist. We have soldiers standing up and saying that they realize all they are doing is killing people just like them.

We have corporations building pipelines with hoards of lawyers manipulating laws, that were meant to protect nature, in favor of control and gain for a corporation. The corporation has become something considered equal to life, when the corporation exists because of life. A corporation is a group of men, because the systems are made up of people,  who ‘s law is profit. We need only look around at the abuse to life on earth, to see that the law of profit before life does not work. To measure profit gain next to the physical earth is a form of insanity, it is a state of separation from common sense. When this judge measured the costs of the pipeline in loss, he did not consider all life, he did not consider the beings in the soils, the beings in the rivers and the streams, the marshes, he did not consider the animals who lost their homes.  Equal consideration of all life was not done. Without all the parts to the machine of earth, which are all interconnected, earth cannot exist. Just like our computers are made of so many different parts. A structure that divides the gains of earth unequally, as we have allowed money to be used as, acts in self interest only, because it is disconnected from practical physical reality. 

A system that allows the same corporation to not pay its workers a living wage, and has the collective pay taxes to pay for that which the corporate worker cannot afford because that worker is not payed a living wage, is really a from of control. Why, because then a system has control of choice. If a worker has to get food aid and health aid through the governing system instead of directly within their environment, being allowed to make choices within  their income- even trial and error- what will work would naturally be the choice. Take away that person’s choice through economic limitation,then that person can be chemically, and within lack of proper food in choice, suppressed. So, we have to admit that our present structure of regulating earth’s provisions is not one that is of support of the life that is evident within each of us. This is a system of control based on an “ over arching” idea, an allowance - despite the obviousness of how this admits to the capacity of life within each human - of some human bodies believing, being within a BELIEF/OPINION, that they are more than others.
The fact that taxes are subsidizing corporate worker’s lives means that the many are supporting this system of suppression of life.. We are, each of us, allowing this control.

How money is circulating within the present accepted and allowed system built by men, by people, is stifling life, is killing life. This circulatory system of how money moves must change. it is not working. In order for life to exist within out bodies, what supports us must circulate to all parts. It is the same without. The choices cannot be controlled, because a human will choose what works and withstands the test of time over what does not work. Taking life’s choice away is an obvious form of control and it is a control that is suppressing life. DUH. Thus we cannot blame that worker when behaviors of lack exist. These behaviors of the physical world are such because life as our physical needs is not circulating within them/to them. 

 The solution to this problem is obvious. A living Income Guarantee. a basic income that allows each person to support themselves. This does not mean some pittance wage, like what was given in Nambia, that did not work because it was not a LIVING wage. It was a supplementary wage that did not support absolutely what was needed to create a healthy functioning human. A living wage allows a human being to support themselves as they are able to do given the chance. This does not mean “ extra” luxuries.

Within this, so called subsidizing has become sub-sizing for control, for suppression of life. It is a competition of gain for a few, and it is diminishing a common sense structure as physical reality that functions in parts that are not of a value of more than and less than, but of a value that is equal in and as the substance of life in expression as life where all parts must function in full potential for life to exist, to continue to exist.

It is time to take that which is freely given, and to circulate this in such a way that all parts on earth function in self directive capacity as life, as what we all are, each and every part of earth. It is time to reconnect in common sense with earth. Living Income Guarantee. Time to get life circulating on earth.

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