Sunday, October 20, 2013

Day 253 it is our responsibility to show all consequence when using words on a page.

I was looking for words to practice in the company of a guest staying at my house. She became involved and we started to speak the meanings to some of the words on the list. It appeared to me that she knew more words than myself. I noticed a moment of “ not wanting to look stupid” as a judgement. Then I stopped and let this go. I defined words as I thought I understood them, and then looked up the meaning. If I did not have a clear meaning to the word, I noted it and moved on. Together, the two of us realized we did not know some words as well as we thought. And we laughed and just enjoyed ourselves. It was really just pure “ follow through” as I call it in this moment. Another way to say this is to have direction within clearing up, taking a direction into understanding, letting go all ideas of self judgement, judgement about the other being “ more” and any thought about the task being overwhelming. She and I were simply two people working together. 

I realize that humans build understanding together through communication, through words. Yes, we can within direct physical interaction imitate and learn but in our modern world, we use words to communicate with one another. For this reason, placing words on a page without giving a total understanding, can be used to manipulate within a monetary system of inequality. And, it would benefit some for children to not be able to process information, the IN -FORM ation as words that have come to be used to convey how things work. In essence words on a page are people communicating together.

Thus, any group of words placed on a piece of paper that do not fully reveal all consequences within what the words propose is a crime. And, not taking the time to ensure that all children, all humans can understand the format of the written word within proposals is a crime. If we as a collective of people assume that others can understand words on a page, within the full implications of what those words are building an understanding of,  and we do not follow through in making sure every person understands, and, that our words and descriptions are clear within all consequence,  there is no one to blame but that the very fabric of the collective must understand before decisions are made.

It is easy to see in this that in a profit before life system, this can be used and abused, and this is what is happening. This is unacceptable. Blaming the ignorant is not solution, it is blame. Using this lack for gain, or brushing off the incapable can no longer be allowed, because this is not taking care of the very sound understanding of this earth. We, all of us as people, are the composers of what is sounded on this earth. If we remain in bubbles, thinking we are only responsible for our little bit, then we are not being responsible. A democracy means that each is aware and participating in being aware and ensuring that those around us have understanding. This is why a principle of what is best for all is the only choice. It gives direction within following through, beyond ignorance, beyond lack, beyond abuse. When facing resistance, it means cleaning up what has been accepted as a belief as a limitation. Deconstruction and reconstruction do not happen in an instant, especially within a system that has not been honest within itself as life. Realigning will take time and practice as the “ turn” from judgement into supportive direction will probably be slow. But there is no other choice.

On an individual level, this means letting go of all ideas of inferiority and superiority, it is these emotions, that are the limitation, as they are ideas about good and bad. Such state of being is stagnant. Such state of being is believed to be impenetrable but it is only a constriction that is inferior to movement, to life, to self direction that leads into understanding. Thus, again, there is no choice but to follow through to understanding. This each must realize and move as, forgive all lack, in every moment. This is the only way to align with life, as life would what is best for itself as form absolutely, this is how life can exist. 

So, start walking self forgiveness, to acknowledge the accepted judgements and then change the voices of separation in and as the mind into what is directive within what is best for all because this is the way of life, the way of understanding what supports life, which means self being equal and one to and as life , here.  In essence this is what we are all looking for, and the gift of this is within us as the very sound of us as the words we speak. For this to be allowed, this system of profit for a few must stop. It is simply the manifestation of not understanding life, it is a construct of our own fear, a fear that is a state of non-follow through of self as life. It must be realized that the elite are as delusional and limited as the rest of us, they just dress better in their limited and stagnant state, that is all. What is here as abuse, that is non support and care for this earth, is because the collective as men, are not aligned with choosing in every moment what is best for all.  It is the only choice, it is the way to understanding life. Support a Living 

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