Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Day 450 Offshoring and Transnationals: Dissembling Life

In reading about offshoring and transnational practices, that use tax havens that move the values of resource and labor as money around the globe in a digital world where a business can be created in a manner of minutes, a virtual perpetual loophole,  to allow a sybaritic life for a delusional few who are lost in their minds of idea that they as humans are more than others because they can dress in a suit, have an education, eat proper foods and receive health care other than what they deliver to the rest, I realize can no longer be allowed. And yet, the allowance of this avoidance of tax, this hiding in usury particulars where between subsidiary companies loans are made for salaries then written off somewhere else, where lawyers become the trust holder and hide behind client lawyer confidences/privileges - placing the burden of proof “ out there” for some slow moving lawyer to find a burden of proof  in a mirage of intangibility - which begs the question as to why it is not asked for transnationals to prove they are NOT avoiding taxes and hiding profits,  of, for example-  federal land resource use sales- within /by comparison tiny royalty figures in countries that are set up to have such laws - all of this a structure that feeds the corporate construct of abdication of responsibility to earth and its inhabitants. A body that then passes, or begins to impulse an idea that water should be made a commodity or sexual release in the form of masturbation to pictures should be a commodity to be sold because capitalism as capital gain via profit is  believed to be the proper order of the day, obviously a dis-functional one at that given the state of earth. 

To capitalize from earth is really to respect earth, absolutely, as the absolute purpose of the physical earth is to be life, as this is the value.There is no “ more” than this. If one thinks of mastering something, it means understanding all the parts to the point where all parts are in function absolutely and even here, realizing that even the machines we build are of multiple parts, that are not a monoculture. Thus, the earth cannot become a master of life until all of earth, every part is functioning, and this would make sense in terms of life being in expression. The physical is life ordering itself into an expression, it is only men that are the rogues - so to speak- lost in beliefs that they are some kind of god, when it is the physical, all of it that is the expression, no god needed, as the physical as life gives understanding absolutely because this would be how life could exist. Which is why earth is being destroyed because humans are existing as zombies, actually believing that they are some higher being, when they are not more than and not less than, they are simply equal to life as they are composed of life - this is the real “ more than.”

First, there was the word and then - then then then then then - there was god - an idea of a “ more than” - this the separation. A word is a sound structure, a formation of a movement, and a movement from nothing is a sound and that created a structure - so to speak, and that structure had to exist before there could be any so called “ god.” Life is the value before any god, and since form and structure is what then creates another structure, such as an atom, then this builds and what works what creates to enable more expression in varied forms, this means that this is the fun,this means that all can understand creation, this means that no one structure can be more than another, and that the idea that one thing is more is a separation, because if a form is not allowing expression than it as sound can change, be as mutable as water. The problem is the creation of idols by men through beliefs as mind. And this has gone on for so long, not having moved beyond an idea being more than the physical, that the consumption of the physical world to create the idol as idea is what is happening on earth. So when we fear ideas while the physical is showing us that the ideas are not working, we abdicate our response ability as life. 

So, the corporate use of secrecy, usury, tax abuse, and corporate supremacy ideology before life, is each of us as what we are simply allowing as what each of us do as mind to exist, as each of us tout ideas as more than physical reality. We do this in thinking that a black man is less than a white man. We do this in thinking such things as class is real, despite it being known that a proper education and a stable home life create and develop a human being to be functional, and this all admits that  developing humans beings is a process. Any lack within this process creates a limited human being. So, a belief in a “ more than,” fixed in stone, is dissembling life and is in separation from the absolute purpose of life to be directive within what supports life absolutely. Government officials are simply existing in a belief that they are more than others, and can write contracts where natural resources on federal lands make very small royalty payments to the total American infrastructure on the ground and HUGE profits hidden in off shore structures, where the taxes on these sales basically do not exist, and thus the salary taxes of the “ workers” on the ground all pay for everything, even the  toys/aggression self interest only tools of submission of the military - these then sold to resource rich  economically “ poor” countries. 

And even here there is another layer, the transparency in these economically  poor countries is “ low “ on some created western systemic scale of measure, and it is low because there is not enough money to pay/buy the lawyers to act as a trust to hide practices, and in the western countries where there are lots of lawyers, there are castle wall laws and bodies in place to HIDE what is going on, so the measure of these “ transparency” laws is high in these countries, I mean, this is very very messed up. But if we all look at this, we can realize we are this within ourselves. The problem is that this considers self interest in a bubble only, and thus is in separation from practical physical reality.

This planet really does not need the corporate structure as it now stands, this is the illusion. What must be realized is that expecting an illusion to change is not going to happen, each of us, the many must simply stand and build a structure of earth maintenance that supports all life, and this is done within simply realizing the form and function and structure of this physical world, which can be understood when one has the words as the structure within, the forms, to see the forms without. We sense them, we really just need the “imitations/structure”  of them in word, to get us back to understanding and using our natural ability of common sense of life as what we are.

We humans need to “ catch ourselves back up” so to speak, to our common sense, and stop the stagnant ideological mind beings that is us being no different than zombies. I mean, just look, our relationships with others are not working because we are in essence wanting others to match and validate ideas about ourselves that we have. We are wanting our limited frameworks to be substantiated incessantly. If we were substantial, the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, we would not need another to substantiate us, we could stand in eternity so to speak. This would mean we would have to become equal to the sound of life, and this would mean there would never be a death, this would mean that there would only be transformation.

So, the idea of a god, the idea of a more than is just this, an idea.  This corporate structure is the outward manifestation of what we are all allowing and accepting within. We are all being secretive, we are all wanting to tax another to pay for what we are not willing to stand equal to in responsibility, not equal to in understanding using our ability to understand as the very substance as what we are. We are not willing to realize that taking from Peter to pay Paul is usurious practice disregarding and disrespecting life. We are not willing to stop our secret judgements that what we believe - our delusion - is what is real and if another does not see it, or realize our grandeur thoughts and ideas, then they are less than, and we keep this to ourselves locked in our own politeness, this politeness really a lie because it is how we hide our delusion. To say at a party or holiday fest that talking about starving children is better for another time is delusional, it should be talked about and actions taken to end this, until it is done, nothing else really matters because life cannot exist until all life on earth is functioning in full potential. Period. Wake up.

Our corporate constructs are simply what each of us is doing on a micro scale, and this is/has resonated on a macro scale. And what that corporation that controls the voice of the media sends is what we each allow as our inner minds, an idea that we are a superhero- for example, that we are a god -meaning that we are all ‘knowing’ as the mind only , a mind that references limited knowledge and information without practical application experience as our schools feed knowledge and information only, so our separation from life is re-sounding  back to us. And in our separation, we only seek that validation which supports our separation/idol,  because what we have accepted in separation from ourselves as life, cannot sustain itself, so it needs support, which means taking from Peter to pay Paul, taking the attention from another to obey its ideological self, insubstantial self, I mean there are men marrying children, so unable are they to work with life and would rather hide in self validation with a child, a vulnerable and helpless smaller person. This is criminal. This makes it obvious that any reprimand towards another is really a crime, is self pushing away responsibility and looking for another to tout and justify self’s abdication because if self can have another speak as it, it believes that it’s construct is valid, like saying, “ see, she agrees with me in word.” Delusion.  To this the only answer is the question, “ and? what does that mean?” “ Prey tell.”  This is building an army to support self, and is really no different than the privatization of our military to get away with using our young men and women, our boys and girls to serve the rape of the earth to serve a few self touted “ more than” voices of men in delusion.

The solution is to look, investigate physical existence because how it functions is visible. Were it not, than there would be no need for trade secret laws, no need for non-disclosure laws, no need for trust formations of client confidentiality. The “ secret’ reveals the ability to understand, hence the hiding. But each of us support this if we continue to hide our self responsibility as life. Democracy cannot exist if we do not pay attention to what is happening on earth.

It really is time to end the military-industrial complex. And it is time to create a Living Income Guarantee to all. This will end so much bad behavior on earth. For one, women will no longer have to become sex slaves, men will no longer have to leave their families and go and kill other families just like them. Our resources can be used in sustainable ways, where the animals no longer have to suffer, and we no longer have to accept meat that is filled with cancerous growth. The waters of our earth can be cleaned up, I mean who would rather work at cleaning up the earth than going and killing children and families that happen to wear a robe instead of blue jeans?  We have all accepted such separation from one another, and we cling to a system that we allow to follow dictates of corporate so called “ enterprise” even when it is obvious that such enterprise is not working, and is in fact abusive to this earth. Here, a Living Income Guarantee is each of us saying that we need to create a system that allows change, that allows common sense, that allows each of us to be mutable.


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