Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Day 254 Americans will not stop playing the game.

Today, while riding a ferry, I had a conversation with a man and his wife. The outcome was that Americans know that the “ game” as the system is rigged, and it is not in their favor. But, the problem is that they will not stop playing the game.
When this man said this to me, I stopped. I have had conversations with others, strangers, before, with the same outcome. We know, we just don’t do anything about is, and continue on our way.
But, if we keep playing a game we know is rigged, then we don’t really know, we don’t really understand. We don’t react until the limitations that are the outcome of our present monopoly game really affect us. Then we start to scream, when in reality, the moment we see a neighbor or a child struggling or not being developed, this is when we need to do something, because by the time we realize the consequences physically, meaning by the time the consequences of economic inequality and ecological abuse are staring us in the face, it is more than likely too late, and we no longer have the power to change the situation because the situation consumes our time and effort. 
In all common sense, the amount of money spent on military efforts in America makes no sense. This money could just as well be used to develop the countries we are attacking and ourselves, creating a situation where life on this earth is cared for and sustained within maintaining life and removing so much of the problem, which is a problem of being lost in survival instead of understanding how to take practical care of a physical world that can make sense when it is looked at as a structure that moves and functions in visible understandable ways.

First, there was the word - a structure and then there was “ god” a hierarchy, a game that one thing was more than another, that each of us was less or more than another, when in reality, we are all a form of life and that as this, humans are the same. This present game through lack, creates one human appearing to be more or less than another. We know that a human is determined by their environment, the lives of feral children reveal this, which tells us how capable we are at learning to use our sensibility to understand the world around us when given the chance. Oh, but then someone could not play the game of god, the game of being superior if others were not placed in situations where they had no opportunity at development. Thus, all lack of development in a human is the fault of all of us, because we keep playing the game. The problem with playing the game is that we as the game players become limited within maintaining this game, we do not develop to our full potential. And we have been doing this for so long that we no longer have any idea what this might mean. And, this game has been going on for so long that it is systemically moving into automatic. Unfortunately, the outcome is going to be automatic destruction, because this game ignores life.  Life came before judgement. It is judgement that is the game that we play that is a state of ignorance. We are playing a game of measure of ideas about things, instead of realizing that the joy is enjoying the being of ourselves as life in form and function, where when we realize this we become creators working together and being what is the real value, which is life.

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