Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Day 442 - A CONGRESS of limited parts, misunderstanding life.

So, we spend our growing years in classrooms and in front of Television sets and in front of parents introduced to the physical world in the same way, parents that are taught to see the parts of the physical made huge. And yes, there are those who specialize and come to know some of the mechanics of here,  and/or this varies by degree. And how here works is often taught through a spread out theory, through theory, without practical application.  It is believed that one must have some “ theory” some scaffolding, some built background as a map - which is exactly what it is- as a picture, as mind before any real practical application. 

All of this admits that each human being creates a picture, a map, an outline, a structure as image, as “ internal form”/map within. Which means humans are capable of inner structure. Which means the inner can be structured, which means that any human that lacks any inner discipline does not have a solid, “ full,” complete, stable etc. etc. inner structure. Which begs the question as to why and/or what would allow such a movement, such a development, especially since there are patterns to the behaviors of lack in our world. Obviously, there are patterns to development, thus the form, the social form is the mechanism for what is accepted and allowed, for what is created.

On the side, it is also to note that the financial structure is what allows flow of needs. And, the substances that support the physical body in the very  deliberate division of them suggests an ability to understand thus what exists is a deliberate misunderstanding, a lacl of any real respect for physical existence. I mean, we all know at this point that our food is composed of , generally, about  five ingredients pressed into different shapes, with vegetable oils that are not meant for the tropical environment of the human physical body, this physical entity on this physical earth that moves as a mechanism that requires lipids, and proteins, and enzymes, and minerals and vitamins, etc. etc. etc. in order to be a proper functioning machine, as the physical is mechanistic, which a creation as a form would be, parts of substance taking on a form in order to become a “ shape” /form to build to become and express what works as a shape that is able to move, to be, which naturally -  would be visible and thus able to be understood. Unless, that image maker as the mind, was made more than the whole, and used to divide awareness from physical reality, because some had pictures in and as their mind, their para-sight, their before “REEL” sight/halo site, which is to say like a “ secondary sight” was not only made bigger than life, but also  a collection of partial truths, which is another way of saying “ lies by omission,” a program/words/structure that - and they would probably have “ more” structure taught in relation to others - that; lead to the belief that they were more, and, that the program was that they were more than another. And to realize that we are all doing this.  All of this in the face of reality, as reality, the physical, would not have a more than, as the physical, the form, the structure of the manifestation of the substance of life, would be to create expression of life, which would be a mechanism of parts working together, where no one part could possibly be more than another, because the point would be to enjoy simply being life, realizing that one part could not exist without the other, and life would create something that allowed understanding of all parts because this awareness would allow the parts of the “ machine” to realize how the whole came together. I mean this would be maintenance - the MAIN idea being that life was the value, expression as life would be the value.

So, that GPS system, that image maker, could that image maker be the “ idol” maker, this being the image maker/map maker, inner structure ( perhaps a separation in totality) lead to idolization that is really the human being idle with self as life here, lost in limited parts seeing only, lost in lies by omission? And this creating a hierarchy in and as this imposed limited through part seeing only inner structure? Our addictions are monopolistic, and this is separation from common sense! And perhaps did this start because each of us chose this “ lesser god” this partial map, this ideological picture self over what was real? And, as this, are we denying what we really are that is forgiving this ideological self, to ironically give up everything as this partial imaginary self to gain EVERYTHING as that of us that is of the very substance of life creating the form to be that which is same in all form which is the substance of life, this substance aware of itself in totality, where each of us is a unique part of this total?

Lets go back to what we are exposed to as we enter this system of partial understanding passed on for generations of men. How is the partial truth built into us? Would sitting in a class room memorizing partial stories create a partial inner structure, and if actual practical, direct movement with the actual real physical world  not be allowed/experienced/explained/lived what would become the directive of us in the absence of ever having any real practical understanding? Can this be considered a “ false god”? One that is confusing because it is not NOT false, but not true either. The answer being that it is really a separation from understanding, a misunderstanding because it is self not being equal to self as life. And, if this had been going on for so long that such a thing, such a state were so in separation that conceptual understanding of this is simply not present in one being able to speak up as this clearly, even though each of us to some degree realize that somehow we are not complete. The confusion, is self not being able “ to put a finger “ on this state of lack. 

We need only really look at the form that is being fed to us, as children sitting in classrooms memorizing limited knowledge and information without practical application. We need only really look at what foods are being sold to us. We need only really look at our accepted and allowed financial system. We need only really look at the systemic form of what is here, and at the same time look at what are  our beliefs, ideas, opinions are within, seemingly so real, but the effect of making the mental inner GPS bigger than, or unequal to, physical reality is because this aspect of ourselves has been all that is allowed, and as this, each must realize that because we are as entities builders of our inner structure, we cannot really blame another for what we have accepted and allowed, and also - and yet- realize that as children standing up against this is very difficult, so in the end being angry or spiteful is simply not how this is changed, the only thing to do is to forgive this, equalize ourselves back down to earth, and forgive this inner GPS that is touted as a heaven, when it is not, it is our separation.

The solution is to remove the economic stress, which means changing the form of the financial system to give the basic needs of ourselves as physical beings that have developed an inner system of separation, that is not to be rejected outright, simply placed back into the whole, to allow the removal of the game of survival that is based on ideas that one thing is more than another, and to allow change and flexibility within physical existence. I mean we have systems that have become elephants in the room, they are barbaric, and non supportive of the physical world. What is keeping them in place is the few who have been feeding off the dividends, siphing off profits, that are a crime against life based on a system as an idea built from a limited understanding based on a limited construct as an inner belief system- meaning an inner collection of ideas that are parts built of refulgent pictures as memory that burn the very substance of the physical in self maintenance as this “ lesser unequal self” is a limited parasitical awareness that like a “ spoiled child” wants it way, or drives itself forward as this is how it exists. It is like the projection can only exist if it is continually projected - just like a movie. This is not heaven, this is really the “so-called” fires of hell. lol And ironically, we name our addictions, our limited ideas that motivate us and also separate us from participating fully in life:, as power, as lust, as greed, as envy all a fear of an imagined loss or a respite from a fear of loss.

Our separation must be realized, looked at deconstructed and equalized with life here. This means that yes, the elephant in the room must be brought back down to size so the real elephants are no longer shot and destroyed for an idea that ivory tusks are more than simply enjoying being an expression of life as physical forms on a physical earth. If we truly want to live, want to become creators, we must equalize ourselves to physical existence because this is the whole story, the is the real form, this is creation, this is the gift of life, this is the formation of creation.

Come on people, lets get this world in order, the order of life. It can only work - as the opposite of what is touted, that as an idea of a superman- as all parts working collectively together. This is the joy, this is life, each standing together understanding the physical as life, direct, here, equalizing the WHOLE story as the physical. Nothing will be lost and all will be gained. If you feel that no one understands you it is because no one has been understood in equality and oneness in and as life here. You are not alone, we have all become “ alone” instead of all one within and as a separate reality as mind where the parts are simply this, a part of what is real and as being a part only, unstable, inconstant, changeable in understanding here creating an associative game of parts that have no connection to the whole as the physical, that which is real, has been made less than a lesser god as an inner construct that is only a picture show.

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Ironically, the dirt under your fingernails is the real perfume of life, especially when that dirt is filled with life.

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