Friday, October 4, 2013

Day 439 The game of associations hiding Monsanto and Transnationals begins within.

What does it mean to stand, so many times I have faced this point. I am facing another and I stop as the story being told to me appears to me to be so layered that I don;t know where to begin within talking with the other person and so I build dialogues in and as my mind in how i am going to face another person, and so within this I am already in separation from the other because I am judging what they are instead of listening to them and walking through what s being said.
So, within this,  what I can do in the moment is stick to being here, to realizing the interconnectedness of reality as a form that functions as parts, much like a machine looking to the interconnectedness of life, the practical as what would sustain and care for the physical world, regardless of there being a god in another dimension, if this is something one is not ready to face, the idea that heaven must be brought to earth, that life can only exist when it becomes one, the interconnectedness realized as the expression in form and function is what allows life here.
Thus within this realization the only self direction that is possible is what is best for all, and since I am here, I can work with the earth as I am a human with arms and legs, and the ability to sense, as my common sense as what I am as the very substance of life, can become a focus of what is here and within this move as what is best for all, I need not fear opposing limited associations, I need only accept them and bring them back to earth in common sense, as the principle of what is best for all is the guide.

If I face opposition I am in essence facing a division, two contrary ideas, an equation that cancels out seeing direct here, as associations are made that justify acts in stead of looking here at what is best for al, as what would cause no harm as what would equalize the within to the without. As a justification substantiates a state of lack within, and all men know is lack, in abdication of integrating in respect to and of the actual physical which sustains them.
The words we use can be so ambiguous and the ambiguity accepted because the equations as the words are limited. One example I came across in the news was about the GMO Monsanto issue. Within what was presented , it is not about the practices of changing organisms, it is about the face presented that is a lie by omission. Monsanto has said that their GMO is feeding the world. End of statement, This is misleading because it does not clarify what is the consequence physically that lead to such a statement. Monsanto GMO is “ feeding the world” because it has been bullied - so to speak- onto the world, meaning it has gone in and “ sold/forced/only presented itself”, as a thing to be used, without careful long-term studies. Thus, over time, before side effects left a trail of crumbs that were toxic to the environment, Monsanto GMO products became bigger than other practices. So, Monsanto can make a statement that they are feeding the world, and this, if not investigated, only exists through bullying the market. Even within this, since I have not looked in detail at the numbers used to enable such an idea and statement to be made, perhaps the manipulation of numbers, if looked at in another way, would reveal that Monsanto GMO is actually not feeding the world, as being something bigger on the market than other practices. The numbers game uses ratios and means, associations that divide and skim off other externalities that exist,  creating a picture that has nothing to do with reality on the ground. In the end, unequal distribution of all factors as presentation, leads to hidden outcomes becoming consequences that build up, and eventually bother the whole. Just look at the debt situation. For this reason, the only solution is to do what is best for all, to care for all of earth within practices that do not hurt and limit what is here as form and function. There is no other choice. The elite on the top of the inequality scheme can scream all they want, there is no other way. The ones in the middle can keep ignoring what is on the ground to get money/paycheck waiting for someone else to straighten out the horizon only to find the hope on which they stand will not support them, and when finally falling to the ground, find that there is nothing left to support them, it has been destroyed. No drug of hope and faith will correct this at this point, even if there is enough left to build, in the end it is only walking what works physically, absolutely that will be substantial.

Another example of misleading word equations which are associations touted by a bought media until they are believed to be a truth, is a statement  read in a book about Transnational practices ( this a supranational world within a governmental world - with webs as ties between the two as the politicians that have the backing, like government is the voice, and supranational industry is the “ water” - a combination that diverts the capacity of a front as democracy to exist as the voice of the people because the spoke is always placed on the generated wheel of idea behind the running voice/image - the secret self interests of a few welfare babies of earth delusional in self aggrandizement, forgetting that the value as money they have sequestered is the value of resource and labor creating the value - a “ heaven” for some we all allow, and remember we were told to bring “ heaven” to earth)  that the  neo-liberal measures of unregulated financial markets were a counter action to a Keynesian welfare state. It is actually the opposite, the allowance of unregulated financial markets was moving the welfare of earth to a delusional few who believed they moved the world. The Keynesain framework was to prevent this from happening - whether it was placed in practice in totality without changing any words along the way, or adding another dimension unanswerable to regulating guidelines that considered respecting labor and did not create an illusion that the mass of humans were somehow “ welfare” babies and others humans were not, on a finite earth that gives resources without signature of ownership, and  that realizes that the values from such resources created by generations of movements on all levels, that is what actually moves this world.  If we start looking at the associations being made, and we really take the time to look at beliefs touted -  our ignorance is so thinly veiled and yet so blinding because it is incessantly droned into us via media and political dramatics - the shock at the simplicity of this not having been realized will raise a state of dumbfoundedness; yes, we will find our own dumb state of being, our silence, our suppression of ourselves as life, numbed, which means we have not lived. The interconnectedness is right in front of us, it is only the limitations within what has been placed in and accepted as belief that separates us from reality. In all, watch out for the associations touted, and watch for them, because they reveal the opposing contradictions that are the veil.
In our words we push onto exterior objects what we in fact are doing. The elite are like a personality of what each of us allow within ourselves.  We avoid here in making positive associations towards our self interest, projecting the negative as we in fact are doing ourselves onto an exterior, distant object.  We are all "Peters" pushing a cart in front of us, and our trail of crumbs as our words, what we drone, reveal our ignorance and blind self interest.
We live on a form of life, known as earth. Form necessitates function and requires the interaction of parts, when one part of the form is not functioning, it effects the whole. A form can be seen and the forces that we might not be able to see directly have effects that show up in the development and movement of the form. If there is starvation it is because the form is not being taken care of. If the values created are skimmed from and flow to a few, eventually there is lack and an inability to be self responsible. Destructive. This cannot work, so how we move on this earth can only always, all ways, consider what is best for all. There is no other option and no touted belief system can change what happens to the physical world.
What we are doing is not working. It is time to bring the “ heaven” for a few back down to earth, and become the principle of give as you would like to receive, which means having the basic needs to feed our families, educate our children, take care of the animals and the plants that sustain us in ways that cause no harm and allow sustenance of these entities. Support the Equal Life Foundation and a Living Income Guarantee. It is time to get this earth in order, it is time to clean up the waters that presently hold a resonance that is an association to a lesser god, a belief that one thing is more than another in direct opposition to a physical existence that is practical and able to be understood.

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