Sunday, October 20, 2013

Day 452 The corporation is the person of each of us. It is a state of being in abuse. Forgive Your Personality.

The system has been allowed to become a person, a god, a directive, an order followed, an order accepted and allowed, without question, without looking at how this system moves and expresses, in the consequences this system forms with the very substance of life as what we all are. This is a systemized god - so to speak, a separate reality that bears no witness to life. It is each of us not really looking here, even within the common sense of democracy, this that is the answer, this that is allowing the voice of the people of all the people. People regarding and respecting the physical world, looking at how it works in common sense, realizing that this physical earth is interconnected, where all parts support life. Forcing the forms that are here into other than they were meant to me, into less than what they are is a crime against life. The destruction of which we see all around us. This destruction is because each and every one of us humans believe we are more than life, in our complacency as we follow energy as ideas, as what define us instead of being equal and one to and with the natural world, the physical world. We are in separation from life, from nature. This has been written about many times, especially simply in looking at the behaviors of our children. This system in which we have allowed money to determine life, when it is the physical world that determines life. Money is simply being used to divide life and support an idea  that the imagination of the human, is more than life. Ideas in the mind, that the composition of  made from the substance of life is more than the life itself. We try and force idea instead of taking the space in around us and understanding the consequence to the whole as every action we make.

We are afraid to give up the ghost.

How we form as individuals, starts from day one, as our substance as life, we take in our environment, we take in the values made huge, bringing some values forward pushing other back, ignoring the rest. Taking some and capitalizing on them, presenting then as the end all be all of success. Creating a very limited expression of life and abusing what does not fit into the limited idea, this limited idea in itself a control device, a frenzy of survival instead of choosing what supports absolutely. It really is a fear of death, a fear of change, which is really an idea made into an idol. My precious.

Personifications as collections of beliefs believed  to be more than others. It is like, collect some experience and then get lost in believing oneself to be superior. In the end we all die and the personification is gone, because it was a separation from life and had no substance because it did not in fact move as what is support of life, absolutely. And meanwhile, our obvious separation exists as the animals suffer because life is no longer seen, and thus, the common sense of the physical world which is what is real, is ignored.

When we allow a system that moves the values of resource and labor onto a piece of paper as a conduit to receiving basic supportive needs of physical beingness,  and we then allow, for example an activity on a continent where for every ten dollars that is taken out of that continent only 1 dollar is then sent back in by America, we can see that this is not enough for the people of that continent to have what is needed to physically support them as the very physical form that they are. This is criminal, it is abusive and it is inconsiderate of physical existence, this physical existence what it is that is the expression of life, the only real expression of life. Your mind, as the picture show, as a built GPS for a system that is in itself  in separation from life, is your separation, it is a “ heaven” that is limited, and in it’s separation it is not real, and yet it within it’s limitation believes itself to be more real than physical existence. 

What is happening, has happened in Africa and is happening in America. If we allow a corporation to be seen as a person, and we allow that personhood to use the resources of America, such as water and coal, and we allow a government to allow this corporate “ personhood” to take the waters of our lakes and the coal from our federal lands, into money to be divided into small royalty payments and very large profit through sales payments where taxes are not paid by this personhood, so that the only taxes paid are by the worker, what is happening is the slow drip of all material physical goods in America to be transferred to that personhood as a corporation owned by a few. So, this personhood corporation who we have allowed to be a person, and who we believe is taking care of us  - despite the fact that, just as in Africa, there are children who are not receiving proper food and self development to the point where these children can READ the existent structures without-  is in fact not taking care of physical reality and is only acting in self interest, just as the rest of us as mind..   If this system is/was built by people, then it is people who must change this, all of us. We have allowed a profit based system to determine guidance, which cannot work because of the allowance of monetary profit. We have allowed a system that allows the values we create to move into the hands of a few who are personalities before life, just like us. Thus we are all to blame for the existence of abuse on earth. 

The personhood status given to a corporation in a system of representation, means that we have allowed representatives the chance to order the flow of money, which is the flow of resource (labor too). These representatives , who we have allowed to make decisions for us because we did not take the time to look in common sense, have decided that they are more than people, and to hide this, a corporation of anonymity has been created, to protect and hide the fear of loss of  personality, of self as life, a self that is simply a composition of assembled values that in themselves are a limited perspective of the totality of life. And this, is what each of us are doing, we have come to believe that our personalities define us, and our personalities are simply a collection of ideas about physical reality, they are not physical reality itself. So, as our collection of beliefs made and believed to be life, those children in Africa, and the growing number of children in America, are believed to be insignificant, because that “ god” that “ heaven” as the mind as ideas has been allowed to become more than life itself. And how we move money backs this delusion, and as this, disallows, does not give, what is needed to develop and support the physical as life, this physical being what is real, composed of what is primary, the substance of life that informs us as physical beings to be life.

A system of inequality, on an interconnected mechanism as what earth is that allows it to exist, naturally creates extremes, these extremes are our starving, our diminished life forms existing in lack, and our elite, the few. Those on the extreme end of lack, cannot stand up, they are too busy suffering, they are too busy dying. The extreme of the elite are too busy building an industrial/military complex in self protection and defense, touting this as protecting the people but what is really being protected is their personalities, their collection of beliefs of superiority. Meanwhile, both extremes are people, all the same, only ideas and the things money can buy create an illusion of difference.

The elite are simply the same as all of us, believing our personalities to be more than life, to be more than being here, on earth, living as physical expressions of life. We have allowed our memories, our experiences, our inner picture show, to be more than life, our withins are bigger than our supportive physical without, this physical formation being what allows life, it is what is real, it is composed of the substance of equality, the substance giving to form life as what we are: personalities  are ideas( lesser dimension)  about life, but not life itself. The mind is of energy, it is not life in balance aware of itself as what it is in fact. 

Our anonymous corporations are becoming the directives of us, but they are built of judgement that one thing is more than another, of good and bad instead of what is supportive in standing with life. Our corporations are us standing UNDER our own judgements. This measure of judgement ideas about what is good and what is bad, what is good and what is evil, a separate reality and thus a lesser reality that is not being practical within physical existence,  because our personalities composed of past experience as defining what we are instead of correcting and understanding what works that is absolutely supportive of life, this that has been going on for generations, accumulating and being passed on to the point where we don’t even, in detail, realize  why we have some of the personalities behaviors we have. And we wonder why we inherit  DIS - EASE with life!?

Life is a substance that composes us, much like sound composes a piece of music, or a word. So, if our focus/directive of what we are as the very sounds we create as the forms we build on earth are not absolutely supportive of life, as the absolute purpose of life as the nature of life, as the nature of formation of what is here, then that which is not aligned with this has no real substance and no real support. And so, we have allowed that which we are within to resonate to that which is built without, an anonymous corporation that is the collective, now directing of our  own created governments, as our personalities believed to be more than life, when our personalities are the composition of accumulated mis-understanding of what is not within being of absolute purpose as the substance of life. Our personalities are a collection of the accumulation of a self inner rested past in fear (ior) to life. And it is how we are unequally dividing money that is supporting the separation, we allow flow of what determines life, unequally, money speaking as our own inner separation from life,  and because of this, parts of this physical supportive world are suffocating, dying, diminishing, disappearing, rotting. We are all to blame, unless we stand and forgive our limitations, our judgements, our beliefs, opinions and ideas that are not equal and one to life, this being what is of the absolute purpose of supporting all of this physical existence. There is no choice but the choice of what is best for all, as this is best for self, this gives self the directive capacity to live in full potential as life. This is self in self response in and as life, here.
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