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Day 267 Why poverty?

The Problem
One of the poorest 20 countries in the world has an abundant resource privately owned by a corporation that avoids local taxes through transfer pricing of this resource off shore within subsidiaries, a whole chain of them. Thus the profits from the sale of the resource at the end of the transfer pricing are much higher than the sale of the resource on shore.
Also, the electrical costs that are contracted to be paid by the state as the source of the origin of the resource take a huge chunk of the tax revenues based on the profit sales of the resource on shore that is privately owned by an offshore multinational corporation. The offshore country as the home of the multinational company benefits from the tax on the profits more than the country of resource origin. And meanwhile the local people from the resource rich country suffer, receiving little benefit from their own resources.
Then there is the web and layers of bureaucracy, both internally and internationally. Internally, there are local governments who lack education and staying power , as the economy of the country is not enough to support real development, as this structure of off shore multinationals take the resource and manipulate it’s value through varying sale price indexes across borders. This begs the question as to why the price does not remain the same globally, and what is it that has set up this structure as well?
Also, internally, there are layered environmental bureaucracies, always a distant group dictating standards to the local group. Thus the directives are divided from the physical place of production, out of reach, separate. In this case the separate environmental dictate, from a distance can avoid confrontation, and also from a distance say that data used is not public data. I mean what does this mean, not public data? How can something in common sense not be public data? How can such a concept even be accepted? Especially when it concerns an environment where locally there are people suffering from pollution caused by the resource extraction process. Remove the dictate source from the physical place of measure means hide the effects, hide the data, distance from the reality. Place what is public on paper and hide the results with the words, “ it is not public.” Meanwhile it IS public because it is actually, physically happening! What is this? Absolute abuse, absolute denial of that shit lying on the floor of your  house. It is like pretending the shit is not there. Absolute insanity, Unacceptable. Absolutely! There is no excuse for this, none. If someone tells me “ it is not public data” I know I am dealing with an insane, self interested, abusive, ignoramus, the absolute cause of all atrocity on this earth. There are NO excuses to justify this. NONE! Mother earth is louder than the f'ing shit hiding words of humans! Yes, one should be angry, as in saying enough is enough, and standing up and placing a system of equality on earth. There is absolutely no other choice. Period. Inequality must end it does not work, it does not care for life.
The local employees answer to the paper work, the dictates from the distant environmental agency. This is a structure meant to hide what is really going on, thus the layers of separation, as the layers of bureaucracy are a protection and defense of profit only, as direct confrontation means taking care of what is obvious within the physical environment.
Even the executives in the multinational headquarters avoid giving out data on effects of resource extraction, saying the data is not public. And then sending the seeker to the “distant from source” environmental agency. And then the bullying voice of “ that is the way it is” the information is “not public”. Well actually, yes it is public, as the public in the area of extraction is suffering.
So much money is made for a few, and the social networking of the few has influence on the political stage, enough to be granted pardons for illegal practices, because in effect, this whole scenario of taking resources from developing countries and keeping these countries in a perpetual state of development, serving this unequal profit system format , and hiding data within non-sensical words such as “ that data is not public” is simply the bully of profit. This all means that the present profit model really does not work. Simple.
Even when international committees audit practices of such multinationals, the multinationals have the power to ignore the findings and suggested practices that would benefit the countries where the resource originated. It becomes obvious that the origin of the resource cannot become stable and secure, as this stability would enable the country to understand the layered system of transferring the value of the resource off shore, the profits off shore, and would allow the ill effects of the resource extraction to be made public. This game of anonymity, as a belief in “ not public” is by its nature really just hiding greedy practices, not being responsible in common sense of earth, this that sustains life.
Yet all the figures within this grid are serving the established system based on profit, based on money determining life, this transfer of resource into digits as money in tandem with a profit based system. Once again, this does not work. Common sense and what is best for all is in direct contradiction to the present structure and belief of profit in self interest. What is best for all leads to self direction, self honesty. “ That data is not public” is not a statement of self honesty. Self honesty has nothing to hide. Self honesty does not act in self interest alone. Self honesty looks at what is physically present and not what is placed on paper only, and then hidden. Hiding in any form, is not self honesty. Thus it is a crime against life.
So the problem is that the resources of this earth serve profit in self interest alone, before the common good of the people and the earth, despite the fact that most constitutions are based on service to the common good to ensure that profit in self interest only is not the only drive.
We cannot blame the multinationals and the employees in government and industry, they are all wanting to survive and remain within the dictates of the hierarchy, stepping out of this will more than likely lead to a loss of money on an individual level, as money and how it is used at present determines who lives and who dies. Money needs to be used to support life in equality, realizing life is the value and has known needs in order to flourish.
The Solution
The solution is to realize that the value is already stated in most constitutions, as being what is for the common good, meaning what is best for all, meaning that we know the real value is life. What is here given freely by earth is the value and this value is life, supporting life, the capital of this earth can exist within a system that shares what supports life, as this is the value. A system of Equal Money Capitalism is just this, to provide for all that is here as life, within best practices to ensure that all life is taken care of and supported from a starting point of realizing what is here is equal as what is here is of the same starting point as the substance of life. Thus the profits of the resources and the supporting effects of resource use, are shared equally to support life, as this is the value.
The Rewards
Imagine care for this earth, where the fish are no longer toxic with mercury because best practices are actually lived in consideration of what is for the common good of all life, as life is the value?
To take what is here on this earth and to move this to support all life, as life being the value, means that no more shareholders have to worry about that dividend, as what is here is used to support life absolutely. No more judgement and separation, no more bullying and allowing children to suffer, as all life is valued and supported. What would this world become in such a scenario?
Imagine being able to go anywhere on this planet and not having to worry about pollution and abuse? What would it be like to no longer have to worry about dangerous areas? No more worry about crime and survival behaviors of robbery, no more exploitative behaviors as sexual abuse of innocent children.
We are all responsible for what exists on this earth, and it is this respons-ability we have written into our constitutions that we can create, as we created this system, thus we can create a system that supports life, within removing this present system of inequality and implementing a system of equality, where life is the value; what is for the common good as this earth and all its inhabitants is the only directive. The present pyramid scheme is not working, it has coupled the dimension of profit placed within money which is a secondary step, with a primary step of what is best for all physically, thus the starting point is based on a disconnect from what is real, it is a distorted equation and has created a distorted reality onto the actual physical world. This disconnect is accumulating destruction on this earth, and the effects are growing exponentially, so it is time to stand and support what is already in place, to do what is best for all, as the value is life. If everyone stood up and realized that this system is not working, which is obvious, and then voted in a system that takes what is here to support what is here in equality, as the value being life, this world could change in a very short period of time. And given the amount of abuse that presently exists, such a solution is the only choice, and the common sense of this is so simplistic it is astounding that this is ignored! Let us get this done, get this earth into a state of care for life, create a system that brings an end to the dis-ease here on earth. This is the only choice, to become equal and one , to and as life, as this is the value.

What is Capitalism redefined? From Economist's Journey To Life
"An economic system that recognizes each one's inherent self-value as being a part of Life, that recognizes this value of each being to be equal - and that strives to consider and support each one's value, because in supporting each one's value as a part of Life, we support Life as a whole - this including humans, animals, and nature."

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