Saturday, July 20, 2013

Day 395 The Inflation of Memorization in Education: Breeding Separation from Reality

The Inflation of Memorization in Education.

In school, we sit and we are fed knowledge and information to memorize. This inflates the act of ourselves as taking pictures, as ideas to use to direct ourselves. These inflated memories, memorized dictates of knowledge and information, allow no actual time to look at what is being taught as a form, as an inform, as a structure to under - stand here, to use to measure here, to speak about what we are here, to use to clarify here. This is done with inflating memory, in only using memory and then applying this only memory as practice.  Which, is to give truths that are limited as the whole story is not told, creating ambiguities as a limited biased/ self interested history.  So, the practice of memory as a picture to understand here, is limited ( falsity through limitation)  and thus cannot be equal in understanding of physical reality, thus practical application of what is memorized falls short of solving problems, falls short of changing extremes of poverty and excessive wealth as the welfare of earth is divided unequally causing harm as lack of physical support for the financially impoverished, and lack of understanding of human rights as physical beings within the economically advantaged - another form of impoverishment, our accepted and allowed extremes. The economically advantaged end up spending all their time maintaining lack to eliminate competition, a crime against life and a behavior that limits the very life expression of the wealthy extreme into one of self interest and protection and defense, as being equal to this physical world, working with this physical world, understanding this physical world is lost to a picture, a memory, an image only, creating a separation from life, from being equal and one to physical reality, the welfare of life as earth and all that is of this earth.

Inflation of memory, unequal in practical application of what is best for all, causes ambiguity to here and suits/perpetuates the paranoia, the paranoise, the cognitive dissonance, of separation, as limitation. Learning to see how here, the detail of the actual real physical world moves and functions, right here in front of us, factual, real, visible, able to be known, thus the inflation of memory learning, children sitting in a room in separation from physical reality, learning ideas that do not tell the whole story or allow the physical common sense as the real life of the child, to practice being equal with the physical. Instead systemically an inequality is developed as an equality is to a memory only, and thus the memory becomes inflated causing ignorance of physical reality. A crime against life, a structure that allows manipulation of life in self interest. This causes scarcity and lack of self responsibility as this is a dishonesty to life, and we are all to blame because we are accepting and allowing this, as we fear stepping out of our inflated memories, as we have allowed a system to become so entrenched and on which we are so dependent that we fear changing this because our allowance of money to determine life flows through this accepted and allowed structure built in separation from common sense, we have created our own stagNation, of ego, of memory only. Thus, we must buy - so to speak- our life back, we must stand where we are within the structure we have accepted and allowed and buy a structure that becomes a support of all life, that deflates memory. To then allow the space and time to cross reference the physical world in detail, to equalize ourselves to the physical gift of life. Thus, we support a system that supports all life, that realizes that all that has been created, has been done by all men, generations of them, and that the values created belong to all of us, as no man is an island and thus we are all connected as life. This means nationalizing all welfare of earth, all resources that are used to support life, and to order this into a system that gives all of the physical world what is needed to live in dignity, what is needed to become self responsible as life, what is needed to allow equality and oneness with and as what is real, which is the physical world.

Support a living wage. Support life. Support a Living Income Guarantee, a Basic Income Guarantee. Time to change the system to one that is balanced and equal to the value being life, to respect for the welfare of life, this earth, every inch of it. It is time to put an end to inflation.

There are too many welfare babies on earth who have not learned to be self responsible as life. Make no mistake about it, both ends of the extremes of this present system are welfare babies, each and every one, even you. Sometimes i think we scream what we are, and thus the “ elite” scream about welfare babies incessantly because that is what they are themselves, it is only a distraction in blaming another for what it is we are ourselves! This is a form of cognitive dissonance, a form of disinformation. This is a straw man inflamed with righteousness, a distraction that separates us from reality. Time to see through the bubble of this, the energy of this, the consumption of earth’s resources as this, and to become equal in common sense of life being the value, and within this equalizing ourselves away from the inflation of memory only, to understanding physical reality.

Support the value being life.

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