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Day 391 Add money to peace keeping and it becomes military and security forces. Is this acceptable?

“ In other words, the privatization of UN peace and humanitarian operations to the private sector: an objective of several billion dollars annually the cartel of private military and security companies have coveted for many years.”
In the above statement from this article:
What do we have as the equations of the words? We have a misleading double speak, UN peace and humanitarian operations becoming military and security companies. Within this, suddenly, there is several billion dollars that have been “coveted for years.” 
So, peace is not profitable and security and military are? Is this why we have so many children being killed, so much war, so much destruction?
If we give the poor and the dispossessed guns, as their land is shrunk from mis-use of water and deforestation ( to name a few), and then play the hero with military and security, what dies this say? This says that we are the cause in totality of the demise, and the abuse of this earth is caused by greed, a desire to own natural resources in self interest, for profit, BEFORE life. This is egregious behavior, it is criminal, delusional and unacceptable. 
The few who have used the inequality of usury, where the debt grows and is placed on the many, and the few control the principle, which are who pay for the guns because the poor cannot ( so why to we blame the behaviors that come from the tools given, such tools that can only be paid for with money and only a few have access to this) , this few, as we see, own the capital of this earth, and they are not interested in peace, which they say they have an interest in, but the actions are another story. Security and military are protection and defense mechanisms, they are not peace keeping actions.
Peace keeping actions are giving men the tools and the means to be self responsible. Taking the land and the means away to allow this self responsibility creates/allows the discord, and then inflaming this discord, this survival behavior with tools of destruction creates a scenario of destruction. Thus, the military and security mechanisms are a consequence along a chain of greed behaviors, self interest without regard or respect for human rights, animal rights, earth rights, respect for this physical world. The chain of this is crime against life.
The solution is to change the system. Usury does not work, will not work, cannot work, it is a pyramid scheme.
Destroying land through deforestation, displacement of indigenous peoples, through signatures on pieces of paper that these people laugh at because they realize that in the end, the land is the value and that it cannot be owned and abused, thus , though they are ignorant on some levels, this is used and abused, this is not the behavior of a leader that considers life, a leader that takes on leadership to lead the ship of this earth and care for all life. Thus we do not have leaders on earth, we have a few who own more and believe that they are more because they are drugged with power, a false belief in separation from life, and their actions make this clear.
Ironically, this uses the hands of men in self interest, thus it admits that the hands of men are needed, even to make and maintain machines that take on the work of men, machines that have been developed over generations by many men and so to claim ownership is once again, a delusional idea that bears no witness to life, to the physical world. We could call our present governments insane asylums, because it really is not any different than such a place, it is a bunch of men walking around actually believing that they are better than others, that they are some kind of god. Should we ask them to stop breathing? Would this not reveal that they are the same as all life on earth? Without breath, does one does not exist?

What is the solution, at the moment to take care of this? It is to stand and organize this system into one that provides to all the tools necessary to become self responsible as life. I would not even bother with trying to explain to extremely delusional power brokers the consequences of their delusion, because they are so happy playing with their toys that they will not be able to listen. I mean, try getting your son away from a video game sometime, all that happens is a body that seems to engrossed in the game they do not hear you, and then you have to yell, and them you are accused of being aggressive and then a whole series of blame reactions and spite reactions come up and it all becomes one big battle field. This will not work. Thus, the solution is for the many to stand and place a system on earth that supports and values all life. Though this may seem small and impossible at the beginning, realize it will take time and consistent effort. This is to realize what supports life, what gives the human the means to become self responsible, to become the life that we are when given what allows us to develop in self sustaining ways. A Basic Income Guarantee will allow this, and will realize that it is the many hands of men who have created the values that support life, from generations back, in developing the resources of this earth. These resources are us, we are them, they belong to life, to earth , to all men, all creatures, all plants, - these plants that are very efficient in making the air that we all breath that enables us to experience life. We cannot blame the life that is here for behaviors of lack when behaviors of development are not consistent, stable, efficient, practical, and directive within allowing self direction. In many ways it is like the human is a machine, and when given proper instruction and tools to express, the outcome is self directive behaviors of equal consideration and respect for life. Humans simply reflect what has been allowed on earth. Thus, the human must change. The dictate on earth must become a principle of what is best for all, which means the development of self direction as life, as life would life.

The rewards are the opposite of what we have on earth at present. Clean water, clean air, sustaining use of resource, behaviors of giving and receiving that which one would like to receive. Systems that ensure all the soils are functioning, that the water is clean and reaching all life, that the animals are cared for, the trees are producing air.  I mean , what would happen to our rivers and streams, our lakes and oceans if the water were pure and clean, would our weather change? What would happen if our tools were made to last, cutting back 95% of resource use? What would happen if our homes were built to last, and we could trade our living spaces with one another, knowing everything would be valued and cared for, and thus we could see all expressions and formations of life on this earth? What would it be like to know that your children would grow up becoming a full expression of themselves as life, would this not be worth the idea of having great wealth as the present system touts and instead seeing your child become calm, stable, expressive, giving, communicative, physically active, present, stable?
I cannot imagine anyone choosing war over this. There is no other choice, but to remain where we are for the moment, and to support a system that supports us, and our children, and all life absolutely. This system is a Basic Income Guarantee. Check it out. It is time to remove this delusional double speak - the misuse of the tool of life as the physical - that has become so myopic, so repeated, so pounded into our ears and senses it has abused life and bullied a separation that has no connection to life, and thus it is the many who must stand and reform the government of men, the system of governing, to one that values life, that values earth, by removing that which divides and destroys and placing that which gives support absolutely, realizing that this will take time, as the behaviors that presently exist are going to take some time to correct back to life, that which we have all separated ourselves from, that has always been here, right in front of us, the mis-take was a belief that one thing was more than another. And for this, we must simply forgive ourselves and stand up, and accept ourselves as life, as this is what we are. Our minds are simply the voice of our separation. Don’t believe me, just go and watch TV, and read this article, It makes no sense.

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