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Day 394 Paranoia of the Unknown: Superstitious Society

Paranoia of the Unknown Superstitious Society

We all can agree that the mind carries, or is the broadcaster of memories, we all have them, we wallow in them, we hold them dear as though they are more real than what is here as actual physical reality. This is a superstition onto reality. I am not saying that memories are good or bad, that images in our mind of the past are necessarily good or bad, but when given more value than reality, we become a superstitious society, because we are believing the image in our mind to be of more value than the actual physical reality. 

I listened to this talk about viruses, and at one point he asked a woman that came into his office if  she had changed in behavior after having a blood transfusion. The woman had said yes, she was “ stronger and more angry.”  This naturopathic doctor had said that she had the DNA from the person she had received the blood transfusion from, and thus she had the behaviors of that person as his DNA. I wonder if she also had new pictures as memories running through her head? I am not sure that I agree with all this man discusses, but I found this part of the lecture to be in line with what desteni has been saying about how the physical has a inter-dimensional system that holds images and that the mind is directing us as images, as thoughts, as opinions, ideas and beliefs.

This would mean that as children we get the memories of our parents, and that we take on the memories, or weave stories as new images in our minds as we live our lives, and also have new images fed into us via media and television. Thus, if we are a society that would make the images in our minds greater than what is actually physically here, and we have images from the past as our DNA, and we can also add images as memories as photos within having blood transfusions, what are we doing to ourselves in allowing all of this and living as a superstition as the function of the mind as image rebroadcaster that we make more real than the physical?

Is this why this physical world exists with so much harm going on instead of harmony?
And is this used so that a few can live some superstitious ideology that is an image and likeness of being more than something else, because they have images of themselves as some kind of emperor wearing elaborate clothing? And that this image is more real than reality? How does one maintain this to their advantage? 

Create a society where images are fed to entertain, to misrepresent reality, to create an existence of humans that live in a separate reality unknowing of the physical reality? I mean, within this, if the physical world were laid out in how it functions clearly, then it would be realized that our present system exists as superstition instead of as common sense, this natural ability we all have, a gift of life, to equalize to and as what is real as life, this is being shut down with the present system, which we are all accepting and allowing.  We each create the present society that is what it does, a system of inequality as the basic needs of the physical not being met, and thus the consequence a system that is unequal to life. A system that in its inequality to life is ignoring the physical, using this physical world to feed a superstitious reality that is limited. And I want to say, this does not suggest that this grid that is here is all bad. Having a family is precious, but the inclusion of realizing the physical world stands as ordering this system to include all life, valuing all life, as life being the value as the physical form that is what is real and allows us to exist, and as this wanting for your neighbor what you want for yourself, the chance to live and enjoy having a family, having animals, having children, interacting and being here with this physical world, taking care of it, valuing it as this physical world is what is real.

The physical acts are what are real, what we are allowing on earth, is what is real. Facts based on  pictures in our minds are not what is real, especially since the pictures in our minds can be influenced by what is presented in the media controlled by a few who have managed to control information, and pictures on a screen are information, they in-form us, as we as mind take in the pictures presented. it is like the pictures presented are a dress code for ignorance, this code serving the self interest of a few. And meanwhile the rest of us are existing in our own  self innerrest as superstitious images as mind being made greater than the actual physical world.

I would try self forgiveness for them, because the heaviness of these images can be diminished through self forgiveness, and then equality to here can begin, and one can begin to become the “ lightness of being” allowing more ease here with and as real life, the physical.  Ironically, this “ lightness” is turning off the lights as the picture show of the mind, the picture show of superstition creating an unknowing of what is real, what is the value, which is the physical world that allows us to understand life, become equal and one to and as life here.

So, we come into this world, senses relatively intact, and we absorb a world of adults being directed by superstition as memory made greater than physical reality, and we watch images on a screen that serve the self interest of the few who supposedly represent us, who have self interests of their own as they were raised within the same superstitious environment and want to maintain their own superstition, so what is presented will feed the fairy tale superstition of the mind as limited behaviors and thereby creating an attention deficit disorder from the actual physical world.

Now we know why we are making so many zombie movies, because in essence we have all become zombies, as our mental reality, this mind within us that holds pictures, that uses the physical and cannot exist without it, to separate us from actual physical reality.

And in essence we are all to blame, because we accepted this.
Within all this the solution is to look at the physical world in fact, to look directly at how the physical world moves and functions, how here works. This means to realize that if one dumps chemicals into the water, the water is going to become polluted upsetting the natural world.

This means that if we confine a four legged animal into a cage and feed it something other than is was designed to eat, that animal is going to get out of physical alignment and will eventually exhibit characteristics of frustration and disease, and that if we eat this, we as well will become diseased.

This means that if we follow the pretty pictures presented on TV that suggest coke is fun, without actually looking at what is causing our ill health, and at what the total consequence of this corporation, this corps(e) that coke production creates on this earth, in detail, from the plants used and the state of the labor that produced them, and the effects on the actual real physical environment, then we are in effect existing in an idea that bears not witness to physical reality.  And, make no mistake about it, there is no excuse for this ignorance, none. It is unacceptable. Here we must ask ourselves if the images we exist as as our reality in and as our minds, are they worth more than our children and the trees, and the water and the air? No, they are not worth more, and I am not rejecting  some of the values we exist as, I am not denying family, I am saying that if family is valued - then what we have allowed on this earth as the present system of inequality that is a pyramids scheme based on limited ideas in and as our minds - must come to an end. It is the system mimicking the mind that is the  elephant in the room that is taking the space of reality/real life, the potential for heaven on earth.

There are even war veterans saying that there is an elephant in their room as their minds, and it is showing them that what they accepted and allowed as crimes against life serving the interests of a few, are screaming so loud in their heads that they can no longer deal with life, as they realize they are not living life, and that there are too many people ignoring themselves as physical beings choosing superstition before life, and as this, this screaming veteran feels helpless to change this world, to get people to wake up and listen to what is really happening on  this earth, this that is the only choice, to stand and realize that the physical world is what is real and that a system must be put in place that cares and works with what is real, the physical, and that this is the value as this is life, this is what allows life to be and if we do not start to care about the actual real physical, and stop blaming and spiting one another, and stand together to actually stand and create a change, we are missing life. Because a life lived as the mind, as pictures in our heads, is a life that has not been lived, because the images consume our flesh and what is left is death, here on earth and as self because life as the physical was not supported. We become the corps(e) that we have accepted and allowed. And we are the corps(e) because this is composed of people.

And any real parent would not allow this. A real parent would realize that the only choice is life, thus rejecting life is not possible, so the suffering that is self created by all of us, will continue until we get so sick and tired of being in a state of disease, we finally stand up. This state of disease we leave behind for out children those we pro-port to love. if we really loved our children, we would step out of our minds, reconnect with what is real, as this physical world, and get this world in order. It is the only choice.

This must be done by a huge collective. This means all of us that can read this. we must stand and place a system that supports the physical world, that realizes the basic needs of the physical, as this is what is real, to bring this earth to a point where physical reality is cared for and no harm exists. Here we give up the images in and as our minds, seeming to be giving up everything, when in fact we will gain everything. The mind is illusion, but the values that are a part of the images need not be lost, but realized in physical fact, here, on earth. Heaven - as the good that exists as parts of the images in and as our minds - can exist, we need only stand and order this world to care for all life.

Support BIG, a basic income guarantee, to give what is here as all men, as physical beings on this earth, what is needed to live, and as the system now stands, this means a living wage. BIG supports some to make more than others, as this is a step in a gradual change where the bringing of ourselves back to earth, back into the physical is not too sudden and drastic of a change from the mind superstition made greater than life, towards realizing that the physical world must be supported as a physical form if behaviors of suppression and frustration are to end. Humans are born with common sense, it is time to allow this to flourish and to use this to get this world in order.

If you exist as a superstition as the images in your mind being more than physical reality, this is self building a paranoia of the unknown, a separation from life, where the fears are simply self disconnected to what is real physical reality, a reality that can be known in structure and function. It is only a belief as mind, taught from childhood, that self cannot know how the world functions. The world is the gift of life, of course it can be understood, all it takes is to stop the mind and look. This is common sense.

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