Thursday, July 4, 2013

Day 387 The Ponzi Scheme of Inequality

So, I am angry, this play-out in my mind wanting revenge, which will do nothing, the solution, to prevent such is to realize that emotions are memories of past events tied to the moment, bad habits of self pity and belief in one thing being less than another, instead of seeing the life that is here moving and being, where it is the expression of life that is the value, and anything that  is not directive within realizing the physical here in common sense, to understand the physical world, to direct this world as the movements that are here into what enables expression that is considerate of all life, of self equal and one here to and as the physical being the way and the means of expression, is the action of preventing lack of awareness, and thus lack of self directive equal and one movement with this gift of life, of expression, as what is best for all, as this is what life would. Thus, those that have a greater exposure to that which is directive, that which allows awareness of this actual physical world, in thought, word and deed, that is not an admonishment as an action of spite and blame, as what is put in as this is what comes out, have an output that is directive, aware, capable, responsible to being equal and one in understanding how the physical world functions. 
The elite, as the corporations and our governments need to understand that this is the only way out, that control is only found in developing self control, self responsibility of each part. Here is an order of the world that allows a world that functions. Actions that move towards reacting to behaviors of lack, and then placing limitations as a belief that this is controlling such behaviors of lack does not understand that the one thing necessary to end ignorance, as this is what this is, is to remove what prevents total development of the human. This means that trying to control an undeveloped human is futile, as this system of inequality leads to greater disparity with life, as the lower levels grow in the life that they are being is of suppression and the inability to order the pent up non-directed life will explode, as the frustration grows, where the numbers are too great to control. Hiding from this will not work, life is too clever, it will find a way, just as water finds its way into every crevice. That water can be pure, or it can be polluted and thus destructive instead of nourishing. The human must be allowed to develop into its full capacity to become like clean pure water, and then this world will function. The inequality, this pyramid scheme, this ponzi scheme, must end, must stop. It does not work, is not working, and cannot work. Corporations can try and  order everything to ensure that profit, but it is based on a law of inequality, and this will not work, as suppression is denial, is limitation, just as the idea that one thing is more than another is a limitation. The only solution is to prevent behaviors of lack to be what is here on earth. All life must be allowed to develop to its full potential, as this would order this world into life, and life would what is best for all. Its so simple.
An act of trying to eliminate competition is to deny self self’s expression of life. I mean to think that eliminating all competition by offering foods that do not sustain life, and having one product on the market that is cheaply made to squeeze one bit of profit out for a few, and only allowing a natural resource - one that we do not even understand, affects the earth symbiotically as the oils under the skin of the soils that sustain us - forced into imitations of nature and claimed through patents to supposedly provide all our needs as the petrol-chemical industry,   an illusion taught,  is all based on a “ mad” desire that there must be a god, that there is a “ thing” that is a more than outside of us. When there is no “ god,” there is the physical- here. A god is a belief in a “ more than” which is simply not wanting to be self responsible which is using one’s common sense of which our physical bodies are the perfect instrument. The expression of life, this is the gift, and within this, each part working in full capacity, self directed, as itself as life, is being life, and this allowing and accepting and being of self as life, nurturing this, being this, allowing this, is the answer. It is to order a system that gives absolutely, that ensures that every human understands this physical world and how it functions absolutely, that every person can speak in clarity, that every person, every animal, every plant is healthy, every inch of this earth is in full function able to direct itself in awareness.  What is owned is an awareness of this actual physical world and how this actual real physical world functions. The one way out is the thing most feared, and that fear is only illusion composed of ideas that are limited and thus when scrutinized found to be ambiguous.
Every prisoner is the fault of all of us, it is the fault of that prisoner, it is the fault of suppressing life. The only solution is to prevent  lack of self responsibility. A monetary system of lack, where some have and others do not, is a system of destruction, it cannot work. 
Especially now, that so much is automated that there is not enough work. This would mean that the human who has been trained to work in factories that no longer exist ( which in itself was a suppression of life) have no where to put themselves within what they have learned to be and to do, and thus to blame these individuals who have no money to go back to school and retrain themselves for jobs that are not available is to deny this nonfunctioning system and all because a few at the top don’t want to give up the illusion that having more and excessive physical comforts is somehow the end of the world, when it is not.  This is absolute denial of common sense and it shows that the elite are as programmed as the factory worker programs that are no longer needed in America - for example.  Within this, if the elite think that they are “ gods” and have ordered this world, clean up your mess, the program changed because the profit margins were not enough, so the programs left behind as the worker are not to be cast aside, I mean, be responsible if you want to play god, or get out of the kitchen!  Creating games of destruction, as war, is not life, it is not a solution as it is destroying all playing fields as this earth. It is useless , wasteful and toxic, and disrespectful of life. I mean admit that a mistake was made, come down off your high horse, and stop suppressing life, because this in essence is what you are doing and it does not work, will not work. Realize that if it is not working for every single thing on this planet, it does not work. Face it, give it up and stop. Admit that a system of inequality does not work, and never will work. The belief in a polarity of more than and less than is a separation from life. There is only life in expression.

The solution to this crumbling Ponzi Scheme of inequality is a Basic Income Guarantee, which is standing and realizing that life is the value, and that our present system is not working. 

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