Monday, July 29, 2013

Paranoia of the Unknown: Smoke and Mirrors

I have been looking at the Namibia Basic Income Grant and I read an article that stated that this project did not work and then came to the conclusion that a Basic Income Grant will not work.

And then I read a blog from Creation's Journey to Life where Bernard Poolman who has investigated this world and who happened to have lived near the town where the BIG Project in Namibia  occurred, points out a more concise perspective of this project and the influences that not only create the situation but also lead to distorted conclusions separate from any common sense.

In the article that came to a conclusion that the BIG project showed no significant change I noticed the use of statistics to validate BIG not working.

And yet, when I first read about the BIG project in Nimibia, my understanding based on what I read and my own limited perspective within what I read, was that the project was a success.

So, here I encountered many PERSPECTIVES about this project. But this is just it, they are all perspectives, the one blog that covers the most perspectives was the one on the ground, the one that looked at many perspectives, not just a few. It is that we lack in common sense, and have been so conditioned to believe words on a page, and in becoming this we follow the limited perspectives of so much of what we have read, that we believe the  mirrors of limited perspective to be what is more real than the common sense of what is on the ground and how what flows to what is on the ground as what sustains us, that can come from so many different angles, from afar and from right there where we are. How is it that we humans have become so separate from common sense of what is a perspective that is full, rounded, equal to here, absolute in all perspective of this physical world? I mean the inner, the outer, all in totality, considering all aspects?

So, I originally had this idea from my first encounter with information about the distant place in Nimibia where this income was given to allow these people to have some basic needs met. I understood that this allowed them to have enough food to improve their health, enough income for their children to attend school, enough income to allow these families to start a business and thus generate more income to improve their lives. Perhaps build a better shelter, purchase some form of transportation. I just took all of this for granted when I used words on page to in-form my understanding. Thus I used knowledge and information only instead of practical common sense.

Then I read a criticism of this project, that in fact it did not improve these peoples lives, that it did not change anything in the overall economic situation in Namibia. This was using statistical analysis to determine a change: believing that if there were a change economically in this small town in Namibia it would show up in some economic pattern that was the Namibia economy in total. When no change was read, it was decided that the Namibia project did not work: this being the perspective with a starting point that the change in movement in this small isolated village with the additional money given would change the overall pattern. Of course there is a truth to this, yes, an economic change should show up.

But this does not disclose all the details. From another perspective what must be looked at is how much money was given and what amount would cause a difference.

In the end, all the smoke and mirrors of limited perspectives without any detail, without any real education of people to understand what is really going on, leads to altering perspectives arguing with one another causing a lot of conflict and friction, like the mirrors blind come aspects and cause a slight of hand to not see reality, and then the ensuing destruction as ignorance of looking at what is real because limited perspectives are all one sees, as the words on a page, cause all the smoke, the waste from destruction. What a mess, and how abusive. And all so a few can live in excessive comfort?

So, I ask myself, where else, how else am I this, what have I in fact missed about life. about myself about this world because I have learned to follow words on a page instead of facing the physical world here as myself? Why is it that the very sense of me, has been forced into believing that reading words on a page connects me to what is real as this physical reality? If such articles are leading me to believe this or that does or does not work, all based on any manner of comparison from perspective, what has not been clearly described as what it actually happening on the ground and looking at cause and effect?

Then this begs the question, Is this why the government believes that there need be secrets? Of course, it must, because in the end there are no secrets, the physical ground shows us what happens, it cannot be hidden. But the people living where the lack or the support exist can either become complacent in their comfort or, over time acclimate to their lack to the point where if something else appears, from their perspective,  justify as the-way-its-always-been in fear of change, or believe that anything else is impossible. Just because this is believed to be okay because it is a status quo, does not mean it is okay. In the end the acceptance of something because it has become something that has existed for a long time does not mean that it is okay. Limited perspectives are not okay. Allowing something to live in ignorance is not okay, allowing ignorance is allowing lack.

Our perspectives of this actual real physical world are limited, and humans are suggesting that this is okay, when it is not okay. There is absolutely nothing that can justify this, nothing. This is where the anger comes in, the spite, the blame, the reactive behaviors, all consequence of not using our natural ability as life, to not read what is real here as the actual tangible physical reality. All behaviors of lack, of spite, of blame, of greed, of lust,  are behaviors of separation from reading what is physically actually really, tangibly here. We as life as humans in physical bodies have, as life the capacity to sense the actual real physical world here, to read this world, have a  total perspective of this world, this gift, this expression of life and our minds are the shutters, like the shutter on a camera, taking limited perspectives of what is here, and the words presented on a page are abusing words to give only a limited perspective, all so a few can live in separation from physical reality in excessive comfort. It is all a scam, thus all abuse to any animal, to any human, to anything of this earth,  is the fault of each and every one of us.

So, how are the perspectives taught serving each of us? How are the perspectives we allow within serving us as humanity. Where are we stuck in a perspective that limits a natural capacity as what we are as life having a starting point as life to be able to have a total perspective of this actual real physical world composed of the same life substance as this very substance is what creates, is, this physical world?

How can we get ourselves back to our own gift of common sense? And how can we become this as an expression, absolutely? I mean this is what we really are. Our minds are simply mechanisms that focus in on and hold singular perspectives, which when made huge, warp and thus distort reality and if this is believed to be real then the physical suffers, is tortured into trying to conform to a warped reality. Which is why there is so much lack and abuse and destruction on earth. In the end it is up to each of us to refocus ourselves to life, to here, to common sense as what we are.

Which is why money being used to support this distortion has to end, and which is why we have to be able to stand back from our thoughts and realize them for what they are, a taught distortion of reality. Where we play with the devil and the angle on our shoulders. And this is why what is perceived as the mind is not all bad. Thus, it appears, because we have been moving as mind only for so long, that changing from the mind seems like a death, when it is really a birth into and as self as life, here, it is welcoming yourself as life home. What else is there?

The tools to still the cognitive dissonance of the mind are here. They are self forgiveness and corrective application, they are nationalizing life giving resources to balance out what is here to become supportive of this gift of life as this actual real physical world. There is technology to refocus us, to clean up the dissonance within of a warped, distorted and limited and taught perspective.  Our children show so much promise in their first seven years, it is up to us to not only clean ourselves up, but to also ensure that our children do not become a mind of limited perspective, but learn to direct themselves from common sense, from their gift as life as what they are. Naturally, a child being themselves as life is less likely to act out, less likely to become frustration and seek ease through drugs, in a world where even sex, intimacy, has become a distortion into an energetic momentary high that has nothing to do with being expressive and enjoying touch, enjoying the physical sensation of life, here.

The form of providing a living income guarantee to the life that is here as the physical, as the tools created by the hands of many men, the labor of generations of men, is the value, thus a system rendering this invalid just so a few can live in excessive/distorted comfort must come to an end. Money can be used to balance out his world, to bring the distortion manifested as so much abuse, back into clarity as equality and oneness with actual real physical reality, ourselves being in common sense with reality as what we are as the physical.  War is to maintain the excessive comfort of a few, where ironically there is not comfort, because the self as life, is not in equality and oneness with self as life. Thus war is not an option and supporting it in any way is a crime. Even if all the soldiers, the military and the police forces in this world realized this, and supported a solution that was in common sense of what the physical needs to exist as life, war cannot happen. This means realizing that limited perspective is what is taught and has been for generations.

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