Sunday, July 28, 2013

Day 398 What Just flashed before my eyes?

I had one of those mornings where i woke up and remembered a past event. I had been watching True Blood  a while back, and as I watched the opening credits I noticed some images flash by that i did not remember seeing before. I stopped and thought, “What was that!?” So, I replayed the opening credits and tried to pinpoint the image I had seen, that i had not noticed before. It was a porn picture of two people having intercourse. It was really hard to stop the frame on the image. They flashed by so fast. Why had I not seen this before? Probably, I had just sat and watched the opening credits in a stupor, and for some reason this day I was not in such a stupor.

I realize that these extremely quick images are probably not meant to be seen by the average human in a stupor, just as I had been, but they are meant to excite the subconscious or unconscious mind.  Porn images imbedded in a TV show opening credit. I wonder what else is going on. And I ask myself why this is being used? I had thought that this was illegal. Perhaps, the image is a micro-second longer and thus sits outside of the law, would not surprise me, and who sets the law? If my assumption is right. Since a few own the media, the meanderings of misinformation as the tool of the present monopoly game of inequality, if we watch in ignorance as a tired state of stupor we are prisoners to this order of the day. A hierarchy where money represents sustenance freely given, owned by a few, life becomes a ponzi scheme.  Competition elimination can be done through lack, and disinformation is a form of lack, a form of separation from common sense. It is difficult to see what is being done right in front of us if we allow a stupor to overcome us. Embedding suggestive images in a film is deliberate: it did not just get there by itself.  This is meant to excite into some idea, energetic high, a short lived experience, reckless. It is a picture with music used as a trigger, releasing endorphins and hormones. This is a mechanism of control. This is not self in self responsibility, self direction. Nor is it self being aware, I mean why plant these images into a film with such short time frames?

The porn industry is a multi-million dollar industry and it needs the human to exist in a state of addiction to this to feed the profit from it. So, the human watches a show and images are flashed, with exciting music, and voila, an association is made within a feeling of excitement with an image that is not registered  in the conscious mind, this small part of ourselves we allow to be what we are, This is the level of the stupor we exist as. Perhaps, someone else out there in this internet world has noticed this within the opening credits of True Blood. That this exists means that we humans are programmed and programmable. Like organic robots, like computers. What is it that is allowing this, and why are we not directing ourselves with this that is the substance that takes the picture, allows the picture? Why are we not standing up and becoming directive ourselves? Within this, what is presently happening within this world is the fault of no one but each of us, we acquiesce, and it is time to clean this up. Real intimacy has nothing to do with a quick energetic high. And we have to stop this system of inequality from creating the zombies of stupor that we have all become where we cannot even see what  we are allowing to flash before our eyes.

Listen to the interviews about what you are at Many are free.
And deconstruct the emotional/feeling thoughts you exist as to understand what and who you are so that this world can begin to clean up what is allowed on earth that is unacceptable. Desteni I Process Lite. So much is given for free here, to allow you to begin to understand yourself as the very substance of what you are as life. It is time for the dis-eased stupor as the human of life on earth to stop. It is unacceptable.

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