Sunday, July 14, 2013

DAY 393 being sick of the choice of " a lesser evil" is the moment to stand back and look to the whole.

So, I was talking to a woman, a person who had some inkling that the present system is not in fact working, that the representative system of government, with politicians, is simply a system of choosing a lesser evil. Which means we are aware of not making the best, most common sense choices within our governing system. Choosing a lesser evil, is acknowledgement that we know this earth in totality is not being looked at in what supports all life, because what we are choosing admits that harm is being done within our choices, and this is simply unacceptable. If one would not want to be the collateral damage from say, vaccines, pharma drugs, foods that are not meant for the tropical environment of the human physical body, especially in the awareness that health and hygiene eliminate many diseases ( where health is also an education that builds self trust and self responsibility and the environment in which one lives is of proper shelter) then why not make the effort to create situations on earth that allow no harm to come to the actual physical that is earth - all of it, the plants, the animals, the soils, the trees, the water, the air? If we allow harm to this physical world, that is interconnected - for example, the water moves everywhere as the weather system - then we allow harm to ourselves, and thus the choice of the lesser evil is not a choice. The only choice is what supports the physical world absolutely.
This is a simple understanding, that any person can grasp, the details of this will take time to teach, but with the internet, we can teach this, we can use words and animations, and examples from the earth to show how here works, to show what is best for all. Within this, we can realize that the present government’s practice of disallowing private research from entities other than the ones proposing the products, in the face of private documentation of what is actually happening on this earth, is unacceptable. Examples of this are the fracking industry, and the vaccine industry, where I have read reports that suggest on the ground level doctors and health staff in clinics are simply not documenting effects on patients, mostly because they are so busy with administrative work that any more paper forms seem overwhelming. It is like the means of having a democratic system that teaches and allows voice, does not allow that voice in the very backward structure of processing what is happening within the system. One says it allows voice, and yet the “ data flow” is blocked by a busyness of focus on dispersing products without time to look at the effects and document the effects, or take the time to evaluate the effects. Thus, within this the blame is then placed on the people. I mean, the opportunity is there, but the time is taken away. This is a structural deception, it is like flooding the environment with busy work to create an avoidance of looking, and then blaming the ones forced to focus away from what is real - to survive- as they follow polices touted as necessary that have too much ill effect, too much collateral damage on our lives, directly or indirectly. So mired are we in this clutter that is meant to occupy instead of allowing awareness, we believe that there is not time for change, when the change is the way to end these practices of “ lesser evil” as a choice. In all common sense, the only way is to change, because remaining the same as we are, is not how “no longer allowing a lesser evil” to be the choice, can happen. We all have to stop, and stand and say, no more. 

We, as the collective of humans have to stop, for a moment, maybe a few every day before we watch our favorite shows and investigate alternatives to the governing of this earth, alternatives that function in ways that no longer have collateral damage which inevitably affects all of us. What starvation and poverty exist effect us all, just look within and see if there is any reaction/movement towards the possibility of becoming impoverished ! That is an effect, a fear that is not a stable state of trust ! Within all this, we begin by looking outside the tenure of our lives, outside what we hold onto, to let go and look in another direction, to shake off the patterns we have accepted to survive, suspend the beliefs that resound in our heads as our consciousness that is a replica of our parents and the present system, and ask ourselves if there is a choice within how we order this physical existence that creates stability and sustainability so that our existence on earth allows us to be aware of what is happening in detail as how this world exists. 

If we are in a bitter state of blame for a separate point on the present grid, which is what a complaint of those far off representatives that we placed into being representatives of how we govern ourselves is, we have to realize that this act of blame is not being self responsible, self directive within stopping and looking at the structure that we are using to hold us in place here on this earth. To look at this and realize the common sense in realizing we are only being given choices of a lesser evil, and to follow through at this point and stand back, look at the whole of what determines this structure and then make the necessary changes. This present system is a pyramid scheme, where elected representatives are separate from the earth, and working within a premise as the form of the present system that the status quo of some getting more just because of the position they are in is normal, when it is not normal. Normal is realizing that we live on a physical world, and that this physical world functions in ways that are easily understood when practically considered and that we are physical as is this earth. We have in essence allowed ideas to become more than what is real, the physical. A pyramid scheme is a from of separation from physical existence. 

Investigate a system that takes into consideration what is real, physical existence. Investigate a Basic Income Guarantee to see, realize and understand that our system is ordered on ideas that have no common sense of practical physical reality, realize that suffering is suffering and NOT what allows self development into self responsibility, self trust and self honesty. If one is suffering, there is nothing being learned, suffering is not self direction. Period. Suffering is the outcome of lack of training or allowing of the physical world to be directed and expressive within and as what is best for all.

The ones on the bottom of this grid, as a pyramid scheme, are blaming the ones on the top of the grid, and the ones on the top of this grid are blaming and suppressing the ones on the bottom, what kind of existence is this? This has created an existence of blame and spite, of judgment without self responsibility that practically is able to take steps that are corrective, that no longer allow any harm to any part of us as earth, as what we are, as physical parts of a physical world that can function within what is best for all, from the point on the ground of this earth on which we stand. We are the perfect from as humans to become and be this, it is only what we have allowed , as belief, within, that inhibits this life that we are.

BIG, lets start taking care of this physical world, it is the only way out, it is the chance to prove that we are worthy of life.

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