Saturday, July 6, 2013

Day 388 Common Sense is the value of Life

In a memory that stands with me, from the past of a performance, where within the performance I remember I believed that performing in common sense, meaning in expressing myself as letting myself out was not what was wanted and that what I must do is perform in a manner that was acceptable, meaning having a certain style and projecting a certain historically correct manner as was taught and I believed the pieces I played SHOULD be performed and if I added my own expression to this I would be rejected. Now this is not to say that a piece of music played should not have shape, but a preponderance of manner only I had taken personally and judged myself as lacking something when the criticism was about various aspects of a piece, and there was always something, and within music no two teachers or musicians can agree as to how something should be played. 
As such, allowing myself to be so caught up in this, I suppressed myself  as my own common sense, trying to fit into an idea, that had so many descriptions, I did not see the ambiguity within what was happening. In trying to become the correct manner, I shut down my common sense, and without common sense there is no real direction. Within our society, a manner has become like an obsession, and what is real, as common sense, as what the human is able to be, has become second to some idea about the past. The idea of perfection has been made bigger than common sense, and ironically, common sense is what senses what is here, as the life that we are. To place perfection before common sense misses the whole point of “ perfection.” What is perfect one moment may not be in the next, thus common sense development is a development of being here, meaning being able to change and meet here in a more responsible way, being aware of here, instead of some idea in and as the mind as consciousness. Thus, the only way to perform, to be self responsible is through using and thus developing common sense here.

This means looking at what practically, physically exists. What is measurable within the physical, what fits in common sense here instead of some concrete idea in the mind only. We even have the technology to help us measure what is here, how things are grown, what the nutrients in the soils are, the microorganisms, the amount of materials that break down the  matter in the soils that lend to the strength of the plant, and thus the nutrient density of the plant, that can then sustain us to enable us to use our common sense as what we are as life. The human is a perfect machine when fed properly, when taught to use common sense. And why do we create exterior machines to measure here? It is that we deny this within ourselves. Shut down common sense of the human, and then control the ignorance in self interest. This is ignorance, and this is a crime against life. It is denying life. It makes no sense. It is like taking depth perception and shutting it down. This is shutting down life. The solution here is turn life back on, so to speak, and then this planet will become the life that it is meant to be, the life inherent in all that is here, as this is life.
Unfortunately within a ponzi scheme of inequality, this is not what would be wanted, as a few who have more than is needed, and who, because they exist as ideas and manners of more than, would not want equality, as this would disrupt an idea of being more. It is the idea of being more that is the disease, the lack of common sense development that all humans have accepted and allowed and thus lost touch with the gift of the physical to realize self responsibility in and as common sense, a natural learning ability, an absorbent self seen in young children, this which is lost as ideas are taught as a morality that one thing is more than another, an objectification that is a separation from common sense development, the emotions and feelings the consequence of persistent lack of common sense. The mind as a measuring instrument as all that is used turns into actions of judgement when not cross referenced with the physical , with common sense,  because an image is not reality. Values are attached to objects and the image of this is made bigger than life and the separation begins. Our emotional defenses then become spite and blame offenses to protect our separation,  which is ourselves in separation from directive depth perception capacity, our common sense within what we are as life, which would what is best for all, absolutely being directive in care of earth realizing we are equal and one, of same substance.  Common sense is lost. And then machines are built to measure, as the human has abdicated a natural ability to common sense here. Our machines show us what we are in separation of. The ensuing inequality then breeds division, and this division breads competition, and the competition breeds elimination of common sense, as this would remove the already existent separation as the disease of judgement of one thing being more than another instead of looking at here in practical common sense, where it is obvious when lack is the expression of a human being.
Because humans have abdicated themselves as life, ignoring common sense, the machines we have at the moment can automatize what exists on earth in detail, meaning, measuring levels of what is needed to exist on every level, down to what is in the soils and the waters and where what is there comes from and what is needed to balance this out so that this performs without conflict. This means that where exactly every dollar goes and how every dollar was spent can be monitored. This means the there need be no anonymity, everything can be known, which means that crime will have no venue. This means that what is here can be distributed to ensure that all life here is in full development, eliminating behaviors of lack of common sense, this that the human body is born being able to do, before limited values that suit survival, as a system of survival is a system of ignorance as how here works, as we know how here works,  the research as to how class levels develop and succeed is enough to indicate that environment determines outcome. Where the exceptions reveal that such divisions remain because of lack only.
The solution is to realize the common sense of the human has value, is the value, as this common sense is life in expression. At the moment we have placed this value into machines, thus this will be needed to restore our natural common sense ability. What must be done is to resuscitate the life as the human, using our separations, walking through them to guide us back to ourselves as life.  The earth is the perfect machine of life, and man in a state of hubris is taking this and ripping it apart in an egotistical belief that control comes from one point, where control is inherent in the very nature of the source of what creates here, which is life, and this is equal in all.  Those with the control are because we all allowed it, as we are the same, this control is simply the outward manifestation of our inner accepted and allowed ignorance. 
The only choice is to wake the human up, to revitalize their own common sense capacity. This can begin within supporting a Basic Income Guarantee, this being to take an action, to bring a system to earth that supports all life, to allow common sense, to realize that all that has been developed has been done by the value of human action, from generations back. To devalue the labor of the human is the consequence of ignorance, is shutting down life, is shutting down common sense. This makes no sense. Step back, slow down, realize that any and every action of blame or spite, is you in lack of common sense, in lack of self direction as life - a systemic development that each of us are the cause of -  this self direction, at present ignored, being as the nature of what it is, to do what is best for all, as this is best for self, as this is best for this planet, as this is life.
Support of a Basic Income Guarantee is a support of self, is a support for children, is a support for the earth - the plants and the animals- it is to realize that what exists is not working, and to stop and to reorganize this earth into a functioning self supporting, self directing entity that expresses life

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