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Day 396 The Paranoia of Unknowing, The Equivalence of Dis-Ease

The Paranoia of Unknowing

Because we are not taught about the physical world and how it functions in practical phyact, we are unknowing of the world, we unknow the ability of our innate common sense as the very essence of the life force that we are, as this is what is common in all because it is what we are, the very composition of and as.

We unknow, we are ignorant of the very form and structure, and thus movement and function of the present system.

We unknow,, we are ignorant, of how our human physical bodies function, we unknow, we are ignorant of how we have a mind that we call consciousness holds, takes pictures of what we physically are.

If the mind, as consciousness takes pictures of what is here, and then we are not taught how here functions, are we actually here? Are we holding the place of here? If we follow the picture show of consciousness developed in separation from here through parents, education, society and media and thus have no real understanding of here, what are we? Are we ignorant of here, are we unknowing of here?

Within this, we can know here to some degree, and this varies from person to person, but n the end, there are ones who remain in extreme unknowing and those who have a very small level of knowing and they use this to their advantage, but it is still an unknowing, and the manipulation of, based on the fear of not knowing, the fear as the instability that unknowing creates. This is one reason why education is very important, We cannot be responsible if we are separate from knowing , understanding here, ourselves as how we function and how here functions, and how the present system built from unknowing came to be and how it functions as creating so much unknowingness of here. I mean, just look around at what is happening on earth, there is a lot , too much, and unacceptable, unknowingness/ignorance going on.

the cloud of unknowing,  life malfunction system  inflated as reality

And to avoid becoming a knowing, an owning of here within being able to be self responsible, self directive, self honest, we have accepted and allowed a positive to hide the unknowing/ignoring of the negative caused because of the very thing we are moving as, as not looking, that is a positive to hide a negative, to avoid the negative, the destructive as what allowing the negative is, as the negative is a judgement that something is less than something else that is here as a part of this earth, an earth that is interconnected, were it not than starvation would not exist, nor would interest lending, because interest lending is a vacuum that allows the values built by many here, into what supports life, aids life, as this principle as the value allotted to money that is them lent out, with the self interest of the few who have a tiny bit of less unknowing, in such a way that that principle is never lost, never really leaves and allows more principle to accrue, and the interest payment is how the principle flows right back, and thus is continuously owned by the few. The debt, the unknowing, the ignorance,  remains/ accrues with the many. And the many struggle in their ignorance, because unknowing, lack of understanding, would make it very difficult to move with ease here on earth. And we cannot blame the ones who are a little bit less unknowing/ignoring than the rest of us, because we are participating within the unknowing, the ignorance, as this is a state of not looking here, with our innate common sense as life. Look, we can all agree that our politicians are not of sound mind, and that a military industrial complex is not a structure of sound mind. This is the sound of destruction and self interest, it is the sound of greed and bullying, it is the sound of killing children, it is the sound of recklessly raping the earth, of raping children, obsolescence for constant principle flow in self interest, rendering the other side of the equation, away from balance, an unknown, treating it as obsolete, meaningless as the survival of the extreme hidden in the presentation of the mean as data on paper. It is a crime against life, and remaining an unknowing of this is the same. This picture show of unknowing, this weaving of unknowing, this propagated ignorance is the elephant in the room. The room, the space of this world and the space in our heads, as consciousness, as a memory, as a picture inflated into representing life. And this is just it, this is a representation of life. It is not what is physically real, it is not our common sense as life as being equal and one to and as the physical. We are making , allowing the one thing that is real, obsolete through unknowing of it, through ignorance.

If we allow ourselves to become blame and spite, the depression as what this is, as this is a be having of anger and fear, accumulating, an action inwardly. We become the accumulation of our blame and spite, our frustration, and thus we become despondent, anxious, depressed, heavy, separate, we forget our common sense, our ease as ourselves as life, here. So, by the very nature of blame we depress ourselves, we abdicate our very common sense into a restriction ( thoughts or more than and less than) away from self direction, from self responsibility, from self honesty, from knowing the physical as in looking at how the physical actually functions and how the separation from the physical as a systemic form of inequality actually functions. This is why equality with the physical is the gift of life, because it practically shows us what works in ease and what does not. The mind as pictures can warp and bend into any fantasy fairy tale imaginable, full of all manner of super-heros where only the collective can really create heaven on earth,  which is why such a state is taught, and accepted. Accepted because our separation does not have to be addressed, and taught because it allows a few that are a tiny tiny bit less unknowing to maintain their fairy tale for real.

One might say, and I have heard this said, “ but I like my memories!” not realizing that it is not to like or not like your memories, it is to not make them bigger than life, or to warp them, as they are just a picture, it is to not inflate them as a more because this becomes a “ more” that is chased that is not a real more, hence the chasing, a metaphysical carrot, a paranormal event, superstition. Thus, this is a state of unknowing, a paranoise of unknowing, a paranoia of being self as life, self as life being a using of an innate common sense of self as what self is as life. Here, in the physical, the “fairy tale” can become real, with every inch of one’s beingness, a fairy tale of so much more substance  and solid state of sound than seemingly lived at present by only a few. As though in the big scheme of things, the amount living a somewhat comfortable life, which is about 1 %, is one and equal to the parts of ourselves, individually ,actually living in and with our common sense. In fact, disease is greater than life on earth. Change?  First, this world must be ordered to support what is real, respect what is real, what is interconnected as the parts of this physical world, that are the gift of life, to understand life, to become equal and one to and as life, to stop the heavy disease of spite and blame, depression and economical anxiety, survival, disease, all the consequence of inequality to and as life.

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Walk the FREE Desteni I Process Lite, to see the accepted and allowed behaviors of unknowing, the paranoia of unknowing within and as self, to become of sound mind, to learn to actually live a life os ease.

Support the Living Income Guarantee, a basic income grant, a living wage, to allow life to become equal and one to and as life here, to reorder life into heaven on earth, to become a living word. It is the only choice. A live structure that allows our children to live a life is ease, enjoying interaction with the physical, with life, as the physical, as this is the real " work" of men. This is life at work, meaning a functioning state of life, absolutely, here.

This is a win-win structure for all life, this is the way and the means of creating an earth that is a response as life, of life.

THe rewards are clean water, fecund soils, clear skies, healthy children, plants and animals. A world where no matter what shoes one wears life is lived for real.

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