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Day 371 Divisions are the borders of our separation from life.

The unsustainable geometric progression of a c...
The unsustainable geometric progression of a classic pyramid scheme, from Securities and Exchange commission report on pyramid schemes. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is like the divisions on earth into class, gender, nationality, are  a pyramid scheme in and of themselves and the conflict within the points within survival, will crash, because they are not equal and one to life to what supports life, in forgetting equality as life, what is real is ignored, and the difficulty is that each group, each faction, each religion has something that is good, yet this singular good, is made an idol and thus its place within the whole is not realized and joined with what is good. And we as humans are limited as mind and thus as mind only see one point and make this huge, not realizing that we can be all the values simply by realizing that life is the value.
We have the means and the infrastructure, the technology to support all life on this planet, we have the ability to build structures for everyone to have their basic needs met, we have the ability to grow food in ways that are not destructive to the soil, we have the ways and the means to clean our water, we have the ways and the means to educate our children to realize themselves as life, to live their full expressive selves, their full potential as life. If we stop and we look, we can realize that this earth is our home, the totality of it, and that is is greater and more vast and of more variety that that mansion filled with servants. We can realize that a mansion, an estate is a limited state of existence that denies the totality of our home, that estate is a prison from life in many ways, and we fear leaving that estate because so much of life has been denied what sustains it and the behavior of life in denial is survival, as this physical world is the gift of life, to self realize this gift, and the only way to be able to live on this earth is for all to take as much care for everything on this earth as that bubble of care that is on some huge estate where usury has flowed money representing resource to one spot. Thus it is not to attack this point of  more than, it is to stand and to change this system to one that cares for all life, as life being the value, it is like saying, we no longer allow this bubble of wealth, we realize that this earth is the real estate, and we, the people, are becoming responsible for this estate in totality, we stand for equal money to buy back our estate, our home, to ensure that this estate of earth, this land of earth is home and needs to be organized in such a way that no matter where we go, we are at home, we are secure. It means that where ever we go, we live on a beautiful estate called earth, we can run here barefoot, expressing ourselves as life, no longer allowing behaviors of a diminished life reacting as being diminished and only seeing survival.
This means that we cannot allow prisons, or usury, or representative government, we must all become responsible for life, we must all vote on all issues and understand what is best for all, of which we are capable as we are one and the same, we are life.

The mind, consciousness, is the form of our separation from life, it is the measure of self interested limited values not all bad, some good, projected as self definition, in separation from life, from expression as life, in becoming one self definition only, we reject life, and the accumulation within this rejection is all the behaviors outside of that singular estate where guards are necessary to protect that singular point, this we are doing within, as what is without reflects what is within, thus it is us the human who are destroying life, through not taking care of life in totality on this earth, and thus we must stop what we are doing and stand and realign this world to realize the value is life, that all divisions are separations from accepting and allowing life. We must look at out divisions, and take that which is good and do what is best for all. 

I feel like a hierophant saying all this, but i am not, I am you, you are me, we are all one and the same, we are life. My hair may be green - just kidding- but it does not mean I am more than or less than you, I am a form as a human, here on this earth, I have certain needs to survive within how we have allowed ourselves to exist, and thus what is needed to exist must be given to all equally to remove behaviors of survival and allow behaviors that are expression of life, the full potential of which means that we all need all that is here as life, as earth, as it is this actual physical existence that is the measure of our equality, and we have not, are not measuring well, we are allowing some values to be greater than others, our pyramids are false reflections of life, and as such they will fall because they not only ignore life, they do not realize the value from which they are composed, which is the substance of life. Pyraminds, a divisions with borders, are false schematics, because they believe one thing to be more than another, and as such support that one thing more than others, and the lack of support for the “ others” undermines what sustains the more than, and thus the structure will inevitably fall, because is does not support life, it rips it apart  in a self interest made bigger than life. So our projections as illusions of grandeur are our limitations, as a paranoia of loss within a delusion, an illusion, that one value is greater than another, and if I force my value onto another, I then justify my value, which is competition and comparison in separation from realizing what made that selected value possible, which is the substance that allows the expression of that value, which is life, which is what here is composed of and as. becoming stagnant within one value is a limitation and a lack of expression, as movement of self as life, is experience of the myriad forms of life, as this is living. Let us create an earth that is an expression of life, an estate of life, We can form this whole earth to be a heaven on earth, and our system of limited estates is not working, and who wants to spend their life guarding such an estate? This is not life, rather spend your life creating a state of life on every inch of earth. it is what we are here to learn to do, so let’s get this done. It is the only way.

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