Sunday, November 11, 2012

Day 200 important/unimportant, A separation

Day 200
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to become an energetic outflow, as judgement, of more than or less than, as comparison, within myself, as to what it is that I am, in self pity, believing that something has been lost, as a belief that I have been incapable of speaking up and thus am of an energetic value as idea instead of actually looking at what is here, physically here, where the thoughts , emotions and feelings, heavy, thick, determine what I am, when in fact this is myself not really looking at what is actually physically here, including understanding the outward manifestation of this as this profit based system, and the inward as hiding the negative -fear of loss- behind the positive thought, the positive much like the ideas in religion where I become “good” in submitting to suffering, submitting to a “less than” so conditioned from day one through family, society, media - a human system imposed, impulsed that this is believed to be “human nature”, which is what I have come to believe, when in fact, if I take the time to look, none of the thoughts really make any sense, nor the emotions and feelings as they are not directive but acceptive of a lack of common sense of how this physical world works, and deny the giving nature of this physical world, of which the human is the substance of, thus the present human nature is impulsed and the very character of the machines built by the human, as the present human built machines suck the resources of this earth without working in tandem with the nature of earth, thus are all thoughts, emotions and feelings of the human that which separates the human, and myself from what is real, what is able to work together in support of life, which is nature as earth.
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that if a boy who is blind is able to teach himself to click his teeth and sense objects in the space around him, and then enable himself to go out and play with other children, he is showing us that the human body is a technology far greater than any machine a man has built, I mean can men build such a machine that would enable a blind boy to ostensively, see, his surroundings merely by clicking his teeth and using a developed sense of space through sound? All of which begs the question, What else are we the human, disallowing in the common sense development of our physical bodies and the physical body of this earth? And would not the lack of this development be a crime against life? And would this not be realized as ignorance of life?
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to not see, realize and understand that to think of myself as important or not important is to, as the word implies, place a judgement on myself as life according to what values I have “imported” into and as myself, as what i project and personify, as the limited values in obeisance to a profit based system that impulses these limited values, effectively shutting down what is the real nature of the human, able to exist within common sense of this physical world, thus all moments in and as thoughts, feelings and emotions, are myself denying myself as life, denying common sense of this physical world, as I “import” this limited value system through believing I lack the limited value “qualities” or believing I have “imported” the limited values, both scenarios denying the totality of this physical world, that which is real.
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that that which is the dream, the separation,as religion, is given freely, and that which sustains has a price tag which means that which is real, the physical sustaining world, has been allowed a subjective ownership by men impulsing only limited values where money then buys life, and religion, which is available in every town, as I see churches in every town I have ever been in in America, presents the picture of having open doors for all, yet that prayer, that begging for survival - essentially, obviously is an illusion, thus is the illusion given freely and what is real, owned and allowed to determine life, and the determined in itself is limited and stagnant and destructive, as in fact, since each human has a pair of lungs and most can talk, there is no reason why all humans cannot sing, and even this ability should be developed within each human, yet it is not.
When and as i have a thought of myself as more than or less than, an emotion of self pity or a feeling that I am good, I realize that I am in comparison within the limited values impulsed through limiting tags as values of gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, class, education, emotion, feeling, as these are labels placing layers of division from what is real as the very substance of life that is what each human is one and equal to this as this is what all is here on earth, the plants , the animals and the very soils on which we walk, that are supporting us to b-earth ourselves as life, to come home to what is real, the physical world.

When and as I find myself in and as my mind ONLY, I stop and I breath, and I see this that I have been taught, which I have accepted and allowed, as the thoughts of judgement as what I believe I am, are myself in separation from what is physically here, myself in ignorance of what systems have been accepted and allowed on this earth by men in ignorance of themselves as life, which must stop as it is not life.
I commit myself to realizing that there is no such thing as failure, as there is only walking, it is laying down on the side of the road that is the failure, per say - as there are many that do not even have the basic needs and their instruments of life, as their human physical bodies, no longer function, thus for those in the “west” who have the fruits of the labor of enslaved humans, animals, and plants, it is up to us to walk, no matter what until this earth is in common sense of itself as life, as this is the value.
I commit myself to realizing that my thoughts are what is my separation into and as ideas, belief, opinions of more than and less than through labels as gender, race, class, nationality, religion, the layers of division as individually “wrapped” ( up in) ideas of more than and less than, as one value is made greater than another, and many based on an illusion where this illusion of values, just like religion, is “free” to look at as it is placed all over this earth via media, yet what sustains is supposedly owned and made to cost the expression of ourselves as life, as pushing papers and manipulating words for the dividend of a few and an economy based on war, is not being life.
I commit myself to seeing realizing and understanding that each and every thought of value, as a “tag” in definition of everything that exists as what I have been taught is, these qualities not good or bad, but simply when believed to be more than and made huge in tandem with a profit based system where money determines life, perpetuating war to create friction and conflict and fear of survival, disallowing total development of ourselves as life, and creating degrees of development to some and not others, to use this generation of friction and conflict as fear to blind into disorder as divisions of belief, and limited insight, where some then own what is real as the freely given resources of this earth, and hide this limiting action within illusions that are what is free as the media and religion, is a game of separation from self as life, is a hunt of ignorance of life, a hurt for so many who are denied life, all of this a denial of what is real, of what is the value, which is life, this physical world the instrument of life, here.
I commit myself to seeing realizing and understanding how the mind works, a machine that takes pictures and makes huge some values, as how advertising works knowing that the eye of the human will not pick up all of the picture, where the human has not been taught common sense of self as the physical, and thus will follow the images fed, and take the values and weave stories, fantasy, with accepted selected values that are selections based on family, class, race, nationality, education, believing themselves to be the creators when all that has happened is a weaving of the limited values presented/impulsed through media and the same kind of mind structures of all the people as family that game before, and when these values are only what is followed and used to weave a persona, and this is all that is presented, then there is no common sense development of this physical world, though this is done by degree only and even within this limited, and this creates a separation from the collective as the parts as the human from realizing self as life, equal and one to what is the substance that is what builds what is here, where there is obeisance to the limited values presented and no awareness developed of what is real, as what is real is denied so that a few can control and own, and meanwhile life is not lived.
I commit myself to, when and as i sense a judgement of more than and less than in and as what I am, it is in relation to what has been taught, and is myself allowing myself to become mind only and thus a separation from myself as life, equal and one to what is actually physically here as what we are as life.

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