Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Day 204 Answering in protection and defense of self

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to be the personification of care, to adhere to the questioning of a male and to serve the questions within believing I care as the happy face presentation, where I take on the string of questions in an effort to answer and protect myself from the alternative of not answering as a protection and defense.
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that I do this all the time, as it was a means of survival, to answer to the questioning of another within survival in trying to figure out this world in and as the mind as energy.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to become care for the mind, care for answering to the demands of the mind as the mind judges and then seeksvalidation of its judgement to prove it knows.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to become this with all males, and females where solutions are constantly kneeded that do not look to the whole and realize the system of the quantum mind and its effects on the very systems of this world, that are a system of greed and rape, as this system of a mind consciousness sucks the resources of this earth and turns them into energy to sustain a separation from what is real, the physical world, to the point where this physical world will be destroyed, this that the mind has no idea of as it has not learned to work with this physical world and instead abuses and rapes, pillages and destroys in a belief that man is more than, as man is looking at this world within a movement of gain, of belief in being more than, where in reality there is no more than, there is only here, as the substance of life, which is not a state of energy in and as the mind as this mind made huge is a plan that is of separation, ignorant of what is real, viewing only parts, as is evident in the parts revealed only within media, education, family - as the adult members of the family were trained within the same system of separation.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to have focused myself onto and as a care to the questioning of the mind, the care of the separation from realizing equality as being one and equal to the substance of life here, and this reading and answering within respect to all existent on this earth, never blaming, comparing, judging, denigrating.
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that caring in and as answering to the limited values of more than and less than according to what is projected by media, education, politics, family values, religious values, is all in separation from this physical world and in answer to beliefs, opinions and ideas of more than and less than which is to say a separation from the reality of equality within life substance into and as energy as mind, as polarities of right and wrong, instead of remaining within what is stable and sustaining, the actual physical world, the plan of life, the only real plan/form/tool of expression.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to give a care to the authority of my parents, to the views and opinions and ideas of endless speculation into human behavior where answers were never really found within the many questions sought as this system in totality, within and without was never considered, as secondary qualities were always the starting point, these assumptions unclear, but taught, causing a separation from realizing the substance of life was the support of all existent on earth, the divisions into more than and less then, as judgements were existent because the starting point was of judgement into more than and less then, and within this fear was generated in fearing to lose the values lived within the family that were believed to make one more than another, as these values were unequal to understanding that the real value was the very substance of life, the form of which is being destroyed to serve a mind of limited insight and thus, value judgements, instead of realizing that being a form in and as this physical world is the value, is what is real.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to give a care for religion, to have answered to the separation from equality and oneness as the substance of life, here into and as a belief that there is some magical world of peace beyond this world, which is a judgement of this world in and as itself and this an ignorance of life substance as the gift of life, where the gift of life would create no separations of one world and another, as the gift of life would value all life, value simply being here, enjoying the sensation of simply being, and within this create many forms of expression, which are not realized as the real value by the human, as the human is a mind consciousness system in and as energy, as limited values, fearing losing the “furniture” of the mind as the limited values of more than and less than, all an act of ignorance of what is real, as the gift of life, which is this physical world.
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that when I give value to material objects, and the voices in and as my mind that support beliefs of more than and less than, and thus a belief in ownership, I am a mind consciousness system, I am a walking judgement, and I am in separation from myself as life, so obvious in the loss of my ability to even sense this physical world, where I, as I grow older lose the ability to sense my human physical legs, to sense how to drive a car down the road, to sense walking in stability on the very face, as the ground of this earth, where I lose my eyesight and thus am unable to walk in dignity as life, as I have abdicated my common sense in and as life, equal and one to what is real, which is this actual physical world.

When and as I walk, breath in and as my human physical body I see, realize and understand that I am here as the substance of life, and that the Plan as the structure of what is presently existent on this earth as a system in separation from the value as the form of the physical world, this system the accepted and allowed structure as a plan that must be taken apart and realigned to realizing life is the value, I stop and I breath when I find myself answering as the voices in and as my mind as the values of separation from the value being life, respecting and working with this physical world, where working with this physical world means causing absolutely no abuse, as the physical is understood to be the substance of life, as this is what is real and not the fantasy of another life - this act of judgement of this world as being less - and I breath and I realize there is nothing to lose but life itself, and thus I look to what has been accepted and walk within this to realign this to oneness and equality, this realizing that this physical world is life, and that this is the value, as this is the manifestation of what a “real” god would create, as a system of suffering is just this, the existence of suffering and nothing else, where it is impossible to realize self as life, and express self as life, thus the whole idea of taking “shit” to get to a better place is an illusion placed on this earth in and as the quantum mind of con-sciousness as belief system that allows abuse, that in allowing abuse , is ignorant of this physical world and how this physical world is an/the expression of life as the substance of life, one and equal in all existent as the physical.
I commit myself to no longer ignoring this authored separation in and as my mind consciousness system, this separation of more than and less than values, to see, realize and understand that these values as judgements as mind are the act of separation, causing instability into emotions and feelings, the accumulation of ideas, beliefs and opinions as thoughts serving what has become manifest as the creation of separation as the nature of energy always needing a substance to burn in self maintenance, where it can be realized that this is the movement of self as energy as separation through becoming aware of physical constriction within the human physical body, the very act of the personification of limited values consuming the physical flesh just as the profit based system of ownership digs into this physical earth to consume resource, eating away as life, destroying what is the value, the expression of life here, thus does the human allow the destruction of the very platform/plan of life to serve the mind consciousness system of limited value selection that is the mind consciousness system as mind made huge, as the mind is a tool to map what is here in common sense, yet this has been used to serve energy, just as this earth is being raped to serve energy, lacking the principle of respecting life, as life is the value, the principle of give as you would like to receive, the principle of being life, self forgiving as life, here, of which the breath places one here, equal and one in every moment, walking in common sense of life, within this act of being physically here. I mean this is common sense.

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