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Day 207 The mind as magnifier of parts of the physical/story only

The mind as magnifier of parts of the story.
I wake up this morning worrying about money. I try to clear something up and read some letters from lawyers and call a bank.
What I see within the letter, as the presentation, are details that stop within one part of a story line of events; meaning one little made huge detail within the consequencesof the total. And these details presented serve the interests of only a few, and it is all about survival and money into non- equality.
If the whole were looked at, then the outcome would be different than the parts presented, and thus, if the development of the human is caught in confusion, as instability, which in a way is an understanding that “something is a-miss” ( to the whole). There have been times when I was confused, and then I went into continuing this confusion through looking at the things within the confusion one and a time- as thought seeking an answer within these only, one at a time. And then, over the last years, I got better at catching myself doing this - also within the desteni process of understanding emotions, thoughts and feelings, and investigating what is the actual movement and structure of the present system- actions of understanding the within and the without. So, I got to the point where I realized I could not find and answer, and felt confused because there was not an answer within the presentation “facts”. What I would then do is stop and realize I did not have an answer, and then wait for a change in perception to find the answer. Which meant, that I needed more understanding, but I did not realize this clearly. I guess I thought of it in some “ magical awareness coming in that was going to out there some where.” But this started to bother me, as this was not a clear situation either.
I knew something was not clear within the health situation in America, and I had problems with my mother, as she totally accepts all the pills and means of the present allopathic system. So, I started to look into health professionals who had done independent research and found many problems with what is accepted as promoting supposed heath within allopathic medicine. I would then take these professional studies and insight to my mother. She refused to read them. I was confused.
I was in effect finding my own way of answering to the confusion point, in doing investigation; meaning looking to the structure of what is here and understanding it. Unfortunately, I had not really investigated how money worked.
So, confusion, a sense of confusion, is really seeing no answer within presentation, being trapped within the part presented, meaning that confusion of a state of not having enough insight into the total story ( a separation), the total here, as what is real, as what is physically actually the real “ here” in seeing how what is here works as this physical actuality, the same tactic used in suppression of consequence within the physical world in favor of limited supposed ‘complete peer reviewed studies” ( which in essence have become reality as a sanctioned “truth” where, yes, things should be cross referenced but within a profit based system of inequality where money determines life, this will end up being manipulated in favor of profit- as this has been made/allowed to determine life.)
Now, if the mind focuses on the details presented and moves as that detail, this would be an absence of sensing the whole story - or manifestation physically. So, moving as the aggrandized part would be an ignorance of an understanding as the total story-manifestation; the physical being the manifestation of the total story. Thus it would be a crime to not reveal the total story, it would be a crime to not clear up confusion or to even use it for personal gain. That personal gain is not even aware of the total story, or it would not be taking the limited action!
This in essence is what has become of the present system of money and human energetic personality development. And each of us accepted and allowed this through our participation. The human is not cross referencing all the capacities of the from as the human, and instead seeking character/care-actor to law/wife/mother/street worker/paper pusher/ electrician to name a few, only, sequestering into limited role play only, without becoming aware of self as being able to interact in common sense with much of what is here, where so much of what is here is able to be common sensed and directed through by self in interaction with this physical world.
The total effects within this physical world must always/allways be considered, any ignorance, hiding, inconsideration is criminal and will cause confusion, and thus maintain separation, and looking at the parts made huge - selective parts that are impulsed again and again and again, withholds common sense, as hearing/hereing/seeing the total story/manifestation as the physical. This is using division in a mathematical way, folding over on itself again and again, without looking at total consequence, thus are emotions, thoughts and feelings used to divide from the whole. Like a pendulum on a clock, where self is limited into the bottom of the pendulum only, as mind.
Take a moment and try stopping that emotion, that sense of confusion, the sense of falling inwardly and see if you are able to “pull it back” into sensing the whole with ease and in calm. I bet you cannot do this. All those reverberations within as the confusion, as the emotions and feelings and thoughts echoing through your physical body, imbedded within the waters resonantly, they are still “bouncing off the walls of self as self” as they are unresolved. This all needs to be brought back to self, equalized to self as life, as the physical, being aware of the whole story. Thus must self deconstruct the separations through realigning them back to the whole- the totality of the story; physical manifestation. Mechanistic.
Within this, your me-mories are the me stories of parts accepted and allowed in separation of equal and one consideration of the whole;physical manifestation. And, the present system is the manifestation of this separation without as what we are within, the two existing equal and one - at the same time. Thus, as long as we are accepting this, our separation from an understanding of the total story ( as all consequence) ; physical manifestation, inequality to the acceptance of all of the story- as this actual physical world- will continue- until it sucks the real awareness of the whole until there is nothing left and we start from the beginning all over again. Even here the problem will not be solved, as we must realize the totality of what is here, to move as what is equal and one as the substance that is the starting point, equal and one, as the creative value, as realizing this is the value, and working with this. meaning not choosing to give more value to an object from this formed, which is not eliminating the form, but seeing it as an expression of the very substance as what self is, and sharing and working with and understanding how this was formed, and enjoying the form and seeing the forms as a story of creation.
Our stories presently are creations of values, and the values are limited within awareness of what we are in substance and that substance as form in expression. Instead we have looked only to certain forms and not the means and development of the form that is of the substance. Thus we worship false - as in limited parts only- gods/idols. In a way it is like only sensing blips on a screen, and taking those blips and creating ourselves from that only, as that one part is excited and then seemingly bright and thus seemingly supportive - as we are separate from the whole/lacking a developed sense of the whole from day one- as the nothing as the space, which in fact it is a separation from common sense, common sense being a sense of the commons, the commons being the very earth on which we exist, everything, as it is the common supportive ground as the physical as where we are as the human, and it is here, to allow us to equalize ourselves back to the total story of existence as how the very substance of life has and is the total form of life as this physical world. Thus all there is is here. Is there really anything that life would not be but this? This makes so much sense , and allows all life, would never divide life, as the nature of life is expression as life.

I commit myself to realizing and understanding that separation is a stop into value judgements.
I commit myself to investigating all my own self doubt as a non directive movement lacking common sense of this actual physical world.
I commit myself to realizing that I become emotional when I believe something can be lost, where this sense of loss, is a belief in lack, simply an action as a movement lacking direction, where direction would be understanding, in common sense of how this actual physical world functions, and thus an act of elimination would not exist, as the physical was here before man emerged on this earth.
I commit myself to stop myself from being a walking dis-cretion and looking at what is actually here as this physical world, and understanding the mechanics there of.
I commit myself to seeing, realizing and understanding that value judgements of more than and less than are a lack of common sense when held in high esteem and followed within assembly through like relations and associations as a limited movement without a directive principle of resolution.
I commit myself to realizing there is only here, in absolute direction as what is best for all within investigating how this physical world works.

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