Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Day 218 physical constriction signifies separation

I commit myself to seeing realizing and understanding that constriction in and as my physical is due to thoughts as the judgement of good and bad in and as consciousness, as how themind works, through separation into polarities of judgement, where emotions are the negative and feelings a compound of the negative into the positive, always the devil and the angel, the acts of separation into judgement from what is physically here, as this has been made huge by a system as the mind of men, this that is called god, a belief in a more than and less than in separation from equality and oneness as life.
I commit myself to seeing, realizing, understanding what I am as mind, and to expose this system as mind as what man has created outwardly as systemic abuse of this earth, of the physical, as the movement of myself as thoughts, emotions and feelings is a separation from life.
I commit myself to seeing realizing and understanding that I have validated myself as my thoughts, emotions and feelings, not seeing, realizing and understanding how the mind in fact functions, not having learned how to see the separations, and myself as life, in common sense of oneness and equality to this physical world, where the value is life, and yet, the value of more than and less than is what is lived, manifest in and as the present system of money, where money determines life, and thus money is the manifestation of the god man has acceptedand allowed, where the choice is to stop and create a system that supports life, realizing life is the value on this physical world to manifest heaven on earth.
I commit myself to no longer validate myself in and as emotions, thoughts and feelings, recognizing the separation and the possessions of thoughts, emotions and feelings through remaining here , in and as breath.
I commit myself to realizing that constrictions within and as my human physical body signify compounded thoughts, as emotions and feelings, of which I have made huge, as beliefs, opinions and ideas, I have created personas, where this persona is the possession and directive in and as energy and thus is the real devil as this is separation from and as common sense.
I commit myself to seeing, realizing and understanding that movement as thought, emotions and feelings creates consequences as this is a separation from life into and as energy, to stop and to breath and to become a movement in and as common sense as what is best for all, as what i would want for myself, which is to give as I would like to receive as this is self in common sense of life, that which is the substance as sound of which is one and equal, in and as what all of earth is, which is a constant, and thus the constant has always been here.

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