Friday, November 23, 2012

Day 214 Self commitment within back chat self validation

I commit myself to breathing, to remaining in and as breath, to stabilize myself in and as the physical, to move myself as life into stability here, equal and one to what i have allowed, as the mind, as the backchat in and as what validates myself as mind in separation from oneness and equality as self as life, here.
I commit myself to seeing realizing and understanding that the conversations, back chat, comments based on values of more than and less than, are evaluations within a game of survival where money determines life, and thus a validation of myself within polarities of fear of loss and hope for gain, where fear is met with a set of morals that support the presentation of myself based on what was taught within a system of inequality within the culture, family, society, educational system, religion in which I was born, where these more alls were taught to ensure my own survival, not seeing, realizing and understanding that what was real, was this actual physical world, as this is the real expression of life, which is what is actually here, where no real god would create anything but what is actually here, shared equally by all, as this is life, the very action of life, absolutely.
I commit myself to breathing and realizing that the back chat, as recitation of protection and defense, in and as my mind, are limited values in consideration of my own survival, and thus to be stood one and equal to, to realign this conflict back to self and to direct within the principle of what is best for all, in becoming the living word of and as the value being life.
I commit myself to seeing the polarities of thought as the back chat in and as my mind, as protection and defense of personalities as what I was taught to project as myself in creating what serves a hierarchy of more than and less than, that is in itself an abdication of life, as the dialogue in and as my mind is a communication of survival and thus ignores equal and one movement in and as myself as life with what is real, this physical world, where what is here is/has been built by the hands of men, thus this physical world is what is real and thus, within and as breath, awareness of this physical world means all there is, is facing this actual physical world and directing myself in common sense, in practicality, within interacting with what is best for all that is here on this earth.
I commit myself to realize the positive thoughts, desires , wants and needs, as words and pictures, ideas and perceptions in and as the mind are the positive value presented to hide the negative fear of loss in relation to what is immediate within my environment as accepted and allowed behaviors built to support a system of inequality, that hide the inferiority as a fear of loss within survival.
I commit myself to seeing, realizing and understanding that the back chat in and as my mind, protects and defends instead of looking to correct patterns within solutions to and towards what is best for all, to enable life to become a directive principle in and as being life, within absolute purpose as what is best for all is best for self where life becomes creation instead of this present system of destruction in ignorance of life, where the only choice is to realize that life is the value.
i commit myself to, in my case, worry about money, to investigate what will support myself to be able to support what is best for all, instead of allowing myself to go into back chat that directs myself within presentations of myself within personifications established through what would enable myself to survive as what was taught, as a means of comfort and survival and to stop these thoughts and redirect them into and as solutions, seeing, realizing and understanding that the choice is to stand within what is self directive as life as what is best for all.
I commit myself to instead of blame and self justification, to stop and to breath, and to investigate solutions through understanding patterns of behavior within and without, within the present system of inequality, to stand within what is best for all.
I commit myself to realize that back chat of seeking comfort, is myself wanting to hide and not stand and to stop and to simply investigate what is here, and what is needed to be walked within solutions that support life, as this is what is best for all.
I commit myself to realize that the back chat in and as my mind indicates the friction/conflict of separation that simply needs investigation towards what is actually physically here, and to direct this within what is best for all, thus a sense of “falling” and/or vertigo is myself within fear and not being directive within what is supportive which is understanding how this physical world functions, and taking the necessary steps to and towards what is best for all.
I commit myself to realize, see and understand that moving in self interest within survival, which is a system created through a belief that some can own freely given natural resources and thus placing money within a system where life must them be bought, is a crime against life, and thus unacceptable, as this is the outward manifestation of what I have accepted and allowed in not directing myself within self responsibility in equality and oneness with myself as life, equal and one to what supports me as life, which is the physical as this is the substance of life of which I am.

I commit myself to seeing realizing and understanding that participation in and as the mind is a validation of continues separation and not myself within and as the validation of myself as life, as I separate into values of less/loss and more/gain and stagnate within limitation instead of investigating what has been accepted and allowed in self abdication in and as what i am as the substance of life, here.

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