Monday, November 26, 2012

Day 216 Self commitment within validation/idol creation

I commit myself to realizing that to judge and not immediately see, realize and understand that judgement has no purpose within solution, within any investigation into and as what would support all life in every moment within and as myself, therefor, when I judge within or without, I breath and I walk through the veil of fear to steady myself within clearing my waters of friction and conflict until I become this as a constant, in and as an expression of life, here, as what I am, as what is the value.
I commit myself to breathing and to walking through all the dialogues of the mind, the entertainment, the MO of the mind in survival and thus greed to which I have separated myself, abdicating myself as life in favor of ideas, beliefs and opinions of limited substance and a state of lack in being life, as what I am, this behavior manifest as want, need and desire, where all judgements are myself lost in a character and personification of self validation, as a self religion, as a composition of stagnant non-directive movements of myself as life.
I commit myself to seeing , realizing and understanding that this is a process of walking through the layers of separation as the behaviors of thoughts, emotion and feeling, exposing wants , needs and desires taught to be given/found/fulfilled within objects in separation from myself, as I see a quality as being an object, not seeing realizing and understanding that what I am, as what I express and move myself as, which is also a movement within another, is a movement and thus not something that can be owned, but in all reality, something that is expressed in a moment, and then can one move onto the next moment, which is actually more “interesting” than sitting at the foot of a supposed god because self is actually living the experiences being “told” - so to speak, where within this, it is an absolute crime to deny this physical world, earth, as supporting life, as the medium of expression for life, and thus realizing that all that is here is to support life, this being of life, thus to deny a child full development in expression as life, through starvation or to fulfill the lusts of men in separation from themselves into and as hiding within an energetic rush ( shortlived and thus needing constant “feed” - like the systems on computers) not seeing , realizing and understanding through stopping and taking a breath each and everytime an obvious pattern of repeated behavior once again demands attention, thus it is to realize that this physical world is here to support life, yet man has imposed what is obvious repeated patterns of behavior that consume the experience of the form of the human here on this earth.
I commit myself to realizing , understanding that the devil shows up in the details of the patterns of obsessions and possessions within and as the behavior of humans, where it is possible for myself and anyone to realize this if one stops and breaths and realizes this takes time to see, as what has been taught is a lack of spacial ability to realize and see the obvious, which is what is being accepted and allowed that is so visible through patterns of behavior and the voice of the forked tongue, presenting the happy justifying good to hide the enslavement to a pattern of behavior evident as a constant need, and thus a constant projection into and as an idea that has been made a angelic guide clutched onto in fear of loss, when this is the illusion, as the physical world is the gift to realize self as life.
I commit myself to breathing, to mapping out the behaviors of separation, to realize my own patterns of separation, to piece myself back together as life, to become one and equal to this physical world as the gift of self realization in and as life.
I commit myself to see, realize and understand that all the heaviness I experience is myself is separation from life,

I commit myself to seeing realizing and understanding that when and as I become heavy and want to sleep, I am not looking at how and with what belief, opinion and idea I have created through compounded thought, emotion and feeling, that I have used to direct myself here, in separation from common sense in and as myself as life.
I commit myself to see, realize and understand that this system of resource ownership by a mono, and utilities to process resource development debted to the poly is a system of abuse, as the very same hierarchy learned in the fourth grade where the upper tiers of this abuse, refuse to see, understand and realize that they are in separation from themselves as life, even down the ladder to the soldiers, many of whom are realizing that they are simply the pawns as the poor being sent to other plots of resource to kill off the poor there so that a mono can own the resource and then turn the raping and maintenance of that resource over to the poly suggesting any manner of improvement in life- the happy face as the only without revealing consequence, taking all profits for themselves and placing in austerity measures, which is in effect simply creating a concession stand, an absolute crime against life, as the resources are not being used in ways that are best for all, so evident in the destructive methods of resources acquisition and use , where they are used up and the earth destroyed as what is here has not been utilized within what is best for all, including the environment in which that resource was mined from.
I commit myself to seeing realizing and understanding that there is no reasoning with a polarity that see only itself, as this is the mind, which must stand outside of itself and realize that the projections of the mind made huge are the separation from life, into an energetic storm, like a entity, a demon, lost in a conflict of want, need and desire, chasing instead of being, grabbing instead of giving, raping instead of expressing.
I commit myself to realize all movement within and as myself that validates a character within and as myself through an impatient “snap/tantrum “ of self justification, where often a statement of ignorance is used, such as “ I don’t know” or “this is not possible”, or “we don’t know how to do that” or “ go ask your mother” or “ go ask your father” or “ the lord only knows” or “ it is a mystery” or “ “that cannot be known” as the list goes on and on, where this is a behavioral pattern within existence that signifies only ignorance, as a singular self abdicating action, where all that is needed is an investigation into the mechanics of the present system on this earth and the mechanics of the movement of men as mind, as thoughts, emotions and feelings, voiced as beliefs, opinions and ideas, suggesting a more than, less than, or ignorant, stance, where in many ways ignorance is hiding within a point of indecisiveness, a worship of an idea of neutrality being good, when in fact if it is not a directive that supports all life, then it is a crime against life, as there is no choice but to support all life, which in common sense does even need a validation of a god or no god, as the human is here, and there is no excuse to not take care of this earth within what is best for all, as praying is in effect begging, which is self abdication within being supportive as being directive within what is best for all. Period,

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