Sunday, August 4, 2013

Day 404 The flow of a Living Income Guarantee

I talked about the Living Income Guarantee today and it was cool, because in walking through my understanding, the very order of it, I walk the ordinary and build to having an extraordinary understanding of how this works and thus gain insight into how much of a win-win situation a Living Income Guarantee proposal is in fact.

The point about LIG, Living Income Guarantee, within how it allows currency to flow makes so much common sense. This flow being nationalized resources that are priced mathematically to ensure a living wage for the human where they can purchase their basic needs and have a roof over their heads, and the incentive to double that living wage through working. The effect  stabilizing the be-HAVING of the human ( a human cannot be, at present, without having certain basic needs to RIGHT the human in harmony with earth )  

Humans have allowed themselves to become so separate from the nature of ourselves as life, that the abnormal is normal,  a belief generated  subsequent to suppression of life. Funny, it is like we define backwards. This would be the story of a smoke and mirrors existence.

If the natural life sustaining resources are nationalized and  sold at a mathematically determined price that sustains the human, eliminating a competitive greed price,  this would be a win-win for the product makers needing the resource. It would also take care of wages and thus spending power and also allow development by the people for the people. It is like releasing control, removing stress and allowing flow as the very behavior of the human, while still allowing profit for those who create the products.

At present, the accepted restrictions probably create more of a burden. Where is the cost effectiveness in this? This is an unnecessary difficulty. And, ironically, humans as life are a program of life, which is a  program of what is best for all. Allowing this would remove a threat of the masses competing for the “ top” profit spot as life nature, much like the animals in the wild, simply want to enjoy being here, being with others, physically expressing themselves. Thus the fear of loss is illusory. 

We really have to turn around and reverse ourselves into what makes sense, as this is the answer and a win-win situation for earth, and it could exist within a short amount of time..  Once a human practices returning to what is before the survival character, each return happens at a faster rate as the human can learn to move here, in common sense, and thus, though it might appear slow at first, that point where it appears to not be working is the point of change. Anyone who has had some opportunity to develop themselves knows this. Thus, it is a crime to not allow this discovery for each and every one of us.

 A living Income Guarantee would “ grease” the machine of the physical and get life flowing/ supporting life. Common Sense, as this is the natural ability of the substance of life, here.

Understand your survival character.

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