Sunday, August 25, 2013

DAY 417 Common Sense is Our Natural Learning Ability

All children are born with an ability to sense the world. They start ordering this world, sensing its structure with their very physical bodies, the tool to sense this world. This is why they start putting things in their mouths, to sense the texture, the shape, the size, all the qualities that an object of substance consists of and as. Slowly this builds into clear structures and awareness of properties of this physical geometrical world.

As well,  the child senses their own physical body and the way and means of movement within that form. This then leads to learning words. Words are structures that define the space of here, that describe the qualities of here. In Iceland, I believe there are many words for the various formations of water turned into a solid, and if one is born into this culture, one is taught how to read the solid water on the landscape. Important for survival in such a world.

But what if a world in which one lived, presented a limited expression of self? What if a world where a few owned what is freely given and with this form an added structure of power and control, taught a limited vocabulary that adhered to the values focused upon in self interest for the maintenance of that control and power? If words are keys to expression, then words can be impulsed within limited actions available to survive, diminishing the common sense, the natural learning ability into an arena that is of limited values and because the values are limited, not necessarily good or bad, but limited, the child becomes limited in their expression and thus their understanding of this geometrical world, where what is here as the physical world makes sense when investigated.

But this is the problem, if the actual real physical world were what we were taught to read, we would understand this world. Instead we are taught to read behaviors of values as a personification of what serves power and control, instead of community with physical reality. If we understood physical reality before behavior to a central power, we would have the power of ourselves as our natural learning ability to realize the movement and function of this real, supportive physical world. In being impulsed to read the venue of a form of power and control as the without as us, we take in following an idea over the power that is innate within us to read and understand physical reality. We give our power away to a directive created with what is the directive, our natural learning ability, and we allow this to be the following of and as ourselves, a second hand. Another cannot direct the object of ourselves here because they are not here on our ground, they are there on their ground, thus their directive will be of a limited perspective. This is why there are many men, to allow the expression of men to be on earth to see what is physically happening on earth. If we are taught to read this physical earth, we must then value the ground on which we stand, then we will not only come to understand but also take actions that do no harm  to that on which we stand. A centralized power loses contact and thus common sense of the physical. Just think of all the bureaucracies that layer a state of confusion which is really to hide the lack of perspective from a central power because that central power has no sense of physical reality, being lost in directing and believing that they must control which is ourselves fearing our common sense and abdicating ourselves as life, ironically that which we end up longing for. And when the control does not go according to plan, more controls are placed. We keep doing more of the same expecting a change, when more of the same does the same. Those with the control and idea of power do not realize that it is the non development of man as the perfect tool to read the physical that when developed to read the physical geometrical world would become the structure that understands the physical and moves with and as it in common sense. It is like the tools are here right in front of us and they are of much greater ability than anything man has built, and yet we deny them, so great is our separation from reality. An evil, as it is the opposite of “ live.” Just read the news, the play-out is all there. And it is a crime to not look. All actions of blame are an abdication of self responsibility. Self responsibility is innate as our common sense, right here in front of us as us, thus self responsibility is common sense and this would be solution, absolutely. It is right here, right in front of us, and it is what is real. Consciousness/mind is the story of our separation. 

The answer is not in putting up more signs, the answer is in developing the carrier of common sense: man. Thus human “ rights” would “ right” the world, as man would be able to read the physical. No longer would abnormal behaviors be directives, the directive would be equality with physical reality. Ideas about the physical, limited perspective, that are in essence abnormal behavior, would end as they would be balanced out in common sense with physical reality. The rape of children would end. Starvation would end, we need only accept ourselves as life, take up our common sense, as this is the principle of what is best for all.

The physical world is a brilliant design, because it does not allow a centralized power, it gives the power of creation to all, it gives the very substance of creation, which is real power, through the total fabric of the physical reality, to enable it to work with what causes no harm to any part, thus things that form are what is best for all, sustaining a state of balance. When this power is made second hand, this second hand cannot choose what is best because it is not equal to all parts, it has taken on a value of being more, of believing itself to understand, when as its very starting point is of a separation. Thus, by giving/allowing natural common sense to all of life, as the forms created working together,  the total functions.

This is why a Living Income Guarantee will begin to “ right” the fabric of earth and begin to remove abnormal behaviors that are not in accord with respect for all life, that are not in accord with causing no harm. We have been behaviors of survival for so long, stepping out of this habit may seem like a death, when all it is, is stepping out of a limitation and back into our natural learning ability to structure this world into an order that understands the myriad qualities of the physical world and “ plays “ with then to express creation, a much more fulfilling state of being than a lesser substance, known as energetic movement, as emotions and feelings that are the accumulation of limited values as thoughts of dictate to serve a lesser god of centralized power that is by form and design in separation from physical practical understanding of this geometrical able-to-be-read world. It can be realized within this that the present structure is a crime against life. Period. Thus a change into a system of equality, is really just coming home. What we have all been seeking.
Stop the paranoia of unknowing common sense, start self forgiveness and self corrective writing yourself back into and as yourself as life, your gift of life, your common sense, your natural ability as life. Time to stop the mind, we need to get this world into its natural order, life. This is FREE
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