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410 An Economic System that Withstands the Test of Time

An Economic System that Withstands the Test of Time

As long as we have war, we have not found an economic system that withstands the test of time. And such a system will be hard to transfer into within the present system where so much wealth is siphoned through war to a few. After world war two, the discoveries from using chemicals were then moved into private ownership, even though it was tax payer dollars that supported the research and now this seems to be a pattern. When there is money, as profit to be made, this part moves into private ownership, and when there is potential loss of profit, or the consequences that lead to loss, this is moved into the realm of the masses, the slave wagers, the tax payers, the consumers, the base of the pyramid, the waste end.. Obviously, a pyramid scheme would move in this way, to maintain its scheme, otherwise there is no longer a pinnacle to climb to. This scheme is a antibiosis, the ends of the spectrum as the scheme not beneficial to one another, all of this varying by degree, and in totality destructive and ignorant of physical reality. Our separation from reality, done with limited values that create a more than and a less than because limited values  only lack substance because they are not equal with a constant, and therefor end up being a search for what is constant, within a state of division, as what withstands the test of time proves stability. So, the separation is a division into a lesser substance that perpetuates what it is, division. Thus, a pyramid scheme is the manifestation of a state of division, and does as it is, divides again and again, the pendulum moving from the more than and the less than, polarities, and in its limitation looks at the past, what is previous, and tries to correct, but as this is a state of division from stability, it cannot see the whole because the starting point was of division. This separation is based on an idea in separation from physical reality that which we actually see, this a starting point of consistency, that which is what is equal in everything that exists, that which is constant in everything that exists, that which is same, and that which is the value, the absolute value, (were it not than it would not be), because life is the birth - so to speak- of absolute value. lol So freakin simple, so common sensical, that the behaviors of greed we are allowing are a joke. It is to simply forgive this behavior and create an economic system that can withstand the test of time, meaning an economic system that creates stability on earth, which would bring forth heaven on earth. And, as I have said before, we have been told that we need to bring heaven to earth, that we must become the living word, which is to equalize the within of ourselves with the without, respecting the actual real physical world.
War is the consequence of separation from reality, it is a state of division into ideas of more than and less than, and thus a disrespect of life. In our personalities we are this division, because if we really look at why we are what we are, we will see that what we believe ourselves to be is based on accumulated layers of judgement of what is more than and less than, thus each of us are the micro movement within, that has accumulated to the macro movement as the present economic system that now supports perpetual war to funnel a more than , as money , to the top of the pyramid scheme of more than and less than as our present system. We, all of us, are supporting what exists without because this is what we are within. Watch what you do in your day, is there any moment of comparison within? Are there any reactions of inferiority, as fear of loss because a judgement has been made that someone has something more than yourself? And instead of looking at the discipline that person has within directing themselves, even if it is done in self interest, what is looked at is that this person has something you do not? Within this, this discipline can be learned, we are all able to direct ourselves because we are in essence life, and life as what is birthed is a starting point of absolute value, or we would not be, we have simply imposed a limited value system on top of this, and this imposed limited value system feeds off of what is constant as this absolute value. So, it is not to denigrate discipline, but it is to realize that this shows us we are capable, and that this capacity can only go so far if it serves a lesser “ god” , a system of division into more than and less than, thus a competition instead of this being in developed disciplined expression being the gift of life, that when considered what must be taught/allowed in all life on earth, will bring about heaven on earth. The suppression and lack of this is what maintains the division from life, this a system of division that does as it is.
Thus an economic system that supports all life must be placed on earth. A system that can consistently allow the absolute value of life to be what is expressed, and earth will become a exhilaration of life, absolutely.
To begin a structure of what will give as we receive must be the economic structure placed on earth, where division no longer exists that creates lack; starvation, porn, borders, laws, non development, disease, pollution.  The rape of resource to support excess on one end of a spectrum that is division and disregard of life - of the value being life. The rape of children to feed the imbalance of those in excess, which is imbalance, this imbalance wanting to “ right” itself out which means it is not in a self sustaining state of consistency, which means separation from the value of itself as life. Release of imbalance  is not an end in itself, what is causing the imbalance, must be corrected back to itself as what is constant, and this would be what is best for all, as what is best for all would create a stable and constant state of being. This would be real joy, an absolute value as life, here. 
Thus, what has been developed for generations by the many hands of men, must be given to all to support life, as no one hand has created what is here, it is the collective of life on earth that developed here, and within this , it is to take that which is good, and what is supportive, and to use this to support all equally, and to help in realigning men with what is of absolute value, as what is same in all, as what allowed the birth of life, the realization that the value is being life, here.
Within how we are now, with this one-eyed god as this pyramid scheme being what determines existence on earth, must be re-forned or removed with a new system there in place to direct, into a system that gives as it receives. This would be a Living Income Guarantee, to ensure everyone has at least enough money to have the basic needs to take care of themselves, with those who are willing to work ( which would be most of us, as it is human nature to want to be involved) having twice the amount of the basic living wage/income. This would be a win-win for everyone of us, because this would immediately reduce so much crime, and if crime diminishes, as behaviors of survival become less, that just - for example - realize how much real estate in high crime areas would increase?! This begins within each of us, to realize our mind/consciousness systems are a collection of values that are a limitation as us not being equal in common sense to here, to the gift of life as the physical that works in practical, visible, common sense, able to be understood ways. Our minds are the image and likeness of the survival/pyramid scheme and nature is not this, nature is symbiotic, each part working in harmony with every other part, supporting one another absolutely. It is the resonance of men, as what the mind consciousness system of limited values projects and forces,  that is upsetting this earth, creating lack, allowing abuse. This must be aligned with the without as the physical, this mind, this picture taker, that is taking in the image and likeness of parents in same state of separation. So, the clean up happens within each of us, and without as placing an economic system that becomes what is best for all. Within all this, there is no other choice, because to be beliefs, opinions and ideas of more than and less than is by what it creates, by what it says and does, not in equality to life, not in equality to what life can only be, which is absolutely what is best for all. There is no other choice of being. Ironically, this is what we are under the separation of ourselves as mind, this is what we really seek, this is the real power of ourselves, here.
Your mind/consciousness is ONLY the sand as what we accept and allow.  Limited.

Support a Living Income Guarantee, and start aligning your within to your without, to see, realize and understand yourself as life, forgive yourself your own accepted and allowed limitation, take that which is good, investigate the within and the without as the world system design, and begin to direct yourself as what is best for all. As this accumulates, this realization that there is no other choice but this, then we stand as all as one as equal, and we create a structure that is the image and likeness of what is best for all, which will be what is best for self, which will be heaven on earth, ourselves finally aligned and equal to the absolute purpose as the value being life.

Start the journey to life, the first steps are FREE. DIPLite Take up the tools of self forgiveness, writing and corrective application.
Join and support the Living Income Guarantee. Expose what is not working and what is unacceptable, and voice the solution, as being the solution is the voice of what is best for all, as life is the solution of life.

Check out many FREE interviews about how our minds work in separation from being equal to the without as the physical, and the process of equalizing ourselves to and as what we are, life.

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