Friday, August 30, 2013

Day 420 Common sense is in the world, we need only place it into a structure.

I was out in my busy summer community today. I had a moment to talk with two different couples. One man had heard of Bernard Poolman, so we talked and he said he was going to look more into this, which I thought was cool. Another couple who had run a business for years, expressed that they realized there was a need to create a social dividend, a basic income grant that supported people, and what was interesting is that they made a point to say that it had to be enough to provide shelter, enough food and even transportation. Within this, they said that the conversations they had on FB were of disbelief that the American government was not getting to the point of understanding this choice. This second couple, even admitted that those in the ivory tower simply did not want to give up their power and their money. That this position came before a realization that with the amount of automation going on, a system of support must be placed, as this was the only solution. The conversation then went onto talk about the complacency of the American people who had the means to stand and change the system. What I thought was cool about this was that at least when being out in public and talking with people, there appears, from this singular incident, that some common sense amongst people is being expressed.
I also talked with a group of Hispanic people this week. I explained in simple terms, as well as I could, about how we as humans have a natural learning ability that is our common sense, and that this is what enables us to be mutable within understanding the whole of existence, instead of existing within limited dimensions of reality as idea, belief and opinion as mind. One woman was staring at me with these huge eyes, I said to her, is what I am saying what you have wanted to say placed in very simple clear terms, and she looked at me and said, yes. Perhaps it is me, I am no longer so caught in the emotional storm of the mind, and for this I can only thank Bernard Poolman and all destonians and my thanks is to share this as this is the only choice: to give as I have received. 
Our common sense is like the volume of life moving within the violin/instrument of the physical body, where the words are the structural keys to communicate life, kind of like placing a finger on a string to create a sound, a variation of sound, to express here,  if our words answer to a lesser god as idea as picture as mind, then we are not equal to being a clear, fully focused volume of life as common sense here, expressing directly with the physical. The mind, when allowed to be real as a picture of a dimension of here made huge, becomes a judgement of a more than and a less than when followed as reality, creating a bad that is rejected, thus creating polarities and division from what is real, the physical, life. Thus the segment, as idea, must be brought back and placed with physical reality in every breath to equalize self with life, with the physical, to aid in becoming an absolute purpose as life, here. As this, it would be realized that there is no such thing as rejection of life there is only the volume of what is best for all, the within being equal to the without as the physical world. Thus all thoughts , and the accumulation of thoughts, as emotions and feelings, are storms in the teacups of ourselves as life, that need only be brought back into common sense of physical reality. 
Support a Living Income Guarantee to get the ecology, as us, equal to the economy, and clean up the mirage of the mind accumulating into the physical causing disease and behaviors of lack as what having allowed the mind to be more than life has created, and equalize yourself to life, this is what has been sought, and the gift of this is right here in front of us, we need only accept it and realize how we have separated ourselves from the physical, from life. DIPLite. It is free. Check out the interviews on Eqafe, explaining the consequence and history of humanity in separation from life.

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