Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Day 418 Africa in America? Fracking in Texas Profit inversion America Style


It is amazing to see the consequences of fracking play out in Texas. A small town no longer has enough water. And despite this, the fracking trucks collecting water for fracing continue, serving the problem of  profit before life disregarding the environment and the people - which means the plants and the animals because they all depend on water to live too. This is similar to practices in Africa, rape the land, force the people to follow money flow which is leaving the natives to fend for themselves - with nothing, as their livelihood no longer exists, and then blame them for their state of existence.
Of course, there is also drought and the communal use of water by the community, which functioned but with the advent of fracking, which uses massive amounts of water, the town has been sucked dry. The media and stories broadcast make huge communal use, or global warming and belittle the presence of extreme distortion, in this case, fracking. Yes, in every way, there are probably ways to improve water usage. Limiting and distorting reality is not one of them. And a body of people who are not educated to look at the whole, but to become emotionally reactive as what drives them, can be manipulated. Perfect breeding ground for abuse. Unacceptable. This is why economic support no -matter-what is so important, it removes the fear of loss, allowing more insight.
What also happens is those with wells, start selling the water on their land to the fracking industry, so, economically what is left to get money to survive is to continue what is causing the problem in the first place that is disregarding life, to sell water to the energy industry. I mean, what good is resourcing energy solutions if there is no longer any life left to use that energy?
The play out in this town is simply a micro picture of what is happening on the world stage, the rape of resource for money without any consideration and respect for the earth from which it comes, so much in separation is man from practical physical reality.
Obviously, fracking must end or be so limited that it eventually is no longer needed or practiced. Efforts must be made to support life before profit, and practices that do no harm to the physical earth must come before profit.

This means that this profit based system must end, by nature it has created a survival game that is monopolistic, meaning its policy of profit as a directive has no built in care for life, for earth, despite what is “said” by politicians that we accept when we place them in office. It is a disease on earth causing disease, spreading a dis-ease of lack. If we continue to say that this system is impossible to change, we must look at what we are really saying: we are saying that we fear to step outside of this systemic box and stand beyond a state of I - am - possible only, this “ state” that is fearing to move forward in common sense and becoming the possibility of ourselves as life in fruition. It is possible to change.
It must also be realized within this, that as children we were inundated with the idea of a super hero, “ the one” coming to save us, that only a few can reach any extraordinary development. As we are able to be impulsed, which is why media and advertising is so successful, it must be realized that within this system of profit, the impulses would misdirect, misinform in the order of profit for a few as money before life. The consequence of this is happening in Texas.
It is astounding to see the superhero ideology play out in watching these ranchers sitting around a picnic table praying to a superhero for salvation while the fracking industry is preying on the land right there in front of them. They are good subjects of the misinformation, they have accepted the diminishment a distraction from physical reality would create. Not realizing that the real gift of life is right there as them, as their ability to use common sense in understanding the physical world, to stand equal to the physical world and create with and as it, to build heaven on earth, as the words of their “savior” gave as the real gift, the living practical word, to bring that imagined world back down to earth in common sense with physical reality. After all physical reality is what supports us, it is what is real, and those who are losing their water to the greed of systemic profit are witnessing the effects of a taught misinformation that serves a lesser god.
Time to stand up and use our common sense. Time to put an end to abuse of earth. Time to realize a profit based system does not function in common sense ways. Time to realize that what is here has been developed by generations of hands of men, that no man is an island, that what goes in is what comes out. TIme to realize that we are the gift of life, as what we are, in form and function, and that this is one and the same as any real parent would give, the ability to stand as life, equal and one to and as it.  Time to remove the limited ideas of belief that just because one sits at one point of organization of earth, as in congress, does not mean that this position is more than any other because all points support life. Within this, a congressman or any other point on this grid, believing that more of the trust of earth belongs to them than another is an illusion, as taking the resources of earth via money is collecting the welfare of earth, no different than anyone else. And with the amount of automation created by all men, past and present, no one or few men, really can say that they created anything. The “ well fare” of earth belongs to all, in all common sense. The only way for common sense to reign is for the many, the collective to stand and implement common sense through placing policies that are the voice of common sense. And since the voice of dis-information reigns at present, the voice of common sense will have to be done by many many many people. If we want the sound of common sense to be what informs us, then we must stand and be it. All of us. Realize that protesting with little pictures on signs is in essence another form of prayer, it is not actively standing and creating systemic structural change, it is asking another entrenched in limited belief to change and if you were at the top would you change?
Get involved with a solution that makes sense of this world. Support a Living Income Guarantee. Respect those who came before us and those who are yet to come. Respect earth, it is life.
bring yourself back into a perspective that considers all life, as it the natural ability of you as life, that which is a distortion of misinformation, your consciousness. Forgive yourself back to yourself as life, whole and accepting of the sensation of the gift of life as the physical earth, through self forgiveness, writing and corrective application to deconstruct the mechanism of separation as limited values taught and reconstruct yourself equal to life, to become equal within and without, which means to be here, in absolute focus as self equal and one to and as life, to become a living word. The tools are here. DIPLite. It is Free

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