Friday, August 9, 2013

Day 406 Programming and the word.

Programming and the Word.
Words are structures, they explain/show/describe an expression, as a noun, or a movement as a verb, or a characteristic, as an adjective or how something moves as an adverb, If our words are not clear, as in being equal to what is here in fact, then we are not clear. We have the words as the structures to be clear here and to share this clarity.
If words can be programmed in, and our words are not clear in meaning, them are we as the words, as the program clear?  I mean, are we programming the human to be here? Or are we like the NSA, creating stories based on the past to suit a purpose of survival, of gain in self interest?
Think about how we use words: Your daughter is drawing on a wall, and you are occupied with paying that bill, or making that deadline, or ill with disease. So, you say to your daughter, in a rush - due to your limited “ hereness” as you are occupied - don’t draw on that wall. Your daughter tests here, to understand here, to make sure she gets the program as the words correctly and turns and draws on the wall again. Now, you say, “ Please do not draw on that wall, because then you will not get any of the cake that is on the table” ( In a real sweet voice because you think is you say it nice enough, she will listen - but she is listening!)  So, now, your daughter will once again draw on that wall, and look at the cake to see if it disappears. I mean, according to the words, this is clear.  So, now you are aggravated, and thinking why do I have to deal with this, and become agitated and reprimand your daughter for the superstition you have taught. A superstition of ambiguity, a superstition that is lack, as what superstition is in fact. Will your daughter have any trust in you? You have just taught your daughter that your words do not describe what is here!
Not only has your daughter been programmed with a superstition, a dis-clarity,  a non full disclosure ( and we wonder why our government does this! As within so without.) she has also been programmed with your state of being as being partially here, as the separation of what occupies your mind as your survival suit behaviors, this spinning around of you as mind caused because of your own programmed lack of understanding here, the physical in detail,  your own superstition in separation from equality to physical practical common sense.
And then we wonder why our children grow up without common sense? We wonder how they can become limited as ideas, opinions and beliefs that are a lesser awareness, and thus a superstition of no real integrity? Their common sense is a sense of  “knowing” without being given any real structure, any real clarity. And then, they go to school and cannot answer as this common sense, this knowing, and begin to lose all self confidence. And the behaviors at home, are an emotional mess of  “ I know, I know” yelled out in a cry, and the storm gets bigger, and the lack of confidence gets bigger and bigger, and all communication stops.
Also, as teenagers our children no longer want to listen to us, we can’t understand why they do not realize that we have their own interests at heart ( well most of the time)? According to our words as our programs, we were not clear, so how can we be trusted when we are not clear and do not realize how much we move as superstition?
For me, it is an odd twist to the construct of myself, to realize this. And to deconstruct this, I shake, as I have to change the superstitious habit of myself and this involves going against the grain of my own superstitious programming. I have to realize every time I begin to shake that it is just myself filling in the spaces of lack to “ right” myself equal to here, to bear witness to life, to become a person of integrity, to have substance as life, to walk through the fear that is superstition. It is interesting to walk into fear, as there is nothing there, but this is the point. There is nothing there because there was nothing equalized to life, to here, to practical physical reality. How long did I cling to an idea as an invisible hand, or invisible market forces, or a god on high? All these propagated and programmed superstitions that are causing the harm on earth, as they lack any understanding, any real witness to life.
On one hand this is why it is so difficult to figure here out, because of a programmed mind of limitations, and therefor not necessarily bad, the lack, the inequality to physical reality. And we, as mind spend all our time trying to find answers in the knowledge and information that is either not applied to the physical in detail, or/and is believed to be more than reality, or is filled with holes, meaning lack, a separate reality that becomes a directive that has no real substance.
So, we get all emotional, trying to get others to believe our sense through a vocabulary of lack, our superstition, and this program that we believe to be so real, is not understood by others because their superstitions are of a slightly different measure and they are following their superstitions, believing this to be real. So, like in the Novel The Tin Drum, we are basically all fighting one another, and screaming all the time our own lack expecting others to read between the lines. as this is the program coming out.  No one can hear us because we really have no integrity, no substance, as we are a lesser self lost in superstition made god, made directive,  where we push away that which would make our superstition clear, here and because we fear losing our ideological self, our idiot self, our personas, our survival suits - at this point because this inequality to reality has manifested without, as we have created this through sounding the superstition again and again and again until the sound of this reverberates through all of earth- our superstitious selfs as mind. Ironically we fear losing our lack.  lol
In all, this process shows us that we are able to take in even overcomplicated superstition, which means we are able to learn, to understand, even if it is mis-understanding, and there is a lot of mis-understanding on this earth - just open the newspaper and read the news and you will see the outplay of superstition all over the earth, our accepted behaviors of lack, our rejection of what is real the physical, life. Here, many walk in self pity, believing that no one understands them. What has not been under-stood/supported is life. Thus, until all life is supported, we as ourselves as life are not supported and we as ourselves as life cannot be what we are. So, we are all alone in our superstitious state of not being understood, thus the pity patter can stop. The good news is that you are not alone is “ feeling” that no one understands, because none of us is allowing ourselves to feel as life! 
The program has to be cleaned up, ordered in clarity. And, yes, this will cause a shaking up of the superstitious programs that are only  a lack, a separation from life, where the parts are not all good or bad, simply a partial story that is not equal and one to and as the actual real physical world. You have been had and this will continue if we accept and allow the superstition to be what we are.

We have allowed our words to become a cross of lack that we bear/bare the separation from life, and yet, the word is the key, the structure, to becoming a living person, here. - Interviews to understand how we got to where we are, and what we are as life. Many are FREE.
Equal Life Guarantee - to begin to get this life in order of equality and oneness with and as the physical as what is real.
Desteni I Process Lite - To begin to realize the emotional storm created through accepted and allowed separation from life.

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