Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Day 419 The superstition of power

I am reading Nicholas Shaxson’s Poisoned Wells. He discusses Exxon Mobil going into Equatorial Guinea to extract oil from the coast. When this company goes in ( this American company,  or originally an American company, realized in what was/is considered a country that promotes democracy, or equality and liberty as its guiding principles, this that this country says it wants to bring to the world,  this corporate body made up of men)  they do not get involved in the countries politics, even when they are obviously abusive. They actually use the ignorance of the people in their favor, setting up transactions of payment that bring as much as any principle of the money involved back to themselves. Thus, what superstitions exist within the country they are seeking contracts from to extract resources they use in their favor. I mean, is this democratic? Is this bringing democracy to another country? How can an American company from a country that screams one idea of what it is all over the world and allow corporate structures that in practice only seek profit, disregarding the state of the country? This would mean that the only time a country is attacked, within this practice of profit before democracy, is to forcibly control resources or to create a platform for an action that would bring profit, such as war. America says it is one thing and does another, and within this I mean the corporations that originated in America. The appearance of democracy has been used to take from somewhere else in self interested greed. I wonder how many pensions are tied up in this, and thus support this. This would mean that this act is each of us. I mean, if you are in the service industry, who can afford you? A degree of separation is still a link is it not?
The leader of this country, and I am not going to say the name because it is the action as belief that reveals the state of superstition here, had imprisoned a man who had lead an army to capture another man in this leader’s self interest. When this person who had lead the army had achieved his goal, he was then considered a threat by the leader of the country and was consequently eventually beaten to death. What is believed to have happened next was that this  successful soldier was eaten so that his “ success” could be transferred into others. The leader of this country, that was being raped financially by an huge corporation, was so rife with superstition that he killed and ate one of his servants around him that had carried out his demands with success. Success in another human became a threat and was also something to eat. This was how the power of another was dealt with. Incredible.
What a layered mess of greed and abuse. It really is the same act, both cases. The American company grabbing energy in the form of oil, and the leader grabbing energy in the form of eating the flesh of another. Both are the act of eating the flesh of life, of earth, without any regard for the physical world and how it functions. When the energy corporations suck every last inch of oil out of the earth, will the flesh of earth be a dead as the man killed? Do we really know what the long tern consequences are of sucking all the oil out of the earth?
At one point in this book, it is mentioned that oil is like a free for all, something that can be picked up “ off the street” and sold. But is it really? How can something that is a part of the earth, that we understand nothing about, really be free? It cannot, and the voice of greed bullying such descent down cannot change this fact. If humans cannot create practices and governing forms that do no harm, then the controls being placed are having to be done because what is here is not understood, which means that what is here has not been looked at.
The desire for power is because here is not being understood. We tend to think that the behavior of lack is the fault of the form, but it is the other way around. The behavior of lack is because the form is not understood and thus allowed to move to understand itself as how it functions. Ideas of how something should be are not the act of really looking at what is here and allowing that form to function as itself. 
So, power is the disease of self understanding, and not in some abstract sense, what I mean is the form reveals the function. Eating off of the earth for money to give you some special power, and or eating the flesh of another to give you some special power are the same things, both are not using the power of self as life, as the form of self as life, living here, interacting with what is real here, as the structure of physical existence, this being the cutting edge of simply being an expression of life, learning to move and understand as a creation of physical being. So, basically, one form of superstition is believing itself to be more than another form of superstition. Incredible.
I am such an ignorant American, really.
And I grew up thinking American industry was like a “ god”, well it was, it was a very diseased and jealous god, hungry for power because it ignored reality, ignored physical reality believing there was a more than what was right here as what we are, right here in front of us, the physical existence of creation. 
Thus, behaviors of wanting power are really behaviors of lack of understanding here, a lack of being here, really looking at here. They are behaviors of believing that control and excessive materialism is control, when it is not. Control means being able to move with the form of here, in understanding. If here, this physical existence were understood and each physical thing used as its name as it form, then earth would be heaven on earth as there would be no need to use force.
The superstition is that a more than comes from without, when a more than comes from within, as us being equal and one to the very physical form as what we are.
As what now is allowed, as money that represents resource and human effort, being funneled to a few lost in superstition,  where what is good feeds an idea of more and what is bad threatens that idea, or is in the way of the idea being fulfilled, must stop. It is ignoring what is real and it is abusive to life, forcing the expressions of life, as the form of here, into conditions that cause incredible abuse and pain. There is no gain in pain. None. There is gain in careful discipline, but not in pain.
Bombing Syria is a crime, and there is no justification for it. none.
Allowing corporations to move as profit under the guise of democracy is a crime.
The way out of this has been given. It is to implement a Living Income Guarantee. Martin Luther King was  a man who looked at racism all his life, and at the end of his life he realized that there would be no equality until there was economic equality. This point of equality is where we realize that the physical has basic needs to stand as itself and have the time to understand itself and develop itself. There are men who have taken the time to understand here, the opportunity to understand here. The first lightbulbs, for example, lasted 100 years, so we can figure out how to make things that last, and so use less resources, use less labor time, and thus allow each time to support the community of earth and have time for self development. 

We know that monoculture crops do not work, they do not yield more than agricultural practices that do not harm the land and we know that nutrient dense whole foods that are not irradiated are supportive. And we know that e-coli bacteria is always present in the gut of a cow, it is when it gets out of balance  that this imbalance then effects the environment. Perhaps we can get to a point where we can work with the physical but we cannot until we understand it, and only make a change when such is very carefully monitored to not cause harm to any part of physical existence. As long as profit for a few exists, what is best practice will not be the chosen method, because what is best practice can only be what is best for all, which means we have to understand the physical, which means allowing the physical to understand itself as what is is as form, to do this we must stand equal to the physical. And we have not done this, all we have to do is look around, and this becomes obvious.
So, Americans must stop “ eating “ the bling of fame, as a more than. Those who are in the spotlight have simply had some opportunity for development. Chasing the bling with the attention of ourselves is not going to transfer that development onto us. Development comes from within, as self direction, as self honesty, which means equalizing oneself to here, to what is physically practically here.
Walk the process of self forgiveness, writing and self corrective application, to understand the superstitions as idea, belief and opinion made bigger than reality, to bring yourself back down to hear here, the physical. Stop racing in your mind, being an emotional storm of separation, and ground yourself. Desteni I Process Lite. The Journey to Life.

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