Saturday, August 24, 2013

Day 416 Imagining Outcomes

So, all this stuff is going through my head, my consciousness, my selected values, for survival, my separation from my own common sense as life. I am constantly organizing, and then imagining outcomes, what I will say, how it will end, and meanwhile I am not here. I miss because I am not listenting with my natural ability to learn, my common sense, this that is the gift given to become one and equal to and as life here. It is humble, it does not fear loss, because it is life, it enjoys interaction, to give as one would like to receive, and I have allowed a picture in and as my mind to be a clutter of judgement, of what is more and what is less, constantly weighing through limited knowledge and information that is what serves an idol, a lesser god, an imagined god no one has ever seen because it does not really exist, only in the paranoia of the unknown as what the mind is, only in the voices in and as the mind, our judgements, constantly seeking self validation, telling stories to substantiate the story of survival, that is the separation, as limited ideas, opinions and beliefs. False idols, and we were told that this had to be brought back to earth, the malinged aligned with physical reality, with earth, as the physical world is what is real, it is here,  the biggest commodity created has been religion, relying on an image and not what is real. Thus what is real is taken, while we prey to a false god. And now we pray, to an idea of a more than, a consumerist more than, while men have to work in conditions where they must wear diapers to maximize efficiency. If we don’t want this to happen to us, then it is unacceptable, especially for a few having excessive “ more than” others, there, in all common sense, is no greater crime, it is a logic of insanity, there really is no other name for it. I have said this to people, and they get really reactive, it is astounding to watch, either this or  the “ I know, it is really sad.”   This would be a consciousness response, as this is lack of all spatial ability, the ability to see the form and function of this earth and the accepted and allowed systems, that can, when looked at with common sense, change. It is only the idea that something is far away, or not real because it is not on my street that it does not exist. This is a lack of being aware of this world, this is a lack of common sense. The interaction between people, as relationships, and getting ahead, within money determining life, create the interaction between men and woman for sex and for money a huge thing, a distraction to occupy so that what is happening on this planet is not realized. Each of us are to blame for accepting this. We are the evil of self interest, the allowance of the inner rest of us to be on blowing reality out of proportion. 
I have to slow myself down to get out of the bling of excitement taught and walk in common sense here, realizing I can only be in one place at a time, bringing back the habits of character in self interest into and as what is best for all, as this is the only choice, this is how heaven is brought to earth, this is the point where life can begin, equalizing self to everything, not just a picture show in and as the mind. Of course the only choice is to equalize everything as being the value, as respecting everything that is here, and realizing that what we have put out as mind has influenced the physical, as the physical is the manifestation of life, we warp reality when we believe that one thing is more than another, as we separate ourselves from the very substance of life, this that is common sense, how else can creation really exist? Creation would have to be common sense, the ability to sense what is here, otherwise there would be no creation. Thus the false god of good and bad, of more than and less than would, in common sense measure substance into a working form, with care, without harm, as the very substance is the value, thus any abuse on earth is a separation from common sense and a maligned sound, discordant with life. 

Greed is the discord, it is “ gain read” of the physical, instead of common sense of the physical. Greed is a dis-ease with life, it is not human nature, as human nature in children is not burdened with the measure to justify greed, they have no religion, they have no words, they have no gender bias, this is all placed into them, instead of themselves developing their common sense as life. What the highest abilities that men have achieved exist as is what humans are capable of, and thus to deny development is a crime, we cannot blame those in lack, because their lack is locked in place through absence of development. This system of inequality to common sense, to the rights of life to have what is needed to be the full potential as life, has been going on for so long that those who are extreme behaviors of survival are such because they were denied their right as life, as a physical being that requires certain basic needs to reach understanding and responsibility. Can’t expect a starving dog to be a dog, they cannot do it, because the physical does not have the support, and that dog cannot be blamed or called stupid, it is the human calling the dog stupid that is the problem, this is human lacking all common sense. Blame and spite lead no where, it is more of the same behavior of separation. This must be realized to the extent that every breath is directed towards changing this system to one that supports all life, as the physical being what is life, until it is done, this means supporting a Living Income Guarantee until it is done. This means putting an end to war, and the games of war, creating terrorist atrocities and building a story of blame on factions, a smoke and mirrors show in greed, done by those with the money, as who else has the means to create the machines of terror? If the governments have the means to survey everything, and they are placing heads of corporations into government office, then they are all in on the terror, it is not the common man doing this, the common man wanting to enjoy his children, does not have the means, it is this present system that is the terror and we all participate when we continue to support it!  he minions must realize that this has gone too far, and that inequality does not function as a supportive system. A new structure must be placed on earth, and the power is in the many. I mean, why do you thing that the fairy tales in childhood, told in various forms again and again, over and over, are about heros, a singular hero coming and saving the day: Because this builds a belief that ONE is going to come and save us, so we don’t have to do anything. The perfect illusion to enslave the common sense of the human, the understanding that it is the common sense of the collective that is the real power. And yet each of us followed this because it was an ego within us, we lit the fire that now burns as the system. The power is us, each of us, as life to use our innate common sense! We can only be in one place at a time, but our ability to be everywhere in every moment is through an understanding of physical reality, which requires us to use the very substance of ourselves as our common sense, the very building block material as what we in essence are Can’t imagine this, have to be it. In this we are all equal, in this we are life, in this we can choose to stand and be the creators that we are as this, and the fun would be in doing this together, as a collective of beautiful machines, with individual signatures, moving together as life, here, where what is best for all would be the choice, because it would be common sensed. The real god is the very substance of the physical, coming from nothing, into expression as life, thus all of the physical is life. To abuse any life is to abuse self. 
I mean really. Common sense is alignment with life. It is the natural learning ability of each of us. Common sense would always direct within what is best for all, as what is best for all is understanding the physical, being equal and one to and as physical existence.

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