Thursday, August 22, 2013

Day 415 The within is separate from the without. A Paranoise of the Unknown

If I allow the emotional/feeling body to become the directive, a game of matching the parts selected as self definition to substantiate ones global positioning system of limited values in totality, this that separates the use of self as a natural sensor, a natural learning ability, to realize the geometrical design of the physical reality, where instead of being here, I/we have constructed a limited value system based on cultural pasts and present systemic design on inequality, to survive. This is what becomes the concrete mind, so to speak, at seven, where we slow down and begin to direct ourselves based on a limited value system that is not, as parts, good or bad, but still, limited and in separation from sensing here, physical reality. This construct is a disconnect from our natural sense as life, our natural reader of physical form and design without judgement, as with practicality, and abdicate ourselves into directives to survive within a system that has been built from each of us having chosen a limited picture as mind as being more than reality. We have created false idols as ideas and judgements as one thing being more than another, and warped them into something to emulate and follow, instead of remaining equal and one to physical manifestation. We are, all of us, in essence walking judgements, we are de-manned, we are demons, abusing physical reality because we believe we are more than this that builds what we construct into ideological states of being, when the real state of being is here, one and equal to and as physical reality.
Thus, when our emotional/feeling states to not find a match, we have a hard time communicating. and this varies by degree in all manner of ways, creating all the misinformation touted by media, that causes so much abuse on earth, that creates so much lack, so much devastation. Our greed is us in a state of separation from practical physical reality. The only way back to life is to equalize with the physical, the bring back into alignment with what is real, what is so varied, so abundant, so giving, so clear geometrically, as this actual physical world.  Our emotional/feeling bodies are the accumulation of our separation, and they drain the physical as self, to maintain the illusion of limited value, and thus we age, become a “ wick” of our formal selves as life, because we did not use ourselves as life, we used an alternate reality created as mind, as consciousness, of limited selected values to define, an entity projected that sucks in what built this, as our natural learning ability, our common sense, our substance as life, our forgiving selves. We in essence rejected life for value judgements. And we were told not to do this. We were told to give as we receive, which is giving as ourselves as what we are as life, this that builds the ideological self.
Some may say, I have not done this, were this true than you would have become as Bernard Poolman, and realized that there is no choice but to clean all of this up. And since you did not become this, you are not equal and one to and as you as life, this substance that built the personification that consumes the flesh that supports you as life, the gift to realize and become equal and one to and as life. So, within the gamut of variation by degree, with all possible ways and means of measure, the development of men is within a very limited gamut of expression as life as what is possible for mankind to be and become. Within this, there can be no gurus, because the only choice is to allow each and everything here to be and become itself as life, as this is how the universe becomes a verse of life, each part functioning in its full potential, which is a capacity to understand the very essence and substance of what we all are which is life. Everything can develop an awareness as being self directive as the substance of life, here, as sensing life as life. This self that is there under the construct of limited values that is self in constant measure of good and bad, as we accepted and allowed instead of the tree of live the belief that choosing good and bad, was a choice, when it in totality was the choice of separation. Thus we move as good and bad, a constant measure of right and wrong, balancing our selves via values judgement, instead of physical reality exhibiting form and function, we rejected the structure of life, of the physical for an imposed structure of lack. If we continue to blindly accept the present system, we are the abusers of what abuse exists on this world. What must be done is to look at the abuse that exists and no longer accept it, because the acceptance of what is abusive, is a rejection of life. 
I can see where my own constructed value system I allow myself to focus as, makes communication here with physical reality so difficult, because I cannot move, as my concrete mind values system consumes me, and I have no space to be here, to move with physical reality in constructive ways. And I become frustrated when my value system is not matched, or I remain within a limited social strata, limiting myself as life, never really living because I am so busy projecting I am not here. Them I blame that which is without, outside of me for not matching me, for not being equal to my inequality. I spite what does not meet my standards as my concrete mind, built in the first seven years of life by parents of same background, of same system of separation. All of this varying by degree and measure, some more capable than others or so it appears in youth, but in time the accumulation of limited values unequal to life substance dissipate the physical body, and thus we die from our mirage not having anything to burn anymore, and our lives are lived as projections instead of as life. And all the while the truth was right in front of us, our natural sensibility as life, is there under the voices of separation as thoughts touted again and again and again building and constructing our personalities, our characters in thought, word and deed, as what we have placed/selected within, of limited design, instead of becoming equal and one, respecting the physical, a life giving gift to equalize and realize the value of life, the expression of life.
Our stories are our separations, our system is our separation manifest. And as we die a wick consumed, so will this earth. It is time to realize ourselves as life, to stand equal and one in respect for this physical world, and bring a system that supports all life, to create a system that in design and structure gives as we receive from this earth, the physical support to be an expression of life. We need to bring our minds back down to earth, to realize the mind is dependent on earth, and simply takes a picture of life, it is not the thing to make idol, it is a false idol, what is real is physical reality. Thus, to allow any child to be sexually abused, any one on earth, is a crime against life, to allow any animal to be confined in a cage is a crime against life, to dis-allow development of full potential is a crime against life. To allow any politician to vote in self interest is a crime against life. To allow a system of usury is a crime against life. To allow monoculture is a crime against life. We are walking zombies of ideology before life. We are our own self created bubbles supporting this system of inequality, we are the people in the bubbles as shown in the matrix movie. We, humans are in separation from life, we are the abusers, we are demons.
Our emotions and feelings are our separations. our thoughts are the builders of this separation.
We accepted and allowed this, and we can stop. This appears hard to begin with, and it is a process, one I continue to walk, I mean , it took seven years to build this, so it is going to take time to deconstruct this. The tools are given by a man who walked this for all, and in the end he may never be remembered, nor any of us, but this does not matter, as what matters is that this mis-take is corrected, that we clean this separation and abuse up. To begin this would not be as difficult as we have been indoctrinated to believe, and as our constructs as mind would appear, it simply takes a steady and slow awareness of what we are behaving as in every breath we take. We can forgive our stories and realign them in common sense through voicing them through self forgiveness until they are no longer so huge, and thus with self corrective writing create a construct/structure that enables us to see here, to focus here, to once again begin to move here. It really is much lighter than carrying around an emotional/feeling body and incessant dialogue in and as the mind. When we exist as mind we are out of balance with life, and we visibly shake, like a vibrato, as we allow ourselves to exist within polarities of comparison, always measuring what is good and bad according to our limited value system, this inequality to here creates instability. If we slow down enough we begin to see this. Energy is heavier than sound/equality/life substance and yet less dense that physical reality.
Meanwhile, I have been walking around, understanding that something is out of whack so to speak- but not being able to pin point it, and even having said this, I realize that I have been so wanting to explain this that I create more ideas and run into friction and conflict as I face humans in separation protecting and defending their ideological selves, running into conflict as I do not match their emotional/feeling bodies as what they believe themselves to be in totality. It is like we are constantly running to validate our emotional/feeling bodies as built up ideas, instead of being at ease here, like real “ singing” here. In all this must be done, equalizing ourselves here.

Practically, this means changing the present system, to one that supports all life, equally. A living Income Guarantee is to allow the values created from limited resources, that will prove to be enough to support our physical selves to become the gift of full potential life expression,  as money, to be distributed to support each of us, eliminating so much behavior of frustration because of lack, and eliminating a huge bureaucracy that is  like a damn, but also stagnating the expression of those locked in a cage of pushing papers ( another form of waste). There are transport system that can certainly move what is needed to areas devastated by design to allow land grab ( as those indigenous peoples have lived there for eons and survived - why are they suddenly in starvation?)  for a destructive monoculture that moves principle value to a few, leaving the liability with the many ( and we are liable because we have accepted and allowed it through abdication as life- believing that representatives would chose what is best within a system of usury!), thus we can blame no one, and there is no time for blame because if we don’t get this earth in order, we will suffer the consequences of the abuse we have accepted and allowed, and ignorance of what is happening on this earth is no excuse.. This will also end the bully of war, which is another form of greed and unacceptable. Even if we ended the war/grab machine, there is enough to support life. There is no excuse for any of this. Time to become equal and one, responsible as life, in common sense, it is right here in front of us, we need only stand and begin the journey to life. 
Watch out for the shifting dimensions of knowledge and information presented that are misinformation. where, everything must be questioned.  The full story must be told. Just look at Fukushima, this is a disaster that is being hidden which is unacceptable,  because it damages the animals on this planet, where this being hidden is said to supposedly not cause havoc with the people, but in effect it is to protect profit before life. When disasters strike, people do stand up, but if they are hidden how can we stand up? Thus the main interest in hiding is to ensure profits, a crime against life. The same is done with massive starvation in Africa, there is no excuse why planes and support are not immediately sent, there is no excuse why bureaucracies say they have to have the “ right paper work” in order, this is a smoke screen of bullshit, which the leaders up the ladder are using as justification, where at the end of the story some peon is blamed, and supposedly justice has been served. An illusion, as that plane and that grain, of which there is more than enough, can reach those in need. What is in the way is the fear of loss of profit, I want my money first. Criminal. Thus, money must be used to support all life as no one hand has created that value. No man is an island. 
 Time to get this world in order, as it is an order of life, what has been is a rejection of this order, a rejection of structure. And we wonder why our children are so reactive, they simply have been denied a structure, this which they crave as their natural learning ability senses but is warped into a character that is misinformed  through limited perspective/dimension only, in the interest of eliminating competition to maintain an idea that one thing is more than another where ideas are made a god as a more than as mind, as consciousness the signifier of our separation leading to a lack of equality as the within with the without as what is of same substance that is in total the formation of life. Let’s birth life into the physical, there is no other choice.

Living Income Guarantee

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